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September, 2010
Kuwait 1:22 PM

Is this “IN” now ?

Yesterday, I was minding my business, doing my thing and going from meeting to meeting, being the super staff that I am.

I saw this guy, following a girl, not showing his face, just this lovely “Kanye West, maybe ?” inspired bare.

For some reason I smiled, I found it kinda cute/bit nasty/cute/nasty, tried to snap some pics, I couldnt, he saw me trying, slowed down and said, “9awer 9awer”

And well, here we are, HAH !


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14 comments on “Is this “IN” now ?

  1. lendmeurear on said:

    “9awer 9awer”??? obviously he has some growing up to do…

  2. Q8travelbud on said:

    kilman “e7eb” 3ala tareeqta i guess :) ..

  3. i find that NOT cute but low

  4. a la Mocha on said:

    Hehe, funny :P

  5. Creepy. Definitely creepy.

  6. LOOOOOOOL a7la shay bil mawthoo3 ina wagaf o galek 9awer! wallah nas fathya

  7. W.Al Mutairi on said:

    LOOOOOOOL!!!! That’s cuuuttte in a tacky way :P

  8. W.Al Mutairi on said:

    LOOOOOOOL!!!! That’s cuuuttte in a tacky way :P !

  9. Free_Spirited_Gal on said:

    it does look like a kanye west inspired bear :P

    I still don’t get guys following a girl in his car.. What’s the fun in it exactly?

  10. Q8 All In One on said:

    Desperate attempt :)

  11. wahahahahaha soo funnyyyy! lets b honest itha a7ad 6ala3li a bear i’d die laughing…nas fathya shtsawe ba3ad

  12. Soor Avenue on said:

    It’s amazing what guys in Kuwait do to get a woman’s attention!!!

  13. lol well ma agool ela YALLLAH sla7 el 3a6aa ..

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