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November, 2011
interview 1:06 AM

Abdullah Interviews Dana Al-Nafisi

Everytime my senses are blessed with artistic exposure, all I think of is sharing that vision with everyone else.

A few months back we were honored to highlight some of Dana Al-Nafisi’s fine jewelry line on – I remember how women in my life were discussing how beautiful her pieces were, intricate, sophisticated, gold platted with  a hint of indian royalty. They urged me to have the beautifully talented Dana on p0ach’s front page. Glad I did.

Humans are wrapped with layers and layers of goodness. Dana may be a fascinating young woman with a beautiful presence, however her soul matches that and more. Inner beauty reaches its maximum level when talent & passion are mixed to serve humanity. She did that with her charitable efforts through the sales of her products.

Thats a small glimpse into Dana’s life.

Please go ahead, have a look at today’s interview, get to know Dana more.

Please introduce yourself Dana ?

Dana Al-Nafisi a young Kuwaiti jewelry designer that launched my collection in 2007.

Late 2009, I completed several courses at Central Saint Martins and the world renowned GIA, The Gemological Institute of America, which aided me to develop skills from experts in the field.



What inspired you to tap into who you are now ?

I have the passion for jewelry since I was little and this passion is growing with me. I’ve  used to design for myself simple daily jewelry pieces and I got really good feedback from family, friends and random people. 2007 I took an immediate decision without planning that I would like to give myself a chance in one of my friends solo expo by displaying my master pieces and the result turned out  good.

What differs you from the rest of the competition out there?

Focusing on introducing an innovative way to view jewelry through  unique and exquisite designs, which elucidate a story line behind each design to suits modern day lifestyle.

I have successfully participated in a number of solo and group exhibitions, where DANA NAFISI was able to personally interact with her customers and provide them with outstanding quality of jewelry, each with a distinctive style.



2011 Events: 

October, 2011. Speaker at Ghalia Club workshop.

October, 2011 Aziza Ya Kuwait Exhibition. Riyadh Four Seasons Hotel.

September, 2011. Eclat De Mode. Paris.


What were the difficulties you faced and how did you overcome them ?

I wont say difficulties ,but ill say challenges that I faced during my journey in that field.

Micro managing & putting my hands on every single detail.

Designing ,marketing my business, interacting with event organizers, customers, printers and workshops. As the business is growing and to overcome these challenges I have the ability to delegat and being visionary.

Lets go through your latest projects.

Breast Cancer Awareness: designed a simple jewelry piece to raise funding and help women in Kuwait. Percentage of the sales will be donated to Hayatt Breast Cancer Foundation. Sales are still on.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now ?

Who knows thats the most thrilling part. Looking forward for great opportunities in the that industry.

Throw something for p0ach readers.

Take risks, keep learning “ Educate yourself “, its never to late to find what you love doing and keep following your passion.


Contact & Info:

Official Website

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9 comments on “Abdullah Interviews Dana Al-Nafisi

  1. Dana I loved everything about this interview. Short, clean and goes straight to the point.

    Hope to see your name everywhere in the future and I double Abdullah, please countinue supporting these charities.

    Abdullah where have you been keeping these interviews ? We need to see those bright beautiful faces, what’s up ? Miss you Old friend

    • Abdullah on said:

      Jaber, stop biting my style, HAHA!

      honestly, thank you very much for the kind words to Dana. She deserves it.

      Why have I been slow ? ok.

      - Its very important that the guests get the best exposure possible. The latest scene here in Ktown did not feel right. I’ll just say that.
      - We passed through a festive month or two, we were between vacations, events and whats mentioned previously.

      Trust and believe that these are my intentions and I want nothing but the best for everyone I have on board.

      Hope this clears it off for you, now run along ;P

  2. The Fixtures Q8 on said:

    She’s a role model what an amazing interview !

  3. Great interview! Mashalla her work is amazing and its an inspiration to see people brave enough to pursue thier passion in life. Allah iywafigha.

  4. Abdullah on said:

    Thank you Chuknum for the kind words !

  5. “Humans are wrapped with layers and layers of goodness” very well said p0ach

    I love how you present people in your interviews :)

    Facinating talent, looking forward to see more

    • Abdullah on said:

      Hey there Manayer, thanks for dropping by.

      It takes a beautiful soul to comprehend a line like that. You did.

      You kindness is evident.

  6. This girl is a genuine gem herself! Love her! She is so dedicated and very detail-oriented ;) I wish her all the best! Thanks Abdullah for this interview :D

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