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April, 2011
Tech 12:06 AM

BOOM: X-Mini

Do you know what this is ?

Hmm ??

Now I know you freaks are curious, trust me, you’ll LOVE what it can do for YOU!

Hint: The company manufacturing this product in Singapore sent this specially for p0ach to share with you guys.

Well, why dont I demonstrate with pictures first ?

Its the X-mini HAPPY Capsule Speaker (mp3 player - SD Card slot)

Its a mini BOOM BOX sound speaker you have to HEAR to believe.

Its super tiny, very light, charged via USB, SD card takes up to 8 GB of memory (great !!)

Well, thats fine, I understand, but why the hell would I need it ? right ?


Grab your iPhone, iPod or -what have you -to it, plug the BOOM BOX speaker, relax and enjoy the crazy big bad beats coming from this mini monster.

Cant wait to use it under the sun/travel/late night talk/ or maybe, just maybe play JT’s “SexyBack” while my boss waits for his beautiful morning report, HAH!

They sent me a video showing people’s first reactions to it with reviews from top names in the industry like PC magazine and GQ (Gadget of the year award) didnt find it on youtube so I thought i’ll upload and share with you guys, watch:

YouTube Preview Image

Thank you ANNETTE, I loved it !

A big hello to the beautiful people in Singapore :kr


The X-mini Capsule Speakers are available at all of the following retail chains

AG Mart
Al Andalus Trading
Al Ghanim Electronics

Best Denki

City Center

Easa Hussain Al Yousifi (Panasonic)

Geat Hyper Market
Grand Hyper

K Mart

Lulu Hyper Market

Sultan Center


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5 comments on “BOOM: X-Mini

  1. RuBY_GLoOoM on said:

    saw it on the sweet girl (Bint ilKuwait-Golde medal ribbon)’s blog
    and LOVE IT..cute and powerful.
    didn’t buy it yet, SOON inshallah.

  2. This little thing is powerful very useful

  3. Great speaker highly recommend it

  4. Where is the best place to buy it ?? Price wise ?!

  5. alarm clock?

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