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January, 2011
Money 11:16 AM

What Are you up to ? 1000 KD

Its not because im curious. I actually have a plan and i’ll share it with you.

I’m planning to close down my credit card. Its not a burden or anything, however, what better time to terminate it than now ?

Not a travel season for sure, still, if thats the case, i’ll ask for a prepaid card that’ll definitely do all the jobs I need like Online purchases and travel needs, I dont have to borrow or give back anything to anyone.

No strings attached.

Thats what im doing – Any plans on your side ?

PLUS – that note looks great in my opinion.

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23 comments on “What Are you up to ? 1000 KD

  1. Taymoor7 on said:

    @p0ach batbara3 feeha to some AIDS awareness foundation

  2. Super_Nova83 on said:

    @p0ach 15 hundred by the way :)

  3. Dalal (Om 3azoz) on said:

    I want to go to the Nestle Chocolate factory in France ;p

  4. Rose_Q8 on said:

    i already have my prepaid visa… i am planning to travel on May to the states!! So, definitely i need a huge a mount of money :D to enjoy my time there… i am already saving for it plus this come to me as a gift.. thanks baba Subbah :**

  5. I know for sure that a percentage will go for charity


    I’m still thinking about what to do with the rest…

  6. I’m a Kuwaiti mother of 2 kids married to non Kuwaiti living in the united states at the moment and this 1000 kd = 3400s $ is a life saver to my family.. This money is not gonna be spent on me but rather is a short cut to some savings for my kids in the future… I soo have wished my kids would have been included in this and that as I believe is their right to be equal to other Kuwaiti kids .. I got very sad when I knew they are not included not for the sake of money but it was a feeling that my kids are not treated equally and if a Kuwaiti man marries a non Kuwaiti get the chance to not only benifit from alllll what the Kuwaiti government offer to him but also his kids will always feel appriciated by the government while mine are not … It feels it’s like a punishment from the government if you marry non Kuwaiti you will live as a stranger in your own country!! It’s a very sad thing.

  7. hmm, god knows what i’ll do with that money!

  8. حسون الملعون on said:

    قبل اشهر بغيت اكنسل بطاقة الكريديت كارد, بس الوطني قالولي خلها عندك واحنا نعفيك من الرسوم لانك عميل مميز

    عميل مميز طل بعينهم, السبب هو لأن حسابي ذهبي

    المهم ما عندي أي مشروع بالنسبة للألف دينار, الحمدلله كل شي عندي وماعلي أي ديون, راح أحط الألف حق

    rainy days


  9. حسون الملعون on said:


  10. I have a credit card, it’s full charge. At the end of the month all 100% debt is paid so it’s not really much of a credit card. However, it’s more efficient that way for travel & promo’s.

  11. didnt think about it !!! i think i’ll keep it in the bank till i find something to do with it

  12. All i have in mind is charity .. i really want non Kuwaitis to be as happy as we are

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