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December, 2010
interview 3:20 PM

Abdullah Interviews Ahmed Al-Mutawa

“I awaken people, Abdullah, that’s what I do, I awaken people”

That’s the phrase that caught my attention.

That’s what I am interested in, awakening. I guess readers are pretty familiar with how much im attached to Mr. Eckhart Tolle’s message in awakening earthlings. Spiritually, that’s what Eckhart Tolle does. He awakened me for sure.

Mr.Ahmad Al-Mutawa aims to awaken those with potential, passion and fire within them, those who want to make and do things out of themselves, but lack the “know how” guide.

He aims to bring out the entrepreneur in you, show you what you are capable of, the power and greatness in you, unleashed.

I loved how we sat down, went to “vent mode” talked about everything and anything, I even got my thoughts analyzed by Ahmed, which felt great. He’s very open, extremely honest and simple. He has a message,

In my humble opinion, I found him doing a job that cannot be executed by many. I think he knocks out and completely eliminates the voices in the head that scream “You can’t do it, you are not good enough, you will fail”, he’s been successful so far.

I don’t want to ruin fun and successful stories you’ll go through below

Get to know Ahmad

Ahmad, please introduce yourself.
My name is Ahmad Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa and I am 28 years old. I have gathered interest in playing American Football, Sports, Rifle Shooting, Horse Riding, Photography. I have degree from the University of Southern California (USC) located in Downtown Los Angeles and doubled major in Engineering and Business Administration (with emphasis Business Communication). Currently running my family business, Al-Mutawa Consulting Group (ACG), which has three subsidiaries and one of them is MUBAADER Enterprises. I also provide seminar and workshops, free talk, public speaking events in entrepreneurship for small business owners. At the same coin, I consult business owners and provide packages and per hour consultation depends on the need of the small and medium businesses in Kuwait/region.

Your childhood, give us a glimpse of it.
A Main childhood flash and dream is that I ve always liked to do something that offer an impact on people’s lives (Since the very early stages and unconsciously). So, I challenged myself to grow and adapt to other cultures, languages and learn as much as I can to materialize my skills into life-long chains of success. I realized that staying in Kuwait earlier won’t allow for diverse types of experiences and exposures and this was the beginning of my journey. One lesson I learned at the minute is to never stop taking risks and in this remain the secret of learning languages and being adaptive. Childhood to me was divided into three periods: Kuwait, Spain and U.S.A. while I was 8 and in Spain, I remember waking up one day watching some huge artillery and helicopters moving around Kuwait on SkyNews and was asking my father: I want to buy one of those when I come back to Kuwait. Another flash was during my elementary school; where one of my teachers stopped me once and whispered something into my ears that I didn’t understand back then. The word she whispered was “Ambitious”

What inspired you to tap into who you are now?
I have many in different areas. First of, my Father! Even though I haven’t seen him for almost half of my life due to spending it outside of Kuwait, he has the passion for what he does. Wisdom, knowledge, and drive are some words I can describe my parents with. Some Names are popping up now: Guy Kawasaki as one of the top creative minds out there ontop of being a Macintosh evangelist who I learned from and Steve Jobs as an innovator that I look up for. Randomness and names: Ghazali, Almutanabi, Hamza Yusuf, Toni Robbins, S. R.Covey, P.F. Drucker, G. Kuoyozaki, J. Budd

What differs you from the rest of the competition out there?
My firm has been supporting entrepreneurs in so many levels on top of the businesses am running that complimenting the daily need of running a startup in Kuwait market. I am running based on innovation and entrepreneurship which means that there is always improvising, innovating, adapting and growing as core principle of what I do. To me, an entrepreneur is a passionate visionary who doesn’t take a no for an answer to his dream that he want to live.

In 2007, I launched a group called “Kuwait Entrepreneurs” based on a quote I wrote contemplating about the awakening moments and origin of change in someone’s life, having my life to be on the verge of that change from an employee to an entrepreneur and after writing it down, everything changed. Here is the quote for you to draw on the map of your mind:

“Entrepreneurship comes with a vision, a vision comes with passion, passion comes from heart, heart comes with patience, patience is bridged with will, will result in action, action will be associated with risk, risk will allow for an opportunity, opportunity opens recreation, recreation surfaces innovation, innovation will be initiated with creativity, creativity sourced from ideas, ideas are driven from passion, passion flow from heart, heart will progress the vision, vision will flourish entrepreneurship” – Ahmad Al-Mutawa.

Can you please tell us about MUBAADER Enterprises and the meaning and values you are inserting here in the Kuwaiti Market?
MUBAADER Enterprises is the center for all-in-one solutions complimenting all entrepreneurs (Mubaadereens) in Kuwait market. Through my connection with more than 3700 members and entrepreneurs in Kuwait Market through my social networking activities, I was able to archive those list and connect them together. Kuwait Entrepreneurs Group now remains the 1st and biggest online group in Kuwait that has gathered (Mubaadereens) and their websites with one another while having each and everyone able to grow their businesses in parallel direction. With MUBAADER Enterprises, this need is primarily met through aligning our vision with our client’s vision. By providing the Mubaadereen with all the services they require such as investor connectivity, innovative marketing solutions, social media enhancement, financial guidance package, business planning, consultation packages, marketing strategies and business model creation, we are establishing a consulting hub for our beloved country. In MUBAADER Enterprises, you will be able to also showcase your portfolio and any other relative information of your business (service and product). The website is coming soon as it is in the development stages right now but we have launched our social media campaign as a lean business with more than 2500 fans within less than 2 months from launching.

What were the difficulties you faced and how did you overcome them?
The #1 difficulty was coming back to Kuwait after spending almost half of my life in California, Spain and Dubai. This was a challenge to me especially that I was given the chance to live a very upscale and unique lifestyle out there during the very BOOM of the city Dubai in 2005 and LA in 2000-2005 before the economic crises. But, I realized that this is it for me as “Ghurba” and I must return to my beloved homeland and really make things work the way I envision them spending those years there. So, I started a group called “Kuwait Entrepreneurs” and in it I started establishing my first few connections and facilitate free talks and certified trainings. I then built a family firm ACG where I structured the organization to grow in a direction that I envision for the next five years. All those decisions weren’t easy to take but with god blessings and guidance and family support and friends, things started brighten up along and the doors of opportunities opened up while on the go. Am happy and in-love with what I do and that’s all that matter these days. To have a passion for what you do. Lesson learned here is this: If you want to succeed, you must FALL in love with what you do. If you don’t, never expect SUCCESS to be delivered to you on a plate of gold.

If you don’t mind Share with us some of your achievements or awakening moments of your career?
To build a network that has highly selective entrepreneurs from scratch on a belief that Kuwait can and will is something I feel very strongly about. But to do it over and over again with other means is an achievement. The awakening moment that I have is when I realized the quote that I wrote above about entrepreneurship and change in someone’s life because I do, deep down, believe that everyone of us can reach out to their highest potential if they do what they are really passionate about because passion is from heart and there is no way someone can break this relationship with our passion by trying to say negative things to us. The passion will immediately repulse and return you to your original state of mind for what you love to do.

Your support system, did it help you ?
Definitely !! My family played a major role into my success and what I have accomplished the past few years of my life. Family and friends is the root for success in anything in life. I believe that you need to stand up by and for yourself first for others to stand behind and with you including your friends. Because the source of leadership is having those principles that abide our characters and be who we are and allow us to stand out from the crowd. I have some great positive energy around me right now such as my Project Coordinator, Sebecha Alfzai, Faith Alfahad as PR, and Creative Director & the creative artist behind the establishment of my company logo, Hamad to name few. Also, am currently establishing a great connection with architect, Interior Artist & Engineer, Farah Alhumaidi as she has the drive and passion to what she is doing and part of MUBAADER team. . Also, a special one to my my parents and my twin brother, the MED Dr. Mohammad Al-Mutawa and his wife Zaina who are currently in Canada completing his Post Dr.!

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
On a personal level: Owning a house in Kuwait and another in Westwood, LA and married with someone I admire and care about. On an Entrepreneurial level: Support the young, positive and fresh energy in fostering an entrepreneurial hub in Kuwait and expand to GCC and MENASA region after. On Professional level: To never stop developing, learning and to give a 120% of everything I come across even if I have to work on weekend nights!

Throw something for p0ach readers!
The only expectation I have being an entrepreneur is to work as hard as I can and for as long as it takes to achieve the goals that are getting bigger and harder to achieve every single day. I learned the past few years running my own business, that as long as your passion is in your heart and as long as your skill is within your hand, then you are an unstoppable force of success ☺

Thanks for the interview Abdullah and great to discover your “awakening” moments at the Burj ☺

My 2 cents of advice for those who are into establishing their small business and be their own boss is:
To Never let your EMOTIONS control your ACTIONS
To Never let your FEELINGS control your mind.
To Never let your action become FASTER than your thinking
To Never allow anyone to TELL you what to do if you have the freedom of choice
To Always LOOK beyond no matter what happensTo have a vision, plan, and ACTION following it.

Facebook Page
Address: 8th Floor, Abeer Tower, Jaber Al-Mubarak St.
Across from new Alhamra Tower, Sharq, Kuwait
Mobile: +965 55990313
Office: +965 22498598

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18 comments on “Abdullah Interviews Ahmed Al-Mutawa

  1. iamMishal on said:

    RT @p0ach: [New Post] Abdullah Interviews Ahmed Al-Mutawa –

  2. Thanks for the interview Abdulla. I said this once and will say it again, I felt that I knew you for a while now even though it was our first communion :)

    Looking forward to the rising you.

  3. I love his energy, GOD bless

  4. since i always wnted 2 knw more abt Ahmed this is a Big THANK U abdullah 4 the interview..i was amazed by his great quote n i wrote it down 4 myself, i also luved his description abt the entrepreneur when he said “an entrepreneur is a passionate visionary who doesn’t take a no for an answer to his dream that he want to live.”.. God bless him n bless u 2 P0ach =)

  5. very inspiring.. mashallah!
    may all the positive energy be with you ahmed and abdullah.. thank you for sharing this ;-)

  6. Hassan ALi Dashti on said:

    Ahmad, I want to thank you for everything you do because after attending your seminar you gave me so much motivation and without you, I wouldn’t have thought about having my office and finally have my own company now ! I made a small book with all the notes that I took from the seminar and I keep reading them for motivation ! I hope that you are planning of doing another seminar soon because I ll be there for sure !” – Hassan Ali Dashti

  7. Outstanding,, character,, with a very very determine goal,,hope u can share this energy with individuals,, that need special attention!!!

  8. MashALLAH .. well I ‘m speechless .. may ALLAH grant u his success Mr. Ahmad : o)

  9. Waleed Al-Bazzaz on said:

    I see a new star is been born..good luck and God Bless..!!

  10. great interview just checked your companies website great stuff! May Allah put blessing in it.

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