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June, 2011
Book 12:04 AM

Book: Muhammed

I’v always wanted to know how the prophet is perceived by spiritual seekers like Deepak Chopra.

What I like about the book is that he is discussing Muhammed as if he is a normal person, not a prophet. I think its a new way of looking at the Prophet from my side. Its like a biography, however told like a story.

I didnt finish reading it yet, im still in the very first pages, extremely captivating, maybe because Chopra chose very simple words to run his ideas.

Lets see how things go, I hope its insightful, I hope it adds more knowledge and a bit of light to what I am seeking.

I bought it through the iPad’s book store. One click and you have the FULL book awaiting your command.


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9 comments on “Book: Muhammed

  1. chamone on said:

    Deepak Chopra ghayar 7ayati :)
    P0ach ymkn y3jbk ktabah b3nwan The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
    In my opinion, hatha min a7san mo2alafatah.

  2. 7amood on said:

    dont you think it would be better to read about our prophet muhammad (alaih al salat w alsalam) in a book written by an islamic scholar? or at least in arabic?

    look for a book called alra7eeq almakhtoom. the best autobiography there is on our prohet. it talks about his life starting before his birth, and not only does it talk about him as a religious figure, it talks about him as a father, husband and friend- i.e. his life as a normal human being as well.

    you can buy it from any of the major book store or download it online >>

    • Abdullah on said:

      Ofcourse its better to read from our own sources.

      However, its nice to have a different perspective from the outside world.

      You cant always have Machboos everyday, immawash is nice sometimes, HAH ;D

  3. 7amood on said:

    ana 3n nafsy wouldnt mind machboos everyday :D

    to each his own i guess.

  4. 7amood on said:

    ana 3n nafsy wouldnt mind machboos everyday :D

    to each his own i guess. seriously though, try looking for thr book i listed. you wouldnt be sorry

  5. Chamone on said:

    I agree with 7amood. Alra7eeq almakhtoom ktab shayeq w 2sloobah sahal. O ytnawal wa9f jameel 7ag rasolna elkareem. & that was my favorite part blktab kelah. … اللهم صلي و سلم على سيدنا محمد :)

  6. I think you know me by now. I respect you. as a person really. your more experienced in life than me. your older than me. but PBUH is mandatory I think. more than once people come to me like saying that your disrespecting your own religion by not showing that your respect it. and this isnt the first time you dont put PBUH hence its peace be upon him or in arabic. I’m sorry for the inconvenient. your the best!

  7. r.alsharif on said:

    The cover is very Paulo Coelho-ish

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