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July, 2011
interview 7:46 PM

Abdullah Interviews Ahmad AlBader


“Ahmad ! Ahmad ! Sheelneee !!” Thats my first memory of ahmad, Want me to Geo-Tag that ?

Switzerland – Montrouex – By the lake – 1989

I remember how sweet he was, always smiling, lifted me up and took me to where the kids were filling their water guns/spraying/running and yes they’d torture each other, I always ran to the big guys to keep my cheeks dry, HAH! (who says that ? seriously p0ach ?) Anyway, thats why I asked Ahmad to lift me up. I loved that golden community of Kuwaiti families, the youth, everybody knew each other, great time, great country. Beautifully sublime.

Thats my very first memory of Ahmad.

Well, interviews are back, people are coming back to the country, back from the heavy heavy vacation load right into a clear blue sky Kuwait, can we say FINALLY ? While we at it, Can I get an AMEN ?

Honestly, I believe this is the right time to bring forth highly talented Kuwaitis who stay behind the scenes, entertain, create and produce what they think will impress us. Ahmad sure did, with a name attached to favorite joints in K-town like  Pizzetta, Burger Hub, Bistro 86 and Prime N Toast, I highly appreciate and admire the beautiful energy and final outcome of what he does. For everybody to go back and forth to what you create, in my opinion, is the biggest praise and THANK YOU to whatever energy you bring to the table.

Sure that as I am finishing this mini intro, you guys are already having a seat in one of his creations, one of his restaurants, having a mighty good time, talking, mingling, asking for your favorite dish while your eyes are wandering everywhere, waiting and anticipating, who’s coming in next ?

I know it, I’ve seen it.

Get to know Ahmad, an entrepreneur, a bit more – You’ll definitely be inspired !

Ahmad, Speak !

My name is Ahmed Khalid Al Bader, a 34 yrs young Kuwaiti who started journey obtaining a bachelor’s degree in B.S. Finance, Minor Marketing at the Suffolk University, and continued my  journey into much training and courses varying from Restaurant Management Diploma, The Essentials Course, Le Cordon Bleu, to the Parisian Bread Certificate and , French Culinary Institute.

Besides being a Chef, I also hold interest in Badminton, languages and cultural exchanges.

I worked for various Organizations like the Gulf Bank, Global Investment House, and the Securities Group, but my aim was to offer upscale casual dining concepts that Kuwait lacks. Now I operate a variety of stores like Izakaya, Prime and Toast, Pizzetta, Wasabi and Butcher’s Den, including Mearmisha. The outlets reveals rave reviews from diners in Kuwait, who seem genuinely impressed with the restaurants’ creative dishes and energetic ambience.

Pizzetta was the first pizza on the grill in the MENA area, flavorful, rustic pizzas with a proprietary crust that is grilled and not baked,


Lets go back in time, what pops up there in your head ?

  • Fillet de perches dining with my dad in Villeneuve,  Switzerland
  • Room service in “The Rodania hotel” in Crans Montana, specifically the spaghetti bolgnaise and the veal escalope
  • The bakery down the road where I lived in  Montreux, Switzerland, the old lady that run it, I use to converse with her based on sign language and modest French phrases  on how she runs her day in the bakery, I use to be 12 years old. I use to gulp a full fresh bread rolls from the oven on my way back to the apartment without my mother knowing.
  • And of course the Mille feuille  at the Zurcher Cafe

I lived most of child hood summers in Switzerland, inspired by the artistic gardens and the artisan food.


What inspired you to tap into who you are now?

My dad and mom have always been part of who am I now.

My dad culinary lust and owning the kitchen in our day to day lives. His Art work which includes his random portraits, scrap books, funky tools in the kitchen or his home office have always inspired and lead me to the path of being and making a difference towards life and others. He taught me to always give and never take.

My mom’s endless love and generosity towards her siblings. Her strength and wisdom which was the median and support for me to succeed in what ever I have chosen to be my destiny.  She’s the one who made it happen!


What differs you from the rest of the competition out there?

Our concepts with a contemporary blend of international cuisine, in a relaxed, humble, warm environment with friendly, attentive service, which offers fresh and a wide palette of unique and innovative dishes.



Today, your name is attached to different restaurants like Pizzetta, Burger Hub, Bistro 86 and Prime N Toast – How do you create all these different menus – who’s your muse ?

Traveling have been always been my muse. I do research a lot in eating habits, culinary history, cooking resources etc……

What were the difficulties you faced and how did you overcome them ?

Every day there is a new obstacle, as a person evolves in how to deal and overcome these obstacles, and the main result is a better “you”

Prime and Toast is up 24 hours non-stop. I think its a GREAT idea. That statement in your mind that said “Yes, I want it to be open 24/7 ! ” how was that statement created?

We lack good food joints in Kuwait that opens 24hrs, its everywhere in the world so why not do it in Kuwait. Personally speaking I am a McD cheeseburger fan !

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now ?

Opening more restaurants.

Throw something for p0ach readers !

Think blue!

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8 comments on “Abdullah Interviews Ahmad AlBader

  1. 360Dewan on said:

    Love this guy, right on :)

  2. Chuknum on said:

    Lovely interview.
    Great restaurants by an inspirational person.
    best of luck

  3. AlSubah on said:

    Mbayen 3alaih khosh wa7ed :P w allah ywafga! I would love to open a restaurant and serve some of my dishes! but its hard work! I’ll probably ask the customers to eat somewhere else 4 days later.. But I guess it would be fun for one day!

    w if you’re reading this, tara elgar3a 7elwa 3alaik! :P it makes you look sophisticated!

  4. Danderma on said:

    Great interview P0ach with a great chef.

    Not only is his modern food joints with rustic home cooked feel are a favorite of mine, recently I approached many restaurants in Kuwait with the request to provide gluten free options for gluten intolerant diners. Many ignored me, some told me they offered something, but only Chef Ahmad too the time and effort to actually introduce some gluten free pastas, bread, and desserts, print out gluten free menus, and train the waiters to actually know what a gluten free menu is! Do you know how much effort does that take? Do you know how many people are happy now that they can go have bread with their breakfast, or order pasta or dessert just like any other normal people?

    If it tells you anything, its that chef Ahmad is not only a great chef, he is a great person and a kind human being as well. Thank you, a million times thank you chef :D

    P.S. P0ach my husband says he had one of those water rifles in montreux, not a little gun, a big rifle thing that he used to make kids cry… he is laughing an evil laugh now :p

  5. MinHa le3la 7amada

  6. cheka on said:

    Hello Ahmed,

    First of all congrats on your success, it is always great to have such talent from Kuwaits youth. My friend and I had breakfast at prime and toast about a year and a half ago and we found a bug in our sandwich. We didnt bother to file a complaint (if there was such a thing) but we havent set foot there since. Maybe you should hire someone to moniter the hygiene issue mores carefully.

  7. Manayer on said:

    He’s very down to earth and very kind.

    I wish him all the best in his future :)

  8. xeonali on said:

    “Where do you see yourself 5 years from now ?

    Opening more restaurants.”

    improve your currents instead .. a good chef always stick with one restaurant ..

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