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July, 2011
Awareness 12:41 AM

Aware-Ness: Safety + Driving

“Noura just checked in @ the bottom of the river Thames. Driving and social media just don’t mix”

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July, 2011
interview 7:46 PM

Abdullah Interviews Ahmad AlBader


“Ahmad ! Ahmad ! Sheelneee !!” Thats my first memory of ahmad, Want me to Geo-Tag that ?

Switzerland – Montrouex – By the lake – 1989

I remember how sweet he was, always smiling, lifted me up and took me to where the kids were filling their water guns/spraying/running and yes they’d torture each other, I always ran to the big guys to keep my cheeks dry, HAH! (who says that ? seriously p0ach ?) Anyway, thats why I asked Ahmad to lift me up. I loved that golden community of Kuwaiti families, the youth, everybody knew each other, great time, great country. Beautifully sublime.

Thats my very first memory of Ahmad.

Well, interviews are back, people are coming back to the country, back from the heavy heavy vacation load right into a clear blue sky Kuwait, can we say FINALLY ? While we at it, Can I get an AMEN ?

Honestly, I believe this is the right time to bring forth highly talented Kuwaitis who stay behind the scenes, entertain, create and produce what they think will impress us. Ahmad sure did, with a name attached to favorite joints in K-town like  Pizzetta, Burger Hub, Bistro 86 and Prime N Toast, I highly appreciate and admire the beautiful energy and final outcome of what he does. For everybody to go back and forth to what you create, in my opinion, is the biggest praise and THANK YOU to whatever energy you bring to the table.

Sure that as I am finishing this mini intro, you guys are already having a seat in one of his creations, one of his restaurants, having a mighty good time, talking, mingling, asking for your favorite dish while your eyes are wandering everywhere, waiting and anticipating, who’s coming in next ?

I know it, I’ve seen it.

Get to know Ahmad, an entrepreneur, a bit more – You’ll definitely be inspired !

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Extreme Sports
July, 2011
Kuwait 12:17 PM

What does this say to you?

State here exactly how you feel when you read it.

A friend sent this to me with the pic attached “im a proud kuwaiti but the arrogance under that message is too much”

I would never read that much into it, however lets see what you guys think.

How do you find whats written up there ?

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
July, 2011
Friends 11:54 AM

Big but cute

I understand how big these matches are.

Still, find them cute.

You should see how my friend looks lighting up his ciggie cig aah. Hah!

Thank you Aziz

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July, 2011
hawt 12:04 AM

SO PROUD OF YOU: Abdullah Boftain Goes To Palestine

One of my dreams is to go there, there to Palestine. I really really REALLY wish I was there.

BEYOND proud of you and everybody from AL-RAI team who went there. Hope all your attempts (whatever they are) become successful and you all come back to us safe and sound.

Abdullah, you’ll take me with you next time ok ?



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July, 2011
Well-Being 12:03 AM

NEW FORUM: 7adeedQ8

Since the number of HAWT & ZEXY Popeyes is getting higher and higher by the minute, I find this forum pretty appropriate for my even hawter country.

The name is self explanatory, is it not ? If your interested, you know what to do.


Thank you Salem “Bo Mishary”


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July, 2011
Music 12:02 AM

Music: Mona Amarsha

حسبي الله على حلاتج يا من من

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together