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November, 2010
Express it ! 12:48 AM


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Why the hell didnt anybody tell me about this ? *Sigh* ofcourse, amazing as always.

Here’s the thing, everybody accuses me, my behavior, how I react to things, they say im very, how should I put this ? BLACK.

Well well well, 7aMaNiii is as black as they come ! AAAH finally ! A proper moonwalk, an actual swag and proper accent to back it up. LAWWWD !

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9 comments on “7aMaNiii: LOVE STREET


    Ahh.. Share3 el7ob :P I can list a million things wrong about the guys who have no business in there (I cant really mention a million :P but u get the point)
    If 7amani is reading my comment, I think he could’ve done better with love street. Because lets be honest, share3 el 7ob is hilarious!

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  3. Ibrahim Alh on said:

    lol, sorry nesat agoolk, Exams are makin me so busy lol,

  4. hahahahahah .. wallah so true

  5. I go through this street a lot to get to my granny’s house :D to get there safely I stabilize my neck to look only straight no matter what happens .. the secret is never look left or right or you will be their prey :D try it you’ll succeed ..

  6. DreamerGal on said:

    Lol, I saw his video! It made my day!

  7. Dalal (Om 3azoz) on said:

    Lol!!! So cute!

  8. i like to keep my windows down o i try no to take the middle lane so i can have one window scrolled down;p iljau ma ete6awaf halayam;p

    love st. = 3agad o yahal … it’s disgusting:P keep your head straight coz if you look to the right or the left… there’s no way out (they’d automatically think you’re interested)

    if you’re interested in a girl, don’t go chase her… I’d personally think that the guy is not gentle and has no manners…

    what if 1 of my brothers saw you? it happened with me but the guys got away, thank god they some how noticed he was my brother, kan emsayerni be6erej belel coz ilwakt kan met2a5er;p

  9. W. Al Mutairi on said:

    LOVE STREET……… Shar3 el helaga w el 7awash, 6ab3an in love street betchufon kelshay! :D
    Black girls with REALLY LIGHT blonde hair
    Shabab labseen ray bans sa3a 9 belayl
    Guys who put makeup w open their windows

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