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April, 2011
Music 12:00 AM

Enjoy The Weekend KIDS

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That body miss Jackson.


Coco Cure. Killer smile. Kill me.

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April, 2011
Personal 12:05 AM

p0ach nearly got p0achED

Yes, just like that, a lady-freak leaves a note like this without me seeing her.

I already shared this with my peeps on twitter, here’s the story one more time for yall:

Few days ago, I took my little niece who was a bit sick and her nanny to the doctor, then a bit of McDonalds and then bought some things along the way.

Was rocking my Dinosaur Vomit look: Dishadha, ghetra, didnt shave for a long while.

Now, along these “mishaweer” some DUDETTE decides she wants to p0ach Mr.p0ach on her phone and do the LALA land love story “SWV” all night long.


You kind of swallowed my role here but thats fine, I hold my hand up for all my independent women, but thats just plain unnecessary. AND PLEASE do not include the almighty’s name in this, we clear ?

Aww and now wait now, lets just try to do a quick one on one analysis party.

Me with a kid and a nanny – the clearest outlook is that im probably married. You get down with Married dudes ?

I asked one of my underground freaks to call her up and see what her deal was. In short, she likes married men.


Ladies, you better hold your men down before lovely Slutinaas like this one take over while you go BYEBYE husband & aunt Nisra//hello BABA// or worse !

“نااااااارك و لا ينت أهلي”

We dont want that now do we ?

“ويقولون الشباب شياطين”

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Extreme Sports
April, 2011
Food 12:04 AM

Melenzane does Goat Cheese Salad

Went last week to Melenzane to try one of their newest dishes. One of my favorite things to order when abroad, “Goat Cheese Salad”

This is the honest to GOD truth, in Kuwait, its really hard finding joints preparing the right G.C.Salad for you. The case might be the cheese, ingredients, sauce or whole mix all together.  However, I love the Moroccan salad, over at Slider Station. They prepare it well.

This piece of zexiness runs a stage of its own.

Mohammaed, Baby, I dont know what kind of mess your brain was going through with that lava fried Goat cheese, OHHHHHHHHH mercy mercy !! Crunchy out, while it floats at ease inside, the temperature, sauces, caramelized onion and “zex on the beach” mix is just right for me.

If you could just go easy on the salt, you’ll bring in a perfect plate.

Another Baby-Making dish I like alot. Try it!

*Anyone knows of a nice place serving Goat Cheese Salads, please let me know, i’ll give’em a visit*

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
April, 2011
AD 12:03 AM

AD: DIET PEPSI *David Beckham & Sofia Vergara

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:selamat  GODDESS  :cd

*BONUS – Behind the scenes footage*

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April, 2011
Auto 12:02 AM

NEW: BMW x5 2013

HAWT ! – Investigate more HERE.

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April, 2011
class 12:01 AM

Class: Kick Him OUT

YouTube Preview Image

I love the mess that goes at 40 secs.

KOKO galore ? @ 1 min 28 secs.


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April, 2011
Tech 12:06 AM

BOOM: X-Mini

Do you know what this is ?

Hmm ??

Now I know you freaks are curious, trust me, you’ll LOVE what it can do for YOU!

Hint: The company manufacturing this product in Singapore sent this specially for p0ach to share with you guys.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together