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January, 2011
Motivation 3:14 AM

Beautiful Kuwait Sunday Morning Post

I cant believe how I spent this weekend thinking of nothing work related. I can not believe it. It felt so so soo good just laying in bed doing nothing, i felt like a kid again, I went a step further and asked for honey smacks cereals, HAH!

Went with @ilface on a car cruise, everywhere, saw all kinds of people, top down and *Vroom Vroom*ed the streets of Kuwait. Haven’t done that in ages.

Im still trying to digest everything I did on/before/after new year’s eve and my Saddam-like birthday which lasted for a semi week – Mum ? Where’s my gift ? still waiting – you too dad *slaps self*

On a serious note though, new year’s resolutions/plans and ideas better be gathered up by now. At least have a thought or two. Even if you dont have any, just decide that you have none. Don’t let things like that flow in thin air.

Get your self out there. Whatever the occasion is, just get out there, staying at home, being all insecure and stuff is so 1890.

Its beautiful, having that option to press “RESET” to all the mess/clutter/thoughts/goals/hopes – start on a new clean slate.

By the time you read this you’ll realize that your eyes are open, feel your chest expanding as you inhale, your heart is still beating, beautiful skin

- Smile –

You, my dear, are still alive. Appreciate it and switch yourself to gratitude mode with the biggest smile out there, take that energy with you throughout the whole day.

*Psssst* New years resolution to share? close down my credit card account. A prepaid option works well with me. *Looks at VISA & MasterCard up and down* your’e dead.

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7 comments on “Beautiful Kuwait Sunday Morning Post

  1. AlSubah on said:

    “my Saddam-like birthday which lasted for a semi week – Mum ? Where’s my gift ? still waiting – you too dad *slaps self*”

    This made me smile! ele3teraf bl7aq fatheelah!

    You made me feel like a girl on those last sentences. I’m pretty sure its not for me, but still :P

    • Abdullah on said:

      Haha, you mean beautiful skin ? Well – beautiful in another way – not the MY MY MY beautiful type, HAHA!

      Oh and yes, i’ll slap myself again if you like ;P

  2. Morning! Hehe have a great week Dino!

  3. The Manhattan Team on said:

    We love all the positive energy you exude P0ach!! So uplifting! Have a wonderful week! :)

  4. shaikhoona on said:

    I truly believe that this kid should be the winner of your “why we love KUWAIT” competition
    thank you

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