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September, 2011
interview 12:31 AM

Abdullah Interviews Danna Al-Tourah

A very beautiful day sets upon your gorgeous souls, beyond thrilled and happy to have today’s guest, Chef Danna Al-Tourah to grace the front page of

I always relate people to beautiful natural forms, definitely find Danna a human “Humming Bird” with good reason. Her presence is light, yet heavy and rich in gesture, she personally greets everyone, moves from table to another just like humming birds do from one blooming flower to another. Big energy in a very  cute tiny frame. Gives recommendations, shares a laugh, stays for a while just to make sure all your requests are fulfilled, attended to then gracefully leaves right after.

Being a woman with a light human touch, taking in feedback, being there everyday, thats what makes everything amazing. On top of that, understanding how society works.

Love to catch up with her everytime I visit Tatami. “The way I wrote my answers for you was very straight forward, I don’t know, I felt I was uptight” Danna giggled with her eyes glowing.

I understand how she felt, simply because when you meet her, you comprehend how easy going and casual she is. Here is a little secret, she speaks eye language. HAH! Honestly, a beautiful woman, full of life, has so much to give ahead, witty and knows how to cook. Brilliant.

A bit of Tatmi talk. The way I get down is very simple. Just like mere human beings, if we like what we experience, we go for a merry go round. Delicious food, very light, very healthy, never felt full. Amazing. Also, I remember just like yesterday, how people blew up everybody’s twitter timeline talking about it or asking for a detailed p0ach review. Personally, saw many posts, thought they did a great job.

With that being said, please go ahead and have a look at Danna’s successful career and beautiful, yet short story. Hope her words & energy catch up to you, hopefully push your inspiration buttons !

Dana, please introduce your self.

Danna Al-Tourah.  I am the Executive Chef at Tatami Japanese Restaurant in Kuwait City.  Before becoming a chef, I was an Investment Banker for a few years and decided to change my career. I then moved to New York City for a bit, where I completed the Chef’s Training Program at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts.

Childhood flashes?

There are so many.  My brothers and I spent all our time playing outdoors, biking around, playing in parks, I don’t remember us ever sitting still.

As a little girl, I remember mother playing vinyl records in the morning when my father went off to work, it was how we started the day off. And we had lots of pets as kids too, our house wasn’t a quite one!

I also remember how my older brother and I used to always tease our younger brother with these drawn out pranks, poor guy… sorry Hamad!

Please talk about your latest project Tatami ?

I’m so proud of this restaurant, and I’m grateful that I was given an opportunity to work with the guys that put it all together.

I created a menu that features Japanese ingredients used in a contemporary way.  We’ve got something for everyone on the menu; for those that like to keep it simple and light, and for those that are looking for something that’s bolder in flavor.

At Tatami, everything is made from scratch, even our ginger for the sushi is homemade, and we don’t use any MSG, or any other refined or processed ingredients. We’ve also started making our own dough for the dumplings on the menu, the gyozas.

For our customers that want to learn how to make new dishes, we’re doing cooking classes at the restaurant, which are so much fun!


If you don’t mind Share with us some of your shocking or controversial moments of your career?

When I left my job and moved to New York to change my career.  I guess at the time I did it, it seemed shocking to a lot of people.  I knew that I wanted to pursue building a career that would involve a creative interest of mine.  NY is a great place for that, there’s something for everyone there.

I think it’s important that your work is interesting enough to you that you would want to be challenged so that you have the opportunity to continuously develop, it’s healthy. There’s nothing worse than spending your day being indifferent about the work you’re doing, it doesn’t make sense.

Support, family & friends?

My family has been very supportive and encouraging.  My nieces get excited about my work… Hi Fayoona & Samooree!


Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

This sounds like a 1990’s job interview question!

I’ve never actually sat down and done an interval-based life plan. Off the top of my head though, I hope to have developed a few more restaurants, a food product line, and to have initiated a food education program of some sort.


Throw something for p0ach readers !

Trust your intuition.  Push yourself.  Take a few risks.  Exercise.

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Check His and Hers blog for a set of awesome food pictures.

Interested in Tatami’s interior design, click here.

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10 comments on “Abdullah Interviews Danna Al-Tourah

  1. She’s such a sweetheart! Always warm and courteous. All the best to her!

  2. Love her Food recommendations!!! Very friendly and down to earth!! Keep it up chef, and great interview;)

    Thanks P0ach

  3. Salem Weld Bo-Salem on said:

    lazem talbes dsos

  4. Noonee .. :) on said:

    simply a sweetheart !

    love the first pic Danna :) mashallaa

    allah ya36eech el 3afyaaah ur doing a great job,, i really enjoy dining in tatami :)

    food education program : 2 thumbs up :)

  5. OmarVlogable on said:

    She’s Amazing!, Great Post Abaady You Deserve 2 Thumbs Up, If I Had More I’d Give You All! :2thumbup

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