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January, 2011
Money 11:16 AM

What Are you up to ? 1000 KD

Its not because im curious. I actually have a plan and i’ll share it with you.

I’m planning to close down my credit card. Its not a burden or anything, however, what better time to terminate it than now ?

Not a travel season for sure, still, if thats the case, i’ll ask for a prepaid card that’ll definitely do all the jobs I need like Online purchases and travel needs, I dont have to borrow or give back anything to anyone.

No strings attached.

Thats what im doing – Any plans on your side ?

PLUS – that note looks great in my opinion.

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January, 2011
Sports 10:19 AM


You know what’s so funny ? Im on a mission to go skinny/healthy and for some reason when I had my brain fixed on that target, all kinds of resources, audiobooks, news articles and then this – the local “get well” lifestyle gurus of being healthy, sporty world wide events headliners contact me saying that their latest offerings to this community is about to be ready.

A full blown – crazy big – 2 floor – store thats dedicated to newbies, gym freaks and professional athletes. However, its more dedicated to the Triathlon mania. Why wouldent it be ? Its what they do !

Dont remember ? Click HERE.

I guess the store is categorized into sections – grab a look:

The guys are promoting a lifestyle, a way to “do your thing” minus the frustrations and the “But I dont know what fits me best” trauma.

In that light, here are the categorize – you saw the store – here is the rest:


It feels like your in a online porsche website – yes ? – You can costumize EVERYTHING – heck, there are 56 million ways do that – dont believe me, check the AD.

Like this piece of art for instance:

See that ? that ladies and gentlemen is what ZEXY is. Its the definition of zexy.

Honestly though, could it be more elegant ? Oh and its all made out of Carbon Fibre, rigid – yet light

Its less than 5 KG. That makes you think and then think again about you – your weight – lifestyle and the next munch/bite/mouth crunch you are about to do.


This is your bike’s semi-Spa treatment. This is where they wash, clean, polish, perform checks, customize, play around and get your gear TOP NOTCH. The first of its kind in the middle east. LOVE IT !


They’ll take your measurements, check your weight and stuff then ask you to hop on this stationary bike.

As you can see, its connected to this computer which’ll take you on a virtual ride to France, UK – you name it. You’ll get to see cars and trucks coming your way, hills, down hills, and so forth – according to that combination, you’ll get a professional recommendation, leading you to the bike of your life.


Im sure by now you know what the 3 club is – the pic above gives a nice idea of what it is. The great idea about this whole store is that you can actually see people working-out/training while shopping for their next best thing. LOOK !

While men have their fine section of clothes and accessories, ladies bite a fare share too

Ladies, there is alot of space for you too. The community is great because its based upon interviews + the people running it know what you want – no kidding.

Last but definitely not least – KIDS SECTION !

I loved it !

Here is the thing, its really really not about the items that are there, its about the minds that are pushing it to exist. Youth infused with will power, passion and professionalism leaves a permanent affect. A positive one to be specific.

Im so happy to be in a community that works so hard to make a small idea that started in the brain with no roots at all BECOME a news headliner, a lifestyle changer, health motivator and now a business owner.




Shuwaikh – Al-Tilal Complex – next to living colors – exactly behind 52 Degrees.

Open NOW from 5 – 9 PM.

Official Opening Next Week.

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Extreme Sports
January, 2011
class 9:24 AM

CLASS: BEST Choir ever?

YouTube Preview Image

I wonder what @mad_fan @fhaid @3amor_q @iammishal @boodlz @zeez85 will say about this?

Thank you to the beautiful and zexy showwg for this ;*

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
January, 2011
web 9:18 AM

Hey ! You on the list ?


The hell is this list ? Anybody knows ?

Click Here !

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January, 2011
Kuwait 12:06 AM


Nothing happens for no reason.

Was on my way to park where I usually do, for some reason, the guards asked me to switch my place and park else where. I smiled and nodded.

Went ahead, parked on the third floor of the building next to ours. Found a place next to the lifts, felt great cuz everything I want is right next to me.

Right before leaving my vehicle, I heard laughter, gush and screams.

Woman talking/screaming on the phone : “YALLA YALLA bser3a gabil la itseer el sa3a 8:00 – HAHA – EE EE – HAHAYYYYYYEEEEE”

Her friend came rushing, left her car in the middle of the parking lot, kept the engine running, RAN – mind you a bit heavy with Abaya all covered and surprisingly no TaFKHA hijab – RAN RAN RAN and RAN SOME MORE till she reached the stairs – “HAHAHA ya 7maarraaa yal thoola ya bint el *&!@# laish ma ga3adetnee imbacher ?? bser3a khan ba99im”

Another friend came in with GOD knows what kind of slang thrown in the air, long hair, Abaya, tighter than tight. Semi see through. “Yal ba66a – rikbay 9an9aiiiR asra3 lich *street laugh – as loud as you can imagine*”

All came down later chatting where to have breakfast – for your sake wont share where.

Oh and I loved this line “yala ba6la3 ma3a !@#$” // “i3yalich o raylich wainhom?” // “way3a”


I went . . .

Obviously, they wanted to punch their cards/swipe their fingers before crunch time and leave to finish zexy errands.

These lovely messes are getting the Amir’s grant too ? Wonder which restaurant they’ll spend that money at.

Thanks HKR for being a witness.

I guess men do the same thing too. Its never about gender, its about integrity.

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January, 2011
People 12:05 AM

People Worth Knowing: Aisha Bint Abu Baker

Country: Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia – Medina.

Born: 612 – 678

Occupation: had an important role in early Islamic history, both during Muhammad’s life and after his death. She was an active figure in numerous events and an important witness to many more. Known as “Um Al-Mu’mineen“.

Peace be upon her pure soul and us all.

*The pic is fictional- nothing real here so don’t freak out.

Taken from the book written by Sherry Jones found here.

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January, 2011
accessories 12:04 AM

1st Anniversary: GLOSS SALON

Aside from the arrival of Miss Narybu, Gloss Salon is celebrating its 1st anniversary today.

Fix your eyes on these pics below


Jabriya – Block #1A, street #8 – Building 28 – 1st Floor.

Tel: 2535-9051

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