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October, 2011
Awareness, Book 12:58 AM

Book: Power VS Force

One of the books that will change your life. It transformed the essence of my very being.

Whats beautiful about it is the deep/intricate/highly soulful topics revolving around human consciousness.

Why do I think it will change you forever ?

Please take a moment and look at this map of consciousness

This graph shows you different levels of consciousness.

Do you know that 85% of humans living on earth are under the level 200 ? Only a handful are up there.

Questions that will probably rush to your brain cells:

What is consciousness ?

Why are there levels ?

Who’s David ?

Spiritual seekers know what Im talking about. Non seekers, do your research.

Im not being mean or not helpful, trust me I want nothing but your well being. However, it is a small test that’ll determine how much you want it.

I was blessed to have a person who tested and surprised me with results. I’ll just say that I am beyond thrilled. The biggest gift i’ll ever receive were the words he uttered. If that person allows me, i’ll interview & try to make him available for you guys. HE IS AWESOME !

Only one little thing to highlight here, the book tends to have a scientific approach, if this approach is ok with you then go ahead. Its a must have.

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