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May, 2011
Food 4:43 AM

Exclusive Review: Cocoa Room Breakfast

Back in january, I went on a low key visit to the Cocoa Room and shared my jazzy/dark/deep/intimate experience with you.

“The innovative masterminds behind Kuwait’s most successful food joints a la Burger boutique, Slider Station and Open Flame Kitchen invited p0ach to their latest creation, THE COCOA ROOM” again, however this time its for a bright and shiny cause, a breakfast p0ached eggs galore review ! I just had to be there – Period.

Its been a good while since I sat down – went with a full fledge review for you beautiful kings and queens roaming the earth.

Trust me, I would have gone for a micro detailed post if I had time, however, the grand opening is 2 days away, so I hope you like it.

You ready ?


Before I get into the atmosphere, please have a look at this mighty fine door. Let your eyes marinate in it for a while. Royal.

Now the moment you step in, you dont really know what type of music to expect, its a soul/jazz/neo sound/new electro wave of music where a bit of miss Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and Chet Baker appear with a modern twist for an in-ear instant lemon freshness. I was humming Jill Scott’s So In Love With You – it fits the profile just right.

You’ll basically dive down into the joint, simmer and be seated where your eyes take you. p0ach’s favorite table is the one on the top right corner – social delight if you know what Im saying.

Interior Details

I loved the stripped down/mixNmatch/euro-american influence, you’ll have a bit of english poshness, majestic italian and smart T.Edison touches on the lamps, its beautiful and I must say, its literally “infused” well.

Make sure you have a look into these retro-beautiful lamps. Less is more for sure. Still each and every lamp has a different circuit pattern from within, I wont post pictures and ruin the surprise for you, you have to see it for yourselves. Magnifique !

This reminded me of Board Walk Empire, retro glam.

Concrete jungle meets leather – Where would you see this in K-town ? no where.

Now now ladies, these mirrors were not just there by coincidence for you to whip your hair back and forth while you run the world, no maam. These are POSITIONED here for you to see those standing behind you, so you’re beautiful built-in canon eye lenses dont miss a thing. We good ? we clear ? next !

Its these small gestures I love the most. At first glance, I though these were Vivienne Westwood sets. I must say I investigated what kind of cutleries were presented. These are non other than “table top excellence” Italian providers La Tavola. This is where you mentally migrate to a vacation-like/day-off/escapism mind set. Impressed.

Dress Code

I bet if you stay as fierce as you are now at slider station, you’ll do great here. However, consider a mature morning look.

Nothing personal people, but we want to have breakfast, we can not digest nastiness as early as dawn. Highly appreciate your cooperation in advance. HAH!


What I loved the most about the place is that everything you are about to see is home-made. I dare to say there are chefs for everything, even pastries and drinks too. For instance, I had a fresh pineapple juice, it was creamy creamy smooth, when I asked why is it so creamy/amazing? They said well not only is it fresh, but you have to know what parts of pineapple to use, what to throw away.

That was a mini example of perfection // can only imagine how that mentality works on the zexy morning babies coming your way !

“Usual Suspects” right ? Yeah just put your hand on that fine croissant and then we’ll talk – bonkers!

Thank you for including Splenda as an option, every high end location I went to on a global scale, includes it. Crashed into the Promenade last feb, they had it rebranded into their set. You could have gone for a low end option like the rest, you stood out. On behalf of all Splenda fans, I thank you !

Scrambled egg – Money bag: Get it ? it looks like an old money bag – think Disney’s Robin Hood, you’ll get it. This is one of the nicest things i’v seen in 2011 so far. Its utterly elegant.

Here’s the mix: Macademia nuts, scrambled eggs, black truffles, parmesan cheese, filled in a savory crepe, served with whole wheat ciabatta.

Huevas Rancheros: Mexican preparation with fried mini tortillas, black bean sauce, melted cheese – Topped with crumb fried P0ACHED EGGS !!

Migas “Spanish”: Scrambled eggs with sliced chili peppers, onions, tomato, tortilla, shredded cheese and other unidentified ingredients with beans on the side. SOULFUL.

Za’tar Manaish: Freshly baked with 3 types of Zaatar and pine nuts. KOKO !

Kuwaiti Style: Nough said – spicy though.

Eggs Menemen: Turkish style preparation of scrambled eggs with sliced green peppers, tomato, onions and Bulgari feta cheese.


Egg white Ricotta & Spinach Omelette: I loved how pine nuts were part of the eggs too, loved the combination. Beach ready physiques ? This one is for you.

P0ach’s favorites

*sigh* because my favorites are my favorites (yes I just typed that) image wise, I decided to go editorial for you, I could not take only one picture.

Listen to me, honestly, listen to me, if you dare to even THINK of not ordering one of these three below I’ll personally come to your table, SLAP YOU 10 times, give you the look, order it for you, shove it in your mouths, leave the place, understand ?

**Faints//Wakes//Faints//Wakes Up//Faints**

**Faints//Wakes//Faints//Wakes Up//Faints**

**Faints//Wakes//Faints//Wakes Up//Faints**

**Faints//Wakes Up//Faints//Wakes//Faints**

**Faints//Wakes Up//Faints//Wakes//Faints**

**Faints//Wakes Up//Faints//Wakes//Faints**

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING, thats what and how poached eggs are served || LAWWWWD help us !! There are shreds of ancho maple ribs in it too !

The COCOA ROOM Eggs Benedict: English muffin topped with shreds of ancho maple ribs – topped with P0ACHED EGGS in hollandaise sauce.

**Faints//Wakes Up//Faints//Wakes//Faints**

**Faints//Wakes Up//Faints//Wakes//Faints**

**Faints//Wakes Up//Faints//Wakes//Faints**


Red Flannel hash *second runner up*: Skillet fried preparation of sweet potato, baby potatos, beetroots, onion,  parsley and finally topped with a fried egg.

I never knew I liked beetroot so much. The taste of this dish as a whole is completely new to me, I LOVED IT.

Morning Glory *third runner up*: Toasted slices of baguette/fried eggs/bacon and melted american cheese || PLUS the salad tastes great too, its not just a decorative extra, I loved how they served the carrots too, exquisite.


PBJ: Peanut Butter and Jelly – Homemade brioche soaked in custard – stuffed with peanut butter and strawberry Jam. I my self am not a fan of PBJ – however, you might like it.

Berry Granola: Fresh Berry Yogurt mixed with home made granola. Summer madness killer.

Banoffee pancakes: Pancakes infused with sliced bananas with banoffe sauce. My friend’s favorite.

P0ach Favorite Dessert

Pecan Waffles: Crispy waffles infused with chopped pecan nuts, served with vanilla clotted cream and candid pecans. This dish is in the OH MY GOD section. LOVED IT ++++ DO NOT forget to add blueberry sauce on top. DREAM ON!

Overall experience:

I had an amazing time with my friend at the COCOA ROOM, the whole place was ours for a moment in time. The staff were beyond amazing, each and everyone of them. I dont think a customer would want anything more than a pleasant stay. I had mine.

Enjoyed the idea of having real soulful homemade food as an art in a way or another.

A big thank you to D and B for the wonderful hospitality, I love you both dearly.


- – - – - – - – - – - – - -

Be sure to pass by this THURSDAY and let me know how it goes ok ?

- – - – - – - – - – - – - -



Located Next to Slider Station – Sea Side.


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53 comments on “Exclusive Review: Cocoa Room Breakfast

  1. BuQais on said:

    im on a diet… enshalla u respect us fighting heroes :P i want that poached egg baconator sandwich :’(

    • Abdullah on said:

      7ubi, just go for the special COCOA ROOM p0ached eggs benedict and you’ll instantly know what heaven feels like – HAH!

  2. Sn3a on said:

    ok ok 3alaik bl3afya
    dear bloggers: i will skip ur reviews mabe a7tr zooood

    • Abdullah on said:

      Haha, love that classic arab terminology – reminds me of the smurfs, – pass by and let me know how it goes ;D

  3. WOW WOW WOW great review abdullah!!!!!! loved the pics!
    i’m going this sunday forrrr sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! </3

  4. Sara on said:

    Opening time? when can we be the first in line? :)

  5. Boodlz on said:

    LOOOOOOL the gif!!!!!!! :najis

    CANNOT wait to try it!!!

  6. deQor8 on said:

    Enjoy my friends & family in Kuwait … I am salivating all the way in China!!

  7. Mark on said:

    Looks delicious!!

  8. Chuknum on said:

    Yo3ana :(

  9. om anmaar on said:

    woooow really yummy :*****

    looking forward to have breakfast there soon enshala :**

    love you e3baid :***

  10. Bo-Ya3gooob on said:

    What the hell are u trying to do..? :P Friday is my cheat day and i have a list of restaurants that i wanna try and now this just topped the list… great review and the food looks AMAZING…

  11. LoopGum on said:

    i drooled with every letter you typed, with every picture you posted .. excellent review!!!

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  13. LadyB on said:

    Looks amazing!
    why didn’t you take me along? :P

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  15. Dwayan on said:

    I’m literally drooling on my laptop right now.. and I was about to SLEEP! I won’t miss it inshalla and thank you p0ach for the review ;)

  16. OmarVlogable on said:

    Amazing Reviews As Always!! <3 :2thumbup

  17. Om anmaar on said:

    Enshala 7ayatee me , you and our pink panther :***

  18. Om ALzain on said:

    Thank you 4 for posting this,cant wait 2 try it:)

  19. Danderma on said:

    DAMN! Its getting harder and harder to stick to a diet in this country! Shino hath @_@
    Money bag? Dinsey’s Uncle Scrooge P0ach, that’s what it reminds me off…

    So the cocoa room is not going to be a dessert and chocolate place like life with cacao and chocolate bar? The breakfast is DIVINE… now I want the morning to come so I would be able to have me some breakfast…

    By the way, that picture of yours of the light bulb masha2 Allah is money making material. You should enlarge it o sell it…

    P.S. Shakhbar the Danderma bee :p

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  21. Weaam on said:

    There is no word that explains how MAD I am at myself for taking summer courses here in the states… I will get to eat all the mentionned dishes in Christmas. Yes, all of them. *t6ig raas’ha bi6oofa* MUDDA 6WEELA :’((

  22. Nouf T on said:

    mashALLAH .. ALLAH yofqehom shkla mu bs Yumi .. shkla wow : )

  23. Review of the YEAR!! #oscar
    Thank u Mr. P0ach;)

  24. Lomah on said:

    Delicious, when open in the morning ? 

  25. Hadeel on said:

    I have heard so much about this review… and I mean SO MUCH about it… And heard about how GLORIOUS the pictures are. So, I thought about it oo gilt mani shaayfaa khalaaaa9 3ashan don’t want to torment myself!
    Bas ilyoooaaaaam ma gidart!! I had to… maybe I’m hungry?
    OH MY GOD!!!! Your review is amazing… loved every bit of it… and the pix?!?!!? WOAH!!! akhaaaiiih!! When you changed your blog’s layout, laish you didn’t have the option of clicking and *POOOFF* have the dish in front of you to indulge yourself with?!? LAISH LAISH LAAAIIISH!??!!?!?

    Thank you for this POST!! keep them coming ;)

    Allah ywafgik 3abdallah… keep it up :)

  26. All about... Accesstories! on said:

    Can’t wait till tom morning! I’m already decided to go tom morning so ba6alt el post to cheat dishes o laitni maba6alta :nohope I was almost asleep bs now mu gadra anam abi e9eer e9eb7 ebser3a!! :lapar
    Amazing review :pertamax

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