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October, 2011
Personal 12:41 AM

A Post From The Heart – Job/Work

Sometimes I wish people would tip me on important lessons that make huge differences. Things that I do and go “Shoot ! why didn’t anybody tell me about this before ?”

This is the time where I share what I went through with you. Its all good, no drama here.

As you know, I left my job a few weeks back and “praise the lord” went else where.

Now before I go into details, I just want to say that I had the best moments of my life where I worked. Had the best boss, best friends, GREAT environment and I love all the achievements done as a team. I remember I used to say this to my boss “I thank GOD for you everyday” I still do.

So what went wrong ? Nothing.

I just realized that I am a better person if I focus on what I like most. How did I realize this ?

Two ways:

A) Since I worked on many different projects, my heart always jumped on opportunities where marketing, products and overall exposure is involved. What I normally do, does not revolve a lot around that area.

B) Having a better knowledge on how things work through and the interaction/feedback I received from every being who shared thoughts with us all, here. Publicly. Many of you might think this is easy or view it as a “Given”. I don’t and I cherish it a lot.

All in all, these things sparked when I threw them together, fire came up, I knew I had to do something. I did and its great !

Not to get mystical on your beautiful behinds, but trust me, when you deeply decide a change must come and lay down all the reasons you think that make sense, have a clean heart while doing so, the universe will say “Your wish is my command”.

I could not care less if you believe me or not, I lived it and thats enough for me.

So, what do I want to say ? What is the advice p0ach has for us ?

Im not an expert but lemme tell you what I hear from you guys.

“I had enough of this/im not appreciated/im under valued/my boss hates me/everybody is jealous of me, they want to bring me down/Never had a grade/Im too good for them” Usual suspects, yes ?

See that ? thats pure complaining. PURE.

Take a breather. cool it down. Sit back and relax a bit.

Try to be truthful, no one will know, your dirty little secret, its just you and yourself.

Do they really hate on you ? or is it you who comes late ? you who are always late on projects, dead lines and targets ? **wait wait – I feel your ego is about to jump out of your body** its nothing personal, just a one on one talk.

What Im trying to say is judge yourself and try not to play victim, for once at least.

Now, made up your mind ? still want to change ? GOOD – I have the right thing for you to do.

Before you do anything, please try to bring in some feelings of appreciation towards everything you learned and gained from the place you want to depart from or improve. Be thankful for everything and know your cons and pros then move along. OK ? Its very important.

A) Speak up to your direct manager, tell them whats bothering you. Go there with a plan or a proposal. “I see myself doing so and so in this field” There is nothing better than being honest. If your direct boss is not trust worthy, cross them over and go to the next best thing/higher management. In the end, there is nothing to be shy of/from. This is your life, your career. As cheesy as it may sound, you really only live once, when will you speak up?

B) While working, update your CV and send it everywhere. Places you like and dislike, just throw ‘em over. Everything is done online, everything is done secretly between you and your computer. Here is an extra tip, some places might send you an automated message that goes “We read your CV, unfortunately we don’t have a space right now” Ignore it, its an automated message, they’ll call you 5-6 days later. Why am I sure ? It happened to me. Still, did not choose them. HAH!

C) Why do I feel most of you will ditch A and go directly to B ? Don’t. You never know what’ll happen.

D) Financial burdens? Nothing to worry about. Single men and women like me, we don’t have any commitments to worry about. I understand that married people have a huge concern in this area and I fully understand why. If you’re worried about money or have no clue how this game works, I’ll let you in on what I know. If you applied for a job at the government sector, you’ll wait 3 months, after that, if no job is available, they’ll credit your account with a monthly salary of 400 KD *more or less* till you find a job. If not  government, Private ? Thats fine too, if all goes well and you find a job, choose the right time you want to move + works well with your financial needs. If you have installments to worry about, they’ll be automatically transferred to your newer *higher* salary.

*BONUS* If you are like me, a person with no commitments, then choose a time that works well for you to work and use it as a vacation to clear your mind out of all the mental baggage, maybe you don’t have any, just make space for new exciting things to come in. For instance, I’m mediating a lot, spending lots of time with family and friends, reading books, learning new things that will help me push my new job to a bigger better place, hired a personal trainer, religiously going to the gym and having plans to travel here and there. I beg you to avoid being an opportunistic freak, its not nice, not classy at all. Be honest, clear and sincere. Karma will make you suffer if your not. Not warning you, just giving you straight up facts. Paula Abdul style. *ahem*

This is what I did and it worked just fine.

What I want you to do is STOP complaining, STOP that PLATINUM record playing in your head for months, maybe years, STOP playing victim and actually DO something about it.

Not everyone is up to this, only the brave ones can. I wish someone would have sat down with me and told me these tips. I had to find out all by myself and it was hard at first but then it all made sense and it all worked magnificently well.

How can I not share it with you ? Selfish if I did not.

I truly believe that the more you share, the more you gain. I know someone will share info with me that means a lot to me, cuz it came in the right time and right place, in the future. I KNOW.

Oh and because we are speaking of knowing and stuff, I’m typing this on a brand new leather sofa I wanted for a very long time and just received it yesterday. All I had to do with visualize it, say that I deserve it and then VOILA ! I got it. Thank you MUM! 

I don’t know or predict the future thats KOKO, but when you understand how the universe works, you do your thing and wait for these natural laws to do their thing too. Its not ABRA KADABRA/ALA KAZAM mess, its true, I know it and I live it. EVERYDAY. 

*Those who are comfortable with their jobs may try to do the same. You never know what the universe has in store for you. I don’t think you are comfortable, I think you are afraid being kicked out of your comfort zone. Kick yourself out of it, give yourself the benefit of new challenges.

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20 comments on “A Post From The Heart – Job/Work

  1. 3bdallla kalamik Hatha ya bil wagt el monasib 7agee ma tit9awar shloon ba3th eljomal knit Ana 7asa ink chinik itkalimnee 7asait chinik kint ga3id ma3ana lama tikalamna 3an Hal mawthoo3

    Cham youm ma kint anaam min el tafkir my mind was full and often I cry min el 7arra. Maybe I will do tip A if I had enough courage

    Thank you thank you thank you this is my wake up call

  2. Abdullah on said:

    Hey Noura ! Glad you found it meaningful.

    I probably have one thing for you. Clear you mind, be honest with yourself, make a plan, ask yourself if its good enough. Then speak up.

    Your whole life will change.

  3. so true . Thank you Mr. p0ach ; )

  4. A7madany on said:

    Such gr8 words abdullah…you’re really crushing it 3ala golat Gary Vaynerchuck ;P…inshalla everyone is brave enough to make the right decisions, and good luck for all of you ;**

    You really should read “Crush It”…9adegne ra7 telga ena elkalam ele gelta kela 9a7 and more

    • Abdullah on said:

      Hey a7medany, thank you very much.

      I hope everyone gets a glimpse of the truth in this post.

      • A7madany on said:

        Don’t worry I feel ya man….about myself, I’m totally crushing it and so will the rest inshalla :D

        • Abdullah on said:

          You are ? Thats awesome.

          Can you share your story with us ?

          • A7madany on said:

            I started working in an investment company since my second year in college in 2003, thanks to my dear mom (kanat 7eel et7en 3alay, find a job, find a job….Thnxmom ;**). Since I got a job in a very early age I got some experience of what’s it like to be in a working environment. After graduation I worked in some projects here and there which I really enjoyed working on.

            My very first job is where I discovered what I loved straight away which is investment, real estate, and business in general. Back to the period after graduation, after a period of 6 months doing activities here and there I got a real job in one of the banks. I messed up in the begining because my mind was busy with things other than the bank, plus i was put in a department with the kind of work that I didn’t like. So I lasted there for almost 5 months, and after it was too late I discovered that I was supposed to calm down, sit with my boss and look at my options which I didn’t do.

            After that I applied for jobs in every single investment and financial company there is, most of them told me what P0ach was saying ‘we like your CV but we just don’t have any vacancies for you’. So I applied to the retail companies, and there I started work with excitement because I was so0o familiar with the work and the market itself. I’m there for more than a year there now, but still I wanted more, so now I’m working on my passion and do my best to make it my full time job. Of course I do manage my time between work and what I do.

            What I learned is that wherever you work, your job is not going to be there forever for you, you don’t know what’s going to happen, but your self, your passion, and your brain is something that you’ll always have enshalla so use it for what it does best.

            And above all, don’t you ever feel guilty for all the places that you’ve worked at and for all the things that you did, cuz it’s all experience and it all adds to you at the end.

            That is all

            And thank you ;D

  5. Chamone on said:

    Istfadt :)
    Thank you – God bless you – & Good luck with the path you chose or the path that chose you.

    What is known as “the secret” is very powerful and works like magic. Sub7an Allah.
    But the thing is, we sometimes consciously attract and manifest what we think will make us happy… bs after receiving and experiencing it, we discover that there is still a lack of fulfillment. Is this due to not knowing how to attract or not knowing what to do with received blessings? Or do we just not know what we want from life? Or are we always asking for more? Why does this happen and how should we deal with it? 3indik fkra? L2ana hathi elnuq6a ellie tstawqif wayed nas when practincing the teachings of “The Secret”.

    • Abdullah on said:

      This is why you have to always ask “GOD/Higher energy/The light of all lights” to grant you something that fits you.

      Thats what I always go for. It saves you time, energy, thought process and mental pain.

      Thats why we have a prayer that goes along these lines “Dear GOD, if its beneficial and positive, bring it closer my way, if its not, does not serve me well or allow me to serve you well, then without question, I ask your grace to move it away from me”.

      No one wants you to enjoy life to the max but him.

  6. Schizo on said:

    I can be honest now, I’m a person with potentials and I’ve been numbing my mind for years, intentionally.

    I only started to realize a few months back. I’m on the right track
    Thank you sir

  7. Abdullah on said:

    a7medany, Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

    I bet many people will find your lines useful or insightful for whatever future plans they have in mind.

    That attitude, if you keep it up, you’ll go places. Trust me.

  8. i want to leave my job since 2009 ,,, but scared i wont find another job :( .. the goverment sector kills ppls energy

    • Abdullah on said:

      You can stay in your job. Still, apply digitally everywhere you want.

      You won’t loose a thing. Update your CV, send it everywhere.

      DO IT!

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