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April, 2011
Tech 3:32 PM

Abdullah Wants: Canon 600D

I had the 450D & 500D, then a 550D model came along, skipped it till this baby arrived.

I’ll buy it asap.

Learn more about it here

Plus, this is the best review i’v seen so far about it – the host is a KOKO galore in the head, dont believe me ? WATCH !

YouTube Preview Image
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10 comments on “Abdullah Wants: Canon 600D

  1. Frankom on said:

    خبرتي بالكاميرات مووووووو شي
    بس من عقب اليوم لما شفتك بالافنيوز قلت هذا يبيله استيديو :)

    بسك قززززززززززززززز :)


    • Abdullah on said:

      LoooooL 7aram 3alaik yal thaalim !! Akeed shiftnee ma3a Khaima awo Ghaima soooda ma3ay sa7? Oo ma feek khair, warak ma itsalim ? ;P

  2. Frankom on said:

    LOOL !
    no comment
    walla i was eating tadree feney 3endey 6oqoos deneya o ana 3ala el akil :P :bingung:

  3. landeni on said:

    Wayd zgrt halcam I have Canon 500D

    Wdy aby3ha o ashtri halcam .. Jrbt’ha kant Fantastic review

    • Abdullah on said:

      Hey, I had the 500D i think im about to get it sold, a friend is helping me out.

      This cam is amazing, i’ll let you in on all the info on tomorrow’s post

  4. Marzouq on said:

    That is a fantastic camera! I already have the 7D but I’m tempted to get this camera! LOL! I have too many gadgets!

  5. 360Dewan on said:

    I’m thinking about it for sometime now, if you want detail check His from

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