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March, 2012
Motivation 12:01 AM

Strict Diet Sunday Morning Post

Maybe in denial the whole time – or was just busy ? Whatever it is, received “the talk” from my parents.

“Baby I guess you got over productive ? Maybe its time you put the gym, trainer and diet back on track ?”

HAH! mum is so sweet, thats her way of saying that I am in no way, shape or form ready for summer. She said more stuff, dad too but umm, its not necessary – not really. Promised them to do something about it.

If I’m doing something about it – it’ll rub off on you guys – so you better help me too.

Have a plan to travel to warm places in a couple of months with friends so i’d better be equipped with a “beach ready” physique. Now I know my nose is greek, better mix n match my body with it. HAH!

Honestly though – you’ll see lots of health related posts, will steal a lot of things from my friend @TheDietNinja and my trainer too. I’ll post pics of what I’m eating – Workout sessions – sport gears – supplements and maybe – just maybe – a before and after MUG shot *Not happening – but maybe* – Jumps off a building.

The pic indicates clearly that I’m going for a low carb diet. The key word here is low and not NO carb.

Will try – if time and I became good good friends – to make sharing my success story fun, easy and doable by all.

**Psstt** In order for me to succeed I have to do some neuroscience magic – thats why I’m reading “Buddha’s Brain” it helped me connect some missing dots here and there – now I’m applying it to embrace positive lifestyle changes. Lets see how that goes.


BREATH IN – SMILE – You are alive today – Smile again – Make it bigger this time.

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6 comments on “Strict Diet Sunday Morning Post

  1. Go Go Go We’re all with YOU !!!! Same here .. I’m going back to my Diet .. Wish me luckk :*

  2. Dudette on said:


  3. AlSubah on said:

    Sahalat!! just be cool, work everyday but not extremely hard.

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