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December, 2011
Tech 12:05 AM

Avenues: Bose Store

Friends urged me to visit BOSE new store in the Avenues. Specially @Halfcreammilk who tried their TV.

TV ? I never knew BOSE had their own TV. Plus, their best headsets are best friends of mine. Thought I wouldn’t want to buy a thing, wrong!

Loved the spacious location, everything about it was nice, till this came along.

I thought – “wow, a theatre eh ? – lets see what they got”

If you can watch closely, you’d see some sheets covering speakers, main subwoofer and side speakers too.

Wont say much, just go there and enjoy BOSE’s greatness. However, focus on the TV.

It looks like a regular TV set yes ?

Here is the thing:

1- Crystal clear TV with built in surround system, nothing cheesy, its the BOMB !

2- With the TV comes its own media centre. See that black box next to the tv ? thats it. Basically, you plug your HDMI-out gadgets like PS3, Nintendo Wii, HardDisk filled with media, Apple TV and watch it directly on TV.

This means you don’t plus anything to the TV, everything is in that box. No plugs, no wires, no clutter, GREAT !

3- Universal remote control. Makes sense. After you throw all your mess in one device, you definitely need one thing to unify everything.

4- ipod/iPhone dock. Just plug your device, let it charge and you can browse the whole content too. It’ll even play videos.

I like it.

Think this whole set is zexy, imagine mixing this mess with OSN ? WOOOOOH !! *Scream N Shout*

The price ? you wanna know how much for this baby ?

1,999 KD.


See babies, I would cop that. I would.

I’d wait a little more for apple’s own TV, if I likey likey, i’ll get, if not, i’ll get dis !

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2 comments on “Avenues: Bose Store

  1. You certainly love over priced things

  2. Tareq K on said:

    I’ve been there a few days ago and did see their amazing demo on the LCD tv. I swear.. If I had 2000 KD to spare.. The Bose LCD would be one of the first things I would buy.. Plus.. There headphones ( especially the QC series ) are one of the most comfortable headphones I’ve used and have, in my opinion, the best sound quality a headphone can deliver.

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