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August, 2010
Tech 12:01 AM

Want it ? Blackberry Torch

As received:

“Now the new blackberry TORCH 9800 with the touch screen and a regular keypad
will be in q8 within 10 days! for 300KD ONLY ( limited quantity ) . ( UNLOCKED )

contact us:


- SMS Only please - OR

pin:21CEBE59 / 217B6D4D “

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August, 2010
Music 8:50 PM


YouTube Preview Image

January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001

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Extreme Sports
August, 2010
Culture, Kuwait 3:42 AM

Special: Gergaian Post

My little niece, the little Namla, the one and only Queen, my queen, celebrated her first ever Gergai3an, she was excited and over the moon.

I love how she freaked out when everyone started, singing, clapping, bit of “Yebaab”, money and candy in the air, her eyes said it all.

Her mum, my sis, thought of going with a Moroccan theme and see how it goes, I think the “6aajin” boxes looked great, I think people could use’em later if they like.

lemme share with you some pics:

AHHHHHHH my sweet little angel. I love you !

Side note:

While I was hanging with the boys at dowaniya, we were bombarded twice with kids, adorable, my friend decided to take a quick snap before their mum freaks out, GRRRRR !

Tabeen kakaw o ma tabeen insawir ? HAH!

Oh and one more thing, I loved these Gergaian pics from flicker too:

Lamya Al-Shaya


Ghadeer Q

3asa ALLAH ya7fith i3yalna ajma3een

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
August, 2010
Music 2:32 AM

Music: El3aB El3aB Ya WelD 3aMee

I heard this HAWT mess on the highly anticipated, high end budget TV superstars collision Galore, “El li3ib Fallah”

So i asked the experts to help me out getting the track they play behind the scenes, I got a glimpse of it.

Download it HERE

Thanks F.A.S & M.J.L

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August, 2010
Uncategorized 1:34 AM

I want your Feedback


Alright people gather up, need you to collect your thoughts for a moment ok ?

Im working with some hardcore professionals to improve my website just to make your visits more and more enjoyable.

All im asking you to do is this:

Tell me what you think needs to be fixed/added/modifed for you to enjoy your stay here.

You say it, we’ll do it, ok ?


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August, 2010
Food 12:05 AM

The Cookie Bag: Mini Trifles & Truffles

I made a post back in June 2009, about the cookie bag’s Cookie trifle, I fell in love with it, so did most of you guys.

In my previous post, the plastic box was HUGE, I remember how my sister kept saying, if only they could make it smaller.

They did, me, my mouth, tongue and tummy loved it so did the whole house.

Mini Trifles

This creation must be served cold. Leave it in the fridge, not the freezer, treat it like Yogurt if you like, yes ?

So what were the flavors ?

- Raspberry. A bit heavy for those of you who like it a bit creamy light.

- Mango.

- Kanafa/Kunafa.

- Chocolate.

What’s it like ?

Just like I said like last time, lemme quote ME, HAH!

“I blended the spoon through it, had different layers of thick, thin & soft clusters. In that pool of blissful fantasies, I came across an oh so profound un-identified cluster for a mere man. A multilevel of chocolate, cream, cookie chips & brownies. My first spoon was just simply delightful.

Not heavy at all, yet yummy to the fullest. Indulge. Just dip in, smile and have another spoon”

This is exactly how I felt this time, however, this time, the size is way smaller with more and more flavors.


I loved them all. All but maybe my least fav was the raspberry mix, maybe because I like it a bit lighter, my brother loved it though, so you know, to all his own.


This mini mix is nice too, its too small you may want to have it with coffee or tea on the side.

However, this is dangerous if you leave it by the TV. You will slowly but surely consume it.

My girl, ilsul6ana, made a post about it too.


Tel: 9992 – 5566

The Cookie Bag

Facebook Page

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August, 2010
People 12:04 AM

Beauties Of The World: Freida Pinto

Country: India

Born: 1984

Occupation: Actress and professional model

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together