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July, 2011
interview 11:56 AM

Abdullah Interviews Hanan Jaber

“Hello ? Can I please speak to you ?”

Thats how I approached her, just like that.

I remember I was at the avenues mall presenting a product to the masses here and there. Was really occupied with a lot of things to do, communicating, making sure everything is there, auto smile and every other thing expected to guarantee a successful event.

The day before, I was flipping through favorite clips of mine on youtube. Was going back and forth, laughing hysterically on some of the scenes I came across.

It was some clips from Hanan’s “Jaad oo li3ib” I kept saying “how did she keep a straight face ?” throwing all those remarks, without a script, without anything in hand, just out there, spontaneously. Not to mention correcting vocabulary, accents and the guts to be just bold with an in your face attitude dealing with all those people. Those very interesting people *ahem*

Call it the secret, call it a mystery, call it whatever you want – whenever I am in a state of joy and talk or discuss a topic, traces of it appear the a few days later or the person shows up. Thats exactly what happened with Hanan.

I recall her being extremely polite, down to earth and very friendly in the most loving way imaginable. Not to mention how gorgeous and outstandingly stunning her presence was.

I was showing her the product, explaining stuff, till she went “So wait a minute, you are p0ach and you work in this bank ? how come ?” HAH! I felt I was participating in one of her episodes. We discussed stuff and I immediately told her how big of a fan I was, kept throwing scenes I liked from the show that even she does not recall.

**Hold everything** Do you know she is only 19 ? and will celebrate her 20th birthday nearly 7 days from now, 6th of August. **Okay, resume**

Say what you want, to me, Ramadan will always be the month of love and joy. I could not care less about over produced materials that bring forth nothing but drama, conflict, unrealistic situations, slaps, violence, fake so-called realities, unimaginable vocabulary and manners that are below low.

Hanan’s show and “Saaher AlLail” were productions that I had to see everyday last year. Her bit was nothing but laughter, innocence, random thoughts and an escape from everything else that was on TV. Thats how I honestly feel. I was smiling and enjoying the show from beginning to end, minus the ads.

I urged her to have something this season but she told me she was full with school. Bummer right ? but then again, I’m happy for her, you’ll know why in the interview. Plus, I wish TV networks would adopt her to be something great, real and original for the future. I really do.

Enough of me and what I think, get to know p0ach’s guest even more, you’ll be surprised !

Hanan, please spread the love !
My name is Hanan Jaber, I come from a conservative family, 19 years young, have two sisters and two brothers. I love to cook and am obsessed with shopping – It heals me, as most girls would agree with me *hah* I also Love to read a lot of books, I learned that from my father.

Right now I am studying business Management at AUM university. I have always loved learning new things and I still do.

A TV presenter as you already know and I always make sure I am included in the decision making process of choosing my new program and who to work with.

Let’s go back in time a bit, how were you as a child ?

I have always been a social person, I love making new friends no exceptions. I believe every person has a good and bad side but I always try to see the good in each person and the positive vibe they have. I was really naughty as a child when it comes to jokes and fooling around with friends and family, but nothing really changed ever since.

What inspired you to tap into who you are now?
A lot of friends and family inspired me to aim to be the best TV presenter out there. Also, Inspiration came from my general interaction with those who were good people and bad because I was able to learn from their mistakes and my experience overall. I believe I’m too mature for my age. When I was 12 I had a long term vision and always thought of the future and what I wanted to accomplish. I am extremely happy with my accomplishments and I aspire to achieve more, for there are endless inspirations around me each day that help me stay motivated.

What differs you from the rest of the competition out there?

Well, I have always wanted to be a TV presenter and planned this ever since I was a child. I began at a very young age, presenting 8 programs so far working with Kuwait TV, Funoon TV and Al rai TV which enabled me to learn the “tricks of the trade” like they say and gain a lot of experience over the years. I have also presented two radio shows which were a big success on 103,7 Kuwait FM. I also participated in numerous events such as P2BK and Wataniya Loyalty program.

In my opinion there aren’t many competitors out there that started at a young age and were able to host a lot of programs before they hit their 20′s, I am still a teen. Therefore I am one of the very few young TV presenters to hold such a recognizable name in the media industry.

I thank god for that but still, my work isn’t done quite yet.


What were the difficulties you faced and how did you overcome them ?

Coming from a conservative family, every one was worried about me presenting at private channels and thought I would just present kids programs at Kuwait TV. But I continued, with other channels on different genres because I really loved the media industry as a whole. I thank god that my family are understanding and supportive of what I do completely and I always take their advice on which show to do and who to work with because I respect their opinions and take them seriously.

“Jad oo li3ib” on funoon was one of my favorite spots in Ramadan to follow. Please share with us your highlight of the show, mine are countless!

Thank you so much, you are too kind !

Well one of the Top highlights was a young man posing as a kuwaity. I dont know if he was joking or being serious but it seemed like he was not kidding around, his name was “mohammed Makbool” and it was probably the viewers favorite highlight of the program because they were sending it on the blackberry messenger service and whats app on the I-Phone, It was really entertaining for me and I could not control my self had to let my laugh out after I asked a question in English about him liking Raspberries when I actually meant Strawberries but was too confused to differentiate the two. I was too occupied laughing out loud to even think about what I was saying.

That was one of the things I really could never forget, but there were many many other situations that were funny and somewhat uncontrollable.


Anything planned for Ramadan or the upcoming period?

Everyone is expecting me to present “jad o le3b, Season 5″ this year but unfortunately I will not be doing so due to the fact that I love change and trying new things. My second reason for not participating in any program are my summer courses and classes, time conflict, you know the drill.

No to mention, that program took a lot of my time and energy. I think right now it is best if I start focusing on my studies and summer courses. As much as I love presenting, it is not my priority, my studies are. Media is more of a hobby and a career for me when I am done with my studies.



Fame and beauty were kind to you, I’m sure you have an incident or two to share, something that made you happy deep with in ?

Abdullah, you are too kind, thats a big complement !

Well It was the 3rd day of last Ramadan and it was also the 3rd day of viewing my program “jad o li3b” and I left my aunts house late, actually 30 minuets before prayer time for “fu6oor” and a police officer stopped me.
I was really scared and also worried about being even more late. He was going to giving me a ticket for driving a car that had all the windows super tinted but I was surprised that he said he was a fan of the show and he let me go without a ticket which was nice of him, it wasn’t even my car !

Another situation I was in that I would never forget is being at a restaurant with my friends and this religious looking man looks at me as if he has something to say. I was pretty anxious to hear him out, thought he would advise me on something he thinks im doing wrong but shockingly he was being so nice and actually complementing and encouraging me to do more of my show because he likes it a lot.

Last situation was with a 50-ish year old woman while I was shopping somewhere. All of a sudden she comes up to me and gives me a great big hug and says “thanks for a great show that made us laugh and enjoy our selves during ramathan” which really touched me and made my day. I was really happy that people were able to recognize me but I was shocked of the  number of fans that know me in public and didn’t really know that I was that popular”


How is your support system ?
I get a lot of support from family and friends and I thank god for that each day. Also if it wasn’t for my fans and their encouragements then I would have probably quit a long time ago, that gives me more inspiration to do my best and try harder and hopefully be able to satisfy them.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now ?

I will be 24 years old. Inshalla I will be done with my masters and preparing for my PHD degree in business management and economics. Also hopefully I would be a known business woman and a newlywed !

Throw something for p0ach readers !

Actually 2 years ago, I was reading your blog and interviews and thinking to myself ” I wish I could do something that makes me, my family and my country proud and be featured on P0ach and have my own interview there” I guess my wish came true now and I am so ecstatic for that I have never said that to you but when I saw you in avenues and you told me that you wanted to interview me, I was just speechless so thanks a lot for this opportunity Abdullah.

As for p0ach readers, when you set a goal and try your best to accomplish and reach that goal, nothing, I mean NOTHING will get in your way and eventually if you want it bad enough you will get it.

I would like to thank you again for this opportunity and thank all my fans for the support and I hope p0ach readers will enjoy this as much as I did.


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13 comments on “Abdullah Interviews Hanan Jaber

  1. Abdul-Aziz on said:

    Such a wonderful enthusiastic person, at this point we are all introduced to her soul beauty “thanks to Abdullah”, keep on fascinating Hanan

  2. Um abood on said:

    Seriously looooooool ! Man poach ! I thought higher of u

  3. bafak republik on said:

    abdullah 76 3eni eb 3enek.. r u in love with her :P

  4. Salem Weld Bo-Salem on said:

    خلاص حبيتها
    لان ركبها مو سود

  5. Salem Weld Bo-Salem on said:

    lanna rekabha mo soda :)

  6. me ^_^ on said:

    she is so pretty mashalaah

  7. Khosh Moqabla..

    W Khosh laq6a mn el barnamj mnageha ;p

  8. cheka on said:

    om abdullah: you read my mind

  9. I don’t understand why people are being so mean. This girl seems to lead a successful life and is enjoying doing what she does. I’m just saying that there is no reason to hate on her, let alone anyone. Anyway, I wish her and everyone else success and joy in their lives. Abdullah, thank you for this beautiful interview.

  10. Um abood and Cheka, tara ma3endekom salfa – Ayyatoha almota3aliyat al7asoodat, chenkom m3azbat cendrella o bent’ha ;-P

    bafak republic, ten7ab el bent laish maten7ab ;-P

    Hanan, you are doing very great.

    Abdullah, good job, Kibart eb 3aini zoud when u interviewed such a girl.

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