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November, 2010
Culture 10:42 AM

Discussion: Swimwear Ban

A reader, AF, sent me this article and thought I should share it with you:

News article.

Opposing Article.

Would love to read what YOU think ?

p.s: My comment on Fuad Al-Hashim’s “OPPOSING” article is

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12 comments on “Discussion: Swimwear Ban

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  2. Dalal (Om 3azoz) on said:

    9a7 elsanik ya Fouad alHashim!!! <> hadaito mashakel aldeera kilaha w rakazto 3ala al mayohat??? wel sharha 3ala elli wa9alkom w saket lekom!

  3. china chiiina chiiina foaud 6ab feeena ;) .. Alah isam7a .. mako a7la mn banat il deera 3ala kil 3yoobhum :D

    • LOOL I hate politics so im not commenting 3an the political battle .. I just communicated with the fact that we look ugly on the beach loool BIG NO NO :(

  4. this is really sad, waste of Kuwait’s time and resources. while bigger issues are ther for them to solve KSE and all the manipulations, el bdoon, the level of health care and that is just from the top of my head.. this is not the issue of islam or not but rather of the stupidity of topics they are debating. these people are making “el mtdayneen” look bad, they have no sense of politics and the art of it. these are the people that we helped get to their positions right now, this is how they repay us?

    thanx poach for posting this

  5. W. AL Mutairi on said:

    banning bikinis in kuwait is plain stupid and pointless, esh’hal ta5alof?! EVERYONE has the right to wear whatever the want to wear, a9lan their not harming others…ESHDA3WA TAJREEEEEMMM LEBS EL MAYOH MARA WA7DA!!!! This is stupid very stupid very verrrrryyyy pointless and stupid, ya3ni hadaw kel el mshakel w yaw 7ag el mayohat?! I dont like el daynen, hal 8arar makes them look like jerks.

  6. inspirationsbysd on said:

    how about we focus on more important issues? Why don’t we try to develop this country before its too late…lets forget petty issues such as Barbie dolls and bathing suits and work on changing the education in our public schools?
    We have to change our teaching methods, we need to develop a better curriculum something the students can build on when they enter college…
    how about we start thinking of banning smoking in public?! Promote better health! Laish enrakz 3ala alomor el thanaweya etha fee ashya wayed wayed aham! Bdal ma y3almona shlon nalbs oo shno negra laish ma y7awlon y6awron deratna? Khalo al tarbya 3ala alahalee fel bait rakzaw 3al aham!!

  7. Big issue or not .. I AGREE with the banning

  8. I’m gonna post the same comment I’ve posted at ilsul6ana’s blog.
    ana ashof enna el qarar ma feh shay. awalan w taliyan hatha iqtira7 w mashof feha shay etha hal iqtira7 kan min 9ali7 el deera, which it is. min meta gumna nshoof eb ba7arna ashkal nshoofha barra ? e7na deera m7aftheen 3ala 3adatna w taqaleedna w deena. w elly ygol enna 7orya shakh9iya fa ana agol enna el 7orya el shakh9ya laha 7dod, w el iqtira7 elly qadimouh ykhi9 fi2a mit3adia 7dod el 7orya el shakh9iya, lana min 7aqna e7na lama namshi nshof ashkal nithefa w manshof ghair chithe. sawa2an kanaw hal ashkha9 ajanib wela kwaityan fa etha ti6abaq el qarar el mafroth yi7tarmouna. w binisba lil ajanib mithil ma e7na ni7tirim qawanenhum w 3adat.hum lama nro7lohum fa el mafoth hatha elly y9er 3endna, qawaneenna el mafroth tinfirith 3alaihum w manisti7i minha aw nisti7i min raddat fi3ilhum. w uhma lihum el qarar enna yig3doon bil deera miltazmeen eb qawanena aw yamshon w allah ma3ahum. w elly ygol fe ashya2 aham, fa hal mawtho3 mohim mithil ghaira min el mowathe3, ghair enna ma feha shay w lafta 7elwa min eniwab enna yihtamoun bil mashakil li9ghera (elly yshof ena hal mishkila 9ghera) elly lai ti9ali7at enshalla bitwadeenna b3eed. gawakum allah.

    • “lana min 7aqna e7na lama namshi nshof ashkal nithefa w manshof ghair chithe” .. fa ile yalbisoon mayohat 9arow ashkal wa9kha? .. we’re so progressive as a country it’s unbelievable (sarcasm)

  9. Totally agree with meme and guest.. Well its not ta5alluf its just to show respect 7ag our cultures and traditions..ok, not completely ban swimsuits..just the bikini part..

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