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August, 2010
phenomenon 2:11 AM

Phenomenon: Be like that Jew

Its been 2 good years since I have slowly installed ideas in my head that speak of two major principles:

- None judgement.

- Total acceptance.

These two concepts are built with “respect” being the cloud that holds them together.


I learned recently that there is a group of people out there EATING/DRINKING in broad daylight, infront of everyone, some even tweet about it. Now, in Ramadan.

In Kuwaiti pop culture, we call these peeps “كلاب رمضان”

“Whats uglier than a sin is owning it, bragging about it infront of everybody” I have never fully understood the concept behind the prophet Mohammed message till now.

Everybody is asking for the society’s acceptance when really society did accept you but you chose to live in a jungle. You refuse to be human. You want to be a four legged creature, you insist to be a creature that yearns for bananas and peanuts. You claim you are free spirited and uncaged, yes, we get that, but when you come out from the jungle, live in nice houses, just like dogs and cats, there are things you should do/things you avoid doing to reach the master’s approval for you to stay in the house.

You are not in a jungle anymore.

You know that, you understand that, you see a poor man standing under the sun, underpaid, over worked, exhausted, all he could ask for is a sip of water. You just came out of your house, pampered as ever, at ease, thinking bout the next best thing to do, THEN, you see him and what do you do ? slowly drink water, with your eyes fixed on that poor soul, knowing that he is watching you.

Suppose you inhibit a filthy, ungrateful heart. Dont you have a place for mercy or compassion ?

Why ? – Knowing that you are intellectually capable of shutting yourselves up and maybe, just maybe act like humans sometimes ?

You may not know this, but the devil, lucifer himself, was an abducted prisoner of war before humans ruled this temporary earth. He was a good and faithful slave to GOD, till the famous story came across. Even lucifer was, the personality blamed for everything dark, evil and gloomy, was, at least good, once upon a time.

A jew was granted GOD’s forgiveness and mercy, was even promised to be in heaven, for scolding his child verbally when he was eating/drinking in broad daylight infront of muslims. This happened when the light on earth, Mohammed, was alive.

Why cant you be like that Jew ? – Why do you CHOOSE to be disregarded, down graded here on earth // cursed in your grave with GOD knows what kind of temporary hell you’ll be in // finally dragged to hell for eternity ?

Why my dear ?

You dont believe in GOD ? Thats fine, I respect that.
You dont believe in the afterlife/judgement day ? Fine, I respect that.

What about now ? Why do you choose to dis-respect us ? We are Kuwaiti citizens just like you. We are your neighbours, friends and some of us are family, do you dislike us that bad ?

Why do you represent yourselves well when travel abroad ? You know all the rules, the ins and outs to each and everything, because you are smart. Not only that, but YOU WANT THEIR APPROVAL. However you choose not to respect your fellow Kuwaiti brothers and sisters, even strangers, no one actually. That, my dear, is a choice, not a smart one.

I can go on and on.

I know exactly what is going on in your lovely brain cells.

I love this story:

“My christian friend was fasting, he was only having vegetables and juices, no meat or chicken, so I helped him cook a nice menu for him and his whole family. When Ramdan came upon us, he was so kind and prepared a big portion of soup for me to use for up till 3 days, it was that big, it tasted wonderful. Problem is I had it for breakfast and lunch.

When he knew I consumed the whole bowl in one day, he asked if I didnt like it or just threw it out, I said NO and explained that I CHOSE not to fast, I understand why im supposed to fast, I believe in GOD but I just dont want to fast, its not doable.

He was upset and confused, left the house”

Baby what were you thinking ? Ofcourse, he’ll leave, to him you are a hypocrite. If this is how you treat your creator, how will you treat the created ?


We all have the need to feel special, to be looked at, taken care of, HOWEVER, grabbing people’s attention to you by downgrading their religion, spiritual beliefs and culture is not at all admirable.

There is nothing wrong with being you, who and whatever you think you are as long as you respect everybody else. Look up the definition of Freedom if you like.

I am a person who looks for love, joy and beauty in everything. I failed this time.

This time I am glad I failed, I want nothing to do with this. GOD, his angels and everybody who’s reading this are my witness.

Now, as for those who know about this phenomenon with their mouths shut, know that your are a dysfunctional extra/silenced devil. You have witnessed this mess and said/acted/showed no-concerns what so ever. You are responsible now and later on infront of his holly grace.

Lord forgive us, I beg you to wake the unawakened
Forgive them, for they know not what they do


This post is intended for Kuwaiti citizens who live inside the borders of KUWAIT and view themselves as rebels.
This is not in anyway shape or form intended for those who follow any organized religion or any other way of life chosen. All religions and spiritual paths are respected on this platform.
This is also not intended for those who eat or drink in broad daylight, inside KUWAIT, because they need to or have to.
This post is not intended for foreigners either.

I know, in my own way, that I made it clear up there in the message’s body, however some of you, somehow, fail to get the full picture. That is why, I think, a clarification is due.

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August, 2010
Food 1:12 AM

Review: B+F Open Flame Kitchen

“Have you been to OFK ? Have you been to it ?? “ “Have you ?? Have you ?” “Not yet ? What you waiting for ? GO !”

Everybody kept nagging me to go and give it a shot.

I understand that there has been a food tasting event while I was out of the country, I could not make it or was invited, however, my friends were and they loved it.

I decided to ask the owners to give it a go, they were kind enough to invite me and my friends to crash in and enjoy the whole Open Flame Kitchen experience.

Its no secret that this is the place to be, the IT location/HAWT spot for all you trendy kings and queens out there.

You may know how I like to categorize things and put everything nicely together.

Beware, this is a long review, try to indulge boys and girls, go on, CLICK CLICK !


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Extreme Sports
August, 2010
Locations 12:05 AM

NEW: Where Was p0ach ?

Everybody wants answers for the previous posts so here goes:

July 14th – Munich – First Answer by SMURF.

July 26th – London // St. Christophers Place – First Answer by CHRIP.

July 29th – IBIZA // Old Town – First answer by Noura.

That last one so much fun !

Here’s a new one with lots and lots of hints.

Ready ?


GO !

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
August, 2010
Culture, Tech, Travel 12:04 AM

UK Pedestrian Traffic

I loved these new pedestrian traffic gems I saw in the UK for selected highly crowded streets like Regent.

This baby flashes a screen with the remaining seconds left till you can cross over.

I loved how everyone was looking at it as if it were their rush hour savior, HAH!

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August, 2010
Entertainment 12:03 AM

Zexy Kuwaiti Icon *Gimme More*

Too hot ? or didnt have enough ? either way, you may want to see him in action ?

Go on, help yourselves, click click on the video

YouTube Preview Image

Or maybe a more defined look ?

YouTube Preview Image
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August, 2010
AD 12:02 AM

AD: حيخلصوه

YouTube Preview Image

I LOVE YOU – whoever created that mess, I LOVE YOU !

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August, 2010
Wisdom 12:01 AM

Be Wise, Read: Kuwaiti Proverb

” نارك ولا جنة أهلي “

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