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September, 2010
Food 12:31 AM

P0ach & Frankom @ Burger King

After I saw Frankom’s post, I thought its really stupid of me to ADD in any extra text other than “I agree with you”.

Please read his review here. Ansam , ilsul6ana & Q8Blackmarket too.

I had one piece and one piece only of that fine pizza burger. I was about to leave when all of a sudden I saw Frankom coming my way and I went KOKO KOKO KOKO ! ITS FRANKOM !! FRANKOM DAMN IT ! HAHA!

We sat down, talked it out, went through 2010′s hot topics and we clicked like distant brothers who have not met in years !

So what did I find out about the ever so mysterious Frankom ?

Sweetness that lasts for days, honesty, openness, a meaningful advisor, grounded, down to earth with a big big smile and yes, you guessed it, a bad boy joker. Kuwait could not ask for a better citizen.

Thank you for your time and for being YOU.

You’ll always be on the top of my favorite people’s list, you are extra special.

This is the best coincident ever. Although there is no such thing as coincidence.

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7 comments on “P0ach & Frankom @ Burger King

  1. wow!! that’s great… food oo good conversation… glad you enjoyed it :)

  2. /me wants to kill someone



    thanks for the post, really enjoyed it last night.

    خلني شوي أقلب عربوووو على قولتك

    يبيله بيتزا

    عطوووووونااا بيتزاااااااا

  3. Q8travelbud on said:

    looks good … unfortunately too late for this post … am on a diet mood now :(

  4. Q8 All In One on said:

    Allah eydeem elma7abaa bainkom.. Frankom and P0ach.. Do you recommend this pizza burger?

  5. Abdulwahab Alhajji on said:

    AWESOME , i love your coincidents (oh god please let me meet p0ach in a NICE “coincident”)

  6. I can’t find words to express my appreciation for having Frankom in my life too he’s one of a kind a very honest,loving,and respected guy. And so are you khayyi Abdallah:**

  7. DiamondsGirls on said:

    i hate burger king it’s not healthy

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