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October, 2010
accessories 12:34 AM

The Bed Shop: Temprakon

The kind people over at “The Bed Shop” sent me this NASA/Aerodynamic/Space/Heat/allergic free pillow GLAM.

Now, hate me hater but I really do not have problems sleeping. I sleep easily/drama free. However, there is always room for improvements, no ?

I have never, ever, had a thought like “Hmm, my pillows need to be changed” cuz I usually work with what I have.

When I received this mighty fine pillow, I knew exactly what I was missing. QUALITY. Mum is gonna kill me for this, HAH!

So, aside from the size, feel and comfort of this fine pillow, what does it technically do ?

I had to snap it in a pic:

Look, just to be clear, im not saying that the day after you sleep using this pillow, you’ll wake up with Diana Ross’s hair singing her intro line from Puffy’s “More Money More Problems” // it starts at 37 secs of the video if your interested, HAH!

All im saying is that the quality and feel of this pillow is extremely evident, you have to try it to believe it.


Drop my name or Frankom‘s in the store and they’ll give you 10% off of the original price ok ?

A big thank you to the nice people over at THE BED SHOP for their kind offer.

I’ll pass by next week to pick 4 pillows for mum and dad.


Tempur Showroom
Al-Khaleejia Complex – Sharq
Tel: +965 22411987/22449743

Bed Boutique
Al-Tilal Complex – Shuwaikh
Tel: +965 22256172

The Bed Shop
Tunis Street – Hawally
Tel: +965 22658261

Royal Mattress
Tunis Street – Hawally
Tel: +965 22642798/9

The Bed Shop
Galleria Complex – Dajeej Farwaniya
Tel: +965 24332823/24347984

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3 comments on “The Bed Shop: Temprakon

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  2. f7ee7eely on said:

    I’ve come to believe that insomnia and f7ee7eely are synonymous — I have troubles sleeping at night I toss and turn like a crocodile rolling over his prey — If this pillow delivers some results I will be eternally grateful to you and the manufacturers of this so called temprakon pillow……

  3. price?

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