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August, 2011
Tech 1:24 AM

Tech: MacBook Pro ProtoType 3G

Can you even imagine STEVE giving me a laptop like that ? Just plug my 3g chip into the laptop and voilla I’m connected !

Its just a proto type, nothing official, however when it comes out ? I’m showing you the MONEY ! I’ll play Lil Kim’s nasty verse where she goes ” Give it to me – Give it to me like a … ” OHH ! I’m sorry, got taken away.


Anyway, I like it – I dig it – I approve and I want steve to say “CREATE IT” !

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August, 2011
AD 1:16 AM

AD: Mercedes A-Class Concept

The model likes a vampire from true blood, high on a fairy’s blood.

The car’s front grill looks nice, honestly.


Behind the scenes footage.

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Extreme Sports
August, 2011

P0ach *Hearts* Design Sponge

I think this blog is amazing, it has really beautiful pictures, amazing recipes, an excellent taste and an over all warm welcoming design.

PLease have a look at it, you might like it too. I think the blogger is american, not sure. HAH!

Honestly though, there is a new segment she added recently, a before and after make-over set, amazing stuff and even more amazing photography.


Design Sponge

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
August, 2011
Well-Being 7:33 PM

New Best Friend – Activia

As a healthy choice, sugar free option, this baby is perfection.
Not to mention it tastes great.

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August, 2011
phenomenon 1:10 AM

Phenomenon: Left Brain – Right Brain

I truly believe that there are posts made for some people. Some texts, some books are meant to be read and understood by those – somehow – chosen few.

Deeply believe that we are all blessed, sinners, saints, dead – alive and those who are coming, just because we are meant to be alive. we were chosen. Thats how I see it. Thats why I believe everyone is special. Including you – the person reading this right now.

So what do I want ?

Been reading some books lately that are MIND oriented. These books all agree that you should differinciate between your left and right brain.

What does the left brain do ? what does it want with me ?

Well, it is the side of you that is animalistic.

Yes, Animal-istic.

Meaning, it always wants you to be the best, the first, the biggest, the fastest, the most powerful, the conquerer and the OWNER of your surroundings. Wither its people or objects.

This is where spirituality comes, not religion, spirituality. This is where all the blessed souls come in with glorious names like Moses, Joseph, Zakariya, Jesus and Mohammed – Peace be upon them all. Then on an intellectual level we have Buddha, Ghandi, Teresa and Confucius.

Now what do these people want ? Please push aside the different names of religions they brought down to earth. Lets just focus on the message.

All of them wanted you to or would ask you to:

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August, 2011
interview 2:33 PM

Abdullah Interviews Hala Abu AlHassan

This friday’s been very kind to me so far. I don’t know about you folks, but I sense things around me and let me just say, this friday is beautiful.

Speaking of beauty, we have the gorgeous, down to earth, glama princess and fashionista, Hala Abu Al Hassan. A fierce social media muse, a wife, blogger and self motivated fashion designer. I may add, funny, outspoken and free spirited.

First met her at Zain’s headquarters for a meeting I had with the boys over there, we exchanged hellos and goodbyes with a formal tone. Her personality really came through when we met again at a big social event a few months ago. We talked about EVERYthing. She now calls me a Janet freak, with good reason though, HAH! We talked about her experience, work, fashion journey, how and where should she pursue her dreams, with a very small recommendation from my side.

Gathered a nice set of pictures from her latest Ramadan-y collection, she states that this collection is different, vibrant and blazes a trend of its own. Cant wait for you guys to see it.

I know many young women who run a business or two. To me, if you have a job, a husband and lord knows what kind of social and personal commitments, and still CREATE a space to do what you love, then you are honestly a live, soulfully. You, my dear, are doing what your soul wants you to do.Many spiritual seekers call it “Spiritual fulfillment”, most people don’t know what that is. Look it up, try to align yourself with whatever makes your dreams come true. Its a truly beautiful achievement.

Hala has it.

Want to know what she has in store for you ?

Read on !

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August, 2011
AD 2:25 PM

NEW: McDonald’s Gergaian AD

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together