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January, 2012
Uncategorized 12:26 AM

What is this?

I mean any answer would make sense.

Throw something my way, yeah?

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8 comments on “What is this?

  1. LMAO maybe he meant: if she’s a full battery..I’m the energy.
    No. No dude this is just so wrong!
    Translation police? anyone?

  2. If she’s full of “pretty”, I’m the “engle”. Meaning if she’s filled with beauty, I must be the angel. Just bad grammar.

  3. Frozen on said:


    I think it should’ve been..
    If she is pretty, am an angel!
    Lool again :P

  4. Dwayan on said:

    I think he tried to translate the following into English:

    اذا هي كاملة الجمال انا ملاك

    …I think

  5. if she is pretty, i am single.
    hehehe this is what i came up with when i tried making some sense out of it:)

  6. e7mood on said:

    ana law adrii enta wain e6ee7 3ala hal naaaas bs ;p

  7. Thats probably a guy whose full of himself lol. He thinks no matter how “pretty” the girl he is with, then he tops that cuz hes simply an angel!

    full of wisdom

  8. It means, If she is full of it, I am the sh!t…

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