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August, 2010
class 1:46 AM

Girl, you lied

Was in a big big big supermarket, overheard two girls putting final touches on their BOY TOY//come rescue me/plan.

Anyway, so baby girl did the whole ” hold me, im dizzy, not feeling well, not even a proper “ta3bana” she went “ti3boNa”, cant breath, fell on the ground”

3 pm.

Boy saw her, did nothing. Went back to where he came from.

By then, I had a toothbrush, a big broom “for shalaih” and shampoo. Only I knew what I wanted to do with’em.

She quickly, came back up, as if no-thing happened. Her friend ? no, we wont go there.

Funny part ?

When I went ahead to pay up, she was on the isle next to me, the boy showed up and said “ashoof ma feech shay al7een?”

Her reply ? “chub, i7muur” giggling.

Seriously though

Girl ? What were you thinkin – A man with a ring ? for real ?

Better yet, lets play you Luda’s How Low Can You Go ?


Regardless, I love your courage. Lets hook up.

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18 comments on “Girl, you lied

  1. loooly on said:

    WTH !! seriously ? lol

  2. Rajol wal rejalo 8aleelo ;p
    aw I bet they acted really bad ;p
    well atleast they tried lool

  3. OMG!!! Seriously?!!!!
    5e6a fashla, ma yadroon ena chivalry is dead ;P

  4. Manayer on said:

    LOL Shakilha Tawa shayfa Movie or Something or Better Else shayfa Sahir elLail 3abalha Beyee Esheelha oo Ewadeeha elMostashfa ;D

  5. Mariam on said:

    mo mn 9jha!

  6. DreamerGal on said:

    Lool, 5a6iya:p

  7. Moody Panties on said:

    lol ur kidding !! wow, i didnt think any girl would do that! she must have been desperate!

  8. Abdullah on said:

    hahahahaha 3abood you crack me up wala

  9. QueenB on said:

    LOL! Unbelievable! That girl got guts!! Gotta love how our girls are getting creative to get guys. Allah yaster men eli yay…

  10. Yours Truly on said:

    Looool god I’m so jealous that you get to witness those incidents! :p that must have been quite a laugh!

  11. LOOOL! she sounds proud
    (Her reply ? “chub, i7muur” giggling”)

  12. iamMishal on said:

    LOOOL!! maskeena wayed 3abalha Shadya o 3abdul7aleem .. Hathi mal tkub fog’ha banzeeeeeeen. Sej nas wa6ya!

  13. OMG she is not serious -.- desperate much? such a drama queen!

  14. qaweeyaaaa!! wala banat akher zemaan tsk tsk*

  15. Shougfa on said:

    eeww 7adha desperate o hailigiya!!

  16. 1 word: shalaaaaa2

  17. Miss Farah on said:

    that’s why men are cheating a lot these days its because women are toooo available!….its a shame

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