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August, 2010
News 1:43 AM

No More Drama: P2BK & 52 Degrees

I’v made a post previously about BuQutada & Bo Nabeel criticizing P2BK’s event video. By then I found it funny and dedicated it to my friend, specifically the Jonsoon and Jonsoon part.

My friends asked me to remove it, stop the bleed and over all hallucination in the country. I did. However its back here again with an official statement from me to yall.

Trust me, what I type here is not going anywhere, however, a clarification is due.

Let me just break this down for yall:

Comedic Value:

The kind of comedy im exposed to is on the level of people like Wanda Sykes, Margaret Cho, Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy. Its way high up there, raw and has lots of unnecessary details, but you know what ? I laugh like a maniac whenever I pop their DVDs. Now if you are familiar with these people you’d understand that the episode seen on Al-Watan TV is mild in comparison. Then again, some points were just outta line and plain unnecessary according to culture and overall exposure.

My Experience:

I said this before, I’ll say it again, I was, am and will always be a proud member of P2BK. I was a media coordinator there and had a blast with everyone, including the founder. I had one of the most memorable time ever by then. I even debuted the first ever LIVE Video broadcast held on a local blog. Even had a great time with the creative team working behind the scenes. AWESOME !

What I didnt like:

I usually do not highlight what I dont like. You guys know me. However, I must say that:

- Highlighting female participates as slutty and boy toy seekers was not pleasant. Most boys participiting were semi-sissy in a way or another.

- Two highlighted business were shown as copy paste masters. Not really creative.

- Nabeel Being a thief. Uncalled for.

P2BK & 52 Degrees Feud:

As I understood, there is this feud going on out there between two respected entities.

I understood that some are pointing towards 52 degrees, being the reason behind that particular episode.

P2BK & 52 Degrees, in my heart, I hope that everybody means well although its not evident in some spots.

What I want to say is that I love you all regardless of whats going on. What you hold against eachother/if any is up to you.

I don’t know what the details are and I don’t want to investigate any further. It is completely none of my business.

This website is peaceful and will stay that way for as long as I am running it.

P2BK, 52 Degrees & whoever is out there, you are all welcome on my blog and I will support each and everyone of you as long as I can, under a big cloud titled RESPECT.

My message to each and everyone of you, awakened, misguided, motivated or strayed out:

It is our duty to support each and every individual serving Kuwait. We should aim at shifting all energy forces to one unit, Kuwait, amplify it and produce nothing but the best, the country deserves it. It deserves you and your energy.

If there are improvements needed, address the person directly, you never know what you’ll get.

*Ramadan Kareem*

Lets close this down please. Lets put an end to this and start fresh.


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