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April, 2011
Entertainment 12:05 AM

Esteree7: Life Note ep.1

Very pleased with the production.

I think the actor and director, Mr.Aziz has an eye for japanese Anime in a way or another. Now I may be wrong but the mini film reminded me of the notoriously successful “Death Note” STILL, he gave it a taste of his own.

Cant wait for your next videos – and do take your time producing/perfecting it. I love what you’re doing. 2 thumbs up !

OHHH and ladies ?? BEHAVE !

**Bonus Video***
YouTube Preview Image

Love the map and cam scenes.

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April, 2011
Food 12:04 AM

OR Bakery Sweets – Delightful

Remember I had some of this goodness last EID.

One of my cousins told me she’s friends with the owner, wanted me to give it a shot and maybe give it a mention. Never got the name or the address so I forgot all about it.

NEVER forgot how fresh/yuummy/ZEXY it tasted – never ever. OHHH the devil must have been way too bothered by Ramadan, AWW me and Satan had a merry good time eating it till we parted ways. HAH!

Seriously though, I can not eat it now since my nutritionist (yes + blessed to have one) is watching my every move to give me the body I demand. *ahem*

A big thank you to my sis for reminding me about it.

Maybe you guys wanna give it a go ?



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Extreme Sports
April, 2011
accessories 12:03 AM

Boys, got these already ?

Pick’em up before they disappear.

Vomit the usual, hit this for a change.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
April, 2011
Wisdom 12:02 AM

Be Wise, Read: Marie Von Ebner

“Even a stopped clock is right twice a day”

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April, 2011
AD 12:01 AM

AD: Piracy

Beautifully done + Bonus pics I liked alot.

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April, 2011
Design 12:01 AM

Its a BIRD !

Every man’s greatest dream is to fly.

“I truly believe, deep in my heart, that you can never go wrong with nature. The direction I wanted was something stripped down to the roots, earthy, real, peaceful, moves away from current trends, yet set new ones” Thats what I said last time I revamped the blog with the highly talented design company, Circus BC.

My direction never changed, vision is still the same.

I never wanted to change anything about my previous design, my ultimate goal was to squash the bugs, lagging speed and un-wanted drama that you guys suffered from. However, “I easily get bored” is an excuse I use when I just want to explore new grounds. Kept thinking why not work with Design Box ?

Let me collaborate with one of the best companies we have here in Kuwait. Include it in the accomplishment box under my belt.

Before you click on read more, try to explore the page, go up and down, have a look.

When you are done with reading and exploring, please leave me a comment if you found an error or design flaw. You can ofcourse always share the love and tell me if you like it ;D

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April, 2011
Motivation 12:13 AM

Canary Island Sunday Morning Post

My cousin’s been running a blog for a good while now, he’s the closest thing to p0ach ever to exist. My soul mate, I miss him, dont know where he is by now, probably in a country here or there working his zexiness on some world wide freaks while I stay here with the beautiful unbeatable sand storms. HAH!

Well, with that being said, probably the clear blue skies and beautiful architecture splash a creative thought or two in your tiny, yet magnificent brain cells.

I have been going through lots of projects. 75% done so far. One of them is dedicated for you guys. I know you’ll enjoy it. I know I did. HAH!

World wide events can not move me. I could not care less, even If I wanted to, I could not, can not – do not have the ability to care less about whats happening world wide. Except for Japan, that country has a special place in my heart.

I hope that we can appreciate the peace, love, total abundance and joy that surrounds us every day here in Kuwait. Its really beautiful. I am aware enough to sense it and use it for my own good.

Maybe you can do that ?

Smile, you’re alive today.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together