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December, 2010
Personal 12:01 AM

p0ach is a birthday boy (18 again)

Its my birthday, im 18 again tonight, 29th December (I’ll put that on my birthday wish list).

I dont usually celebrate my birthday but I guess my friends have something prepared for me, I’ll act as if I know nothing.

Seriously though, its been a wonderful year, made new friends (you included), got a salary raise, still a monogamist (HAH!), went through lots of new experiences, been around the world & learned a big lesson, forgiveness heals all.

Saddam is no better than I am, so im having a three-day birthday celebration too, one with my family, one with friends and one with my underground freaks who are kept there, *whistle* in the underground.

I will have to highlight the lesson I learned one more time:
”Forgiveness Heals All” it healed me, hope it does the same to you too.

Happy Holidays To You All

“Let There Be Light”

- – - – - – - -

- – - – - – - -

“”This WAS last year’s birthday message – click here – I left the same message simply because what i typed up there is exactly how I feel right now – Your love, energy and appreciation keep me and fellow bloggers running, THANK YOU”


My friends on twitter are writing down birthday wishes, snaping pics and sending’em to me, if you wana do the same, send it on

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29 comments on “p0ach is a birthday boy (18 again)

  1. Am1rA2h3R on said:

    @dr_imran InshaAllah this time we will win everything u just keep watching :)

  2. DreamerGal on said:

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy every friggin second of it, you positive light shedder you!


    Oh and btw, ishda5al Saddam lool.

  3. Om Khalid on said:

    Happy Birthday!! U Made My Year So Positive With Ur Postive Tweets & Posts & I’m Positively Sure That Ur Non Human!! and Let There Be Light on Every Birthday you Have We Love You :D <3

  4. @p0ach Happy Birthday!

  5. chocolate on said:

    happy birthday ;)

  6. Happy birthday dino!
    tkon senat khair 3alaik;)

  7. HapppyyyyyyBirthdaay:DDDDDDDD!

  8. Happy Birthday :D

    keep up the positive attitude

  9. Happy Birthday Abdulla! :)
    I really hope you enjoy your birthday, and the many years to come inshalla!

  10. Happy Birthday Dude!

    Too bad you’re a Capricorn, as a Sagittarian myself I declared all of December as my Birthday month :P

  11. Lol ma9arat lail7en 18! happy birthday man!

  12. Gold Medal Ribbon on said:

    Yakhtiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 3aaaaaaaal piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic!!!!

    Happy Birthday 2 that little boy!:P

  13. haloola on said:

    so sorry Abdullah i write message in the “last year’s birthday message ” oh silly me
    Happy Birhtday i hope all your birthday wishes came true.
    I cant believe you’re almost 18. You’ll be able to go to jail!
    “Age is a number and mine is unlisted”
    What goes up but never comes down?
    Your age. ;p

  14. Joyful birthday inshallah :D

  15. Happy 18 p0ach ;p
    bass 5la9 kbart ;X
    6la3d el leesin walla still mako syara !
    38baal zelyoon sena inshallah ya ZEXY ;p

  16. Happpppy birthdaaay Abdullaah! It’s ur day ,, ur 18th ;pp
    ,, ENJOOOOY ;)

  17. Happy: 1-Bday 2-p0ach 3-New2011Year

  18. giggles on said:

    happy birthday o kil 3am wenta ib 5air :)

  19. Many Many Happy returns of the day!!! have a blast n God bless you :)

  20. Ruby_GLoooM on said:

    Cheers again :P to many many years to come. :toast

  21. Noonee .. :) on said:

    :selamat :peluk :newyear

    Happy Birthday To the one and only “still & forever 18 ” ;)

    Kel 3am wenta eb alf khair :)

  22. kil 3am wenta bkhair w 9e7a w salama!:D

    Have a great year ahead!

  23. Happy 18 cuz : p

  24. To my favorite blogger/tweep/ZEXY STRANGER..

    HAPPPYYY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAAYY!! hope ur having an awesome one! :***

  25. Happy Birthday again..

    W inshallah this year is even better than the last one :)

  26. Dear Abdullah,
    i am in the mazra3a therefore i have been cut off from civilization for a while so sorry this is late…
    Happy Belated Birthdaaaaaaaaay!!! :D I hope you have a great year, wil3umr kila inshalla, and continue being a positive impact on Kuwait! :D

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