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November, 2010
Documentary 12:01 AM

VOTE: Got a job ? HOW ?

“I WANT YOU” when this magical line came out of your employer’s mouth, what went on before that ?

A friend asked me to create this pretty interesting poll for you guys.

Want to know the percentage of people who worked based upon a recommendation, Newspapers AD or Wasta.

Lets have a general persepective on how to get down here in the lovely country of the sun.

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10 comments on “VOTE: Got a job ? HOW ?

  1. aljoory on said:

    coincedence ! ,, i’v gone to my place to do some work o 3ajabny el mokan , at the same day qaddamt and they called ! ,,, shay ghareeeeb :P

  2. lol figures

  3. 7ameedo on said:

    shocking! majority through wasta?!

    allahu al musta3an.

  4. AlSubah on said:

    Nobody wants me :(

    LOL. I worked for my dad and running my own project thingie. so… yeah. enshallah b3dain they want me! el7en mo wagta ;P

  5. Well i waited for an ad and because
    of my degree i know am gonna be employed ( l 7emdelellah)
    i knew that my name was in another department a nicer building and view
    then they put some1 by was6a in my place and moved
    me to another location
    i love my place and am sorry for this guy who obviously had nothing and didn’t beleive in himself so he needed to yms7 joo5 some1 o y3areth wayha 7g flan o 3llan for that place;p

  6. Ruby_GLoooM on said:

    The 1st question asked in an employment interview at my work is ( who is your was6a? )
    it wasn’t like that be4.

  7. The M Code on said:

    In Islam “wasta” is recommended and is referred to as “intercession”. Basically it’s thought of as a good deed when someone helps out someone else. But it’s only okay if you’re not taking somebody else’s right to have a certain job.

    If two people, one with “wasta” and one without “wasta”, apply for a job, either accept them both or accept the one who doesn’t have a “wasta” if there’s only one job position available.

    Also, this is a job we’re talking about, people need money. So if they can’t find a job they will use “wasta”, don’t expect them to stay broke and get poor for the sake of “it’s not right to get a job through a wasta”. It can’t be helped.

    I personally know of many people with top degrees and GPA but still couldn’t get a job until they got a “wasta”. It’s basically the employers mistake, not the employed. That’s exactly what’s destroying the country now; unqualified people getting jobs while the qualified people are denied jobs because of employers mostly accepting people through “wasta” only.

  8. firas1886 on said:

    First job Recommendation, 2nd job wasta…

    And its not that i didnt try or didnt do my best or that i dont deserve the job, but people dont even look at your cv if you are just another guy applying through the HR and giving them your cv. I’ve seen HR take my cv and throw it in the stack, some dont even look at it, and eventually its thrown away…

    IF you don’t have a wasta or recommendation from the inside, they dont even look at you or your cv. It’s the sad truth.

  9. None of the above
    I got my medical degree and so im an employee at wezarat el 9a7a.. no wasta, no recommendation, no ad :)

  10. usually when we think about wasta we always think about some big shot q80 hiring someone who doesn’t deserve the position, or is unqualified.

    After working for a couple of years, I realized that even the expats have wasta. They will hire their friends, relatives, etc even if they are unqualified.

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