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May, 2011
class 12:40 AM


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May, 2011
Well-Being 8:59 AM

New: Rush Gym for Men

This is a semi-brand new gym for my lovely testeterone producers//bulls. I say that with love. HAH!

Honestly though, it looks really good !

Full story over at Q8 Red Flag || Bookmark them, the boys seem like promising bloggers.

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Extreme Sports
May, 2011
News 8:47 AM

Barrak Obama Announces Bin Laden Dead || Beyonce Celebrates

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The full story by Barrak Obama.

I know he was known as a criminal, I know that the world is a better place without him, safer and more presentable for us

Is it strange I feel sorry for him ? I dont know.

ALL I KNOW FOR SURE is that this is a good time to promote Beyonce’s “Move Your Body” Brand new video – There is no better way to celebrate this:

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
May, 2011
Personal 2:52 AM

Beautiful Petals Monday Morning Post

These past two weeks were exceptionally different indeed.

Strangely, something nice comes with dust.

I obviously am done with the blog’s renovation, very pleased with the feedback received. Made up new ties and ventures with different people/companies. Then comes the massive success of the place I work for. I could not be more happier or proud. Professionally speaking.

MANY things caught my attention this weekend:

#1 Saw a young man in haste. Pushing his way through while looking at his watch, in a rush, obviously. He probably saw squashed strawberries or raspberries on the ground, passed it by, thought about it for a while then came right back, picked it from the ground, went to the nearest bin and popped it there. Beautiful.

#2 Mid 50′s couple were in a luggage store discussing which pack to go for. When the sales man said “Sir, go with this option, its lighter” the gentleman looked at his wife “I can carry it, give me the heavier set”. Adorable.

#3 People are calmer these passed two weeks. I might have been under the weather, but I do feel that people are laid back a bit. Finally.

On another note, Mum & Dad came back home, many things jump to mind, but I’ll just say this “Our house is now a home”.

Smile, appreciate the love around you now.

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May, 2011
Food 1:25 AM

New: Elevation Burger

The kind and local sweetheart Mr.Abdulaziz Al-Turaiji, invited me the other day for a mini food tasting event.

I honestly wanted to write a review, however, my friend SIXTWO had the event covered 10x better than I did, so I’d rather direct you guys to him.

Check his post Here


The Avenues phase 2 (behind napket)

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May, 2011
fashion 1:03 AM

Abdulla Likes: Nike Air Vengeance

I think this is one of those shoes you wear with anything “casual”, I see how practical these are while traveling.

That item is on my shopping list for sure.

Want it now ? Grab HERE

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May, 2011
Auto 12:55 AM

HAWT: BMW Shanghai Motor Show


check it out HERE

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together