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August, 2010
Food 1:12 AM

Review: B+F Open Flame Kitchen

“Have you been to OFK ? Have you been to it ?? “ “Have you ?? Have you ?” “Not yet ? What you waiting for ? GO !”

Everybody kept nagging me to go and give it a shot.

I understand that there has been a food tasting event while I was out of the country, I could not make it or was invited, however, my friends were and they loved it.

I decided to ask the owners to give it a go, they were kind enough to invite me and my friends to crash in and enjoy the whole Open Flame Kitchen experience.

Its no secret that this is the place to be, the IT location/HAWT spot for all you trendy kings and queens out there.

You may know how I like to categorize things and put everything nicely together.

Beware, this is a long review, try to indulge boys and girls, go on, CLICK CLICK !



Dark, gloomy, high energy and “lets get lost” Zexy. Thats how the atmosphere was. The moment you step in, your completely transformed to a low key/modern/supersonic/5th Avenue/Newyork state of mind. You are not in the land of dust and heat no more.

After the long long waiting list of people pushing/shoving and hollering for a HAWT seat in the house, if you’re lucky to get in, you’ll be escorted to your table by a beautiful indian woman who I forgot what her name was in the mist of darkness and soulful music.

Shattered glass/Spot lights/Gold/Leather and dark wood, thats the theme, very royal, moodern royal infact with a hint of Zexiness seeing that red lights reflect on tables and bottles of water all over the place. Mellow, very mellow and laid back. ADORE!

Dress Code

There are no dress codes here, however, the place is so IN you see people so HAWT as if they came out of magazines. Running Running out of magazines. No need to play Beyonce’s “Freakum Dress”  cuz everybody is freaking it like crazy.

The girls were very Harajuku/Tokyo/Dolls/bout to scream “FAST AND FURIAAAAAAAAS”/HAWT you can not take your eyes off of them. Its not about them being cute, its that energy you feel, like they’r Bees, waiting to enter a honey cell, you hear them buzzing/murmuring/whispering to each other with a “YES im looking at you, thats why we all ARE here” gaze.

Poor boys, most of them look high as if they were on ecstasy/drugs/weed, their mouths wide open with eye popping on whatever is walking. No wonder why accidents/dog fights/808s and heartaches kiss them in the face. Its the HAWT girl affect, isn’t it ? *snap*

I wont get into lots of details here, you have to come and see for yourselves, those who’v been there know exactly what im talking about.

Interior Details

I adore the details of the place so much that I took pics of each and everything I liked separately.

Roller Coaster

Love the combination, POSH.

Wonderful contrast.

Smaller oven, beautiful, just beautiful.

Big, red and mighty bottles of water.

Medusa lights.

Shattered glass

Open your flames up baby – show me !

This is where the magic happens.

Dagger like cutleries, exquisite.

Notice how each table has a direct spotlight going straight to it, no-where-else, SMART !

Sliding door. Avoid clutter. More Space.

Magic Magic Magic GOLD GOLD GOLD

Everytime I see that big shiny creation, I felt like singing Black & Gold.



This was our Ghabga, this is definitely the HAWTest ghabga I had in years.

We were four people, so there was a tummy pleaser for each and everyone of us.

We did not utter a word on what we wanted to eat, I loved that, I enjoyed being pampered without talking, as you can see, we had:

- Southern Fried Fish Popcorn.

- Tempura.

- Mozzarella Crunch.

- Chicken Liver.

- Grilled Bruschgtta.

- Tokyo Salad.

Loved the sea food selection, nothing smelly or fish like, it tasted like chicken. Tokyo Salad was a diamond in the rough till it landed in our mouths, BLING BLING – HIT !

Main Dishes

The pizza reminded me of a lovely pizza joint in Switzerland – Montana, they serve the lightest pizza I’v tasted ever. This baby was even better cuz it melts melts melts real quick. It didn’t even feel like pizza. Thats a huge compliment.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

This is where the OOOH AAAH begins, this dish makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. It makes you smile.

The sauce was just right, cooked beautifully, herbs and spices marinated well, mixed with an excellent temperature. Soul pleaser.

This dish heals. Thats all I can say.


These two dishes were just perfect.

Juicy, very very very juicy, creamy tender, you can tear it apart with your bare hands easily.

Protein options without the fear of it being breaded, fried or mixed with weird stuff. Raw full fledge meat and chicken. Served just for you hard core low carbers. If you ditch the potato, you’ll consume Zero gram of carbs for sure. Great !

Feeling Adventurous ?

Green Curry Osso Bucco

This is one of these dishes you have to try to believe it actually exists.

Rice with Coconut milk, green curry with “bone hole” meat. Very tender, like baby lamb. This is believed to be a milanese origin dish. Its completley new, very different, try it !

Wild Fire Burger

This is THE DISH – This is THE DISH -This is THE DISH -This is THE DISH -This is THE DISH -This is THE DISH -This is THE DISH -This is THE DISH -This is THE DISH -This is THE DISH -This is THE DISH -This is THE DISH -This is THE DISH -This is THE DISH -This is THE DISH -This is THE DISH -This is THE DISH -This is THE DISH – This is THE DISH  AAAAAH !!!!

Now you listen to me, listen to me very well, IF YOU DO NOT ORDER THIS BURGER – I’LL COME OUT OF THE MENU – SLAP YOU IN THE FACE 10 TIMES then shred you to pieces, ya heard ??

We asked for this dish to be served twice/2 times/X2 – thats how much we loved it !

I gave birth while eating it ! Yes I did  and we all felt as zexy as this

The bun is as soft as McDonald’s fish fillet, however its mixed with Jalapeno, AAAAAAH !!

The patty is just divine. I saw the onion and thought it may be a but crunchy or nasty, it was soft soft soft, EDIBLE EDIBLE EDIBLE !

Dont be fooled, it may look like a normal burger, its not, its not, its NOOOOOOOT !!



Date Cheese Cake

Chocolate Brownie Pudding

Marble Creme Brulee (ON FAYAAAH)

All the desserts were great, to all his own since we were 4. For instance I loved the Date pudding like crazy, while the others went KOKO wild on the other dishes. Some were fighting over the brownie, those skinny bastards!


The food was wonderfully put together with lots and lots of details and huge attention to what and how things were served. Sometime, variety ruins the core of how a restaurant represents itself. With O.F.K, thats not the case at all, specially when you have Slider Station and Burger Boutique under your belt as two of the most celebrated food joints in the country. Adventurous, different, spankin fresh and exquisite is just a glimpse of what you’ll experience.

V.I.P Table

This is where we had our food and eye candy fix.

I was told that there is this really beautiful/down low/V.I.P cave somewhere in this joint. I asked the owners to let me sit in it, I did and let me tell you, everybody that passes by wants to know who’s in there, HAH! Curious Kuwaitis are fun, you see them, they dont see you.

I loved everything about this place, try to look at the tables, wavy, round and strange. When you try them out, you’ll see how functional they are.

I wonder who’ll be sitting here in new year’s eve, I wonder I wonder. *wink*

Future Seating Area

When winter hits your beautiful faces soon, you’ll be able to sit and enjoy the semi-beautiful breeze outside.


Look who I found ?? Its MAMA from Slider station ! Thats what they call her, Mama. I used to always send her notes saying thank you and I love your cooking, now I actually went ahead and shook hands with her, we love you MAMA!

Ofcourse, Mr.Villaz, Rahoul and the chef were beyond amazing, thank you for the super kind hospitality, you were just beautiful.


A big thank you to the wonderful Dalal for the warm and kind welcome, letting us in before anyone could, the tour, the food, VIP table and treatment, the experience and the whole nine yards. You, my dear, are awesome !

One last thing

Some places make businesses around it boom, B+F Open Flame Kitchen is one of them, don’t believe me ? look at what happens to the shops surrounding it, people hit those spots to sit and wait till they get a table in instead of waiting in line. Money maker money maker make me happy, HAH!


360 Mall – Ground Floor.

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108 comments on “Review: B+F Open Flame Kitchen

  1. Frankom on said:

    آخ بس لو مو طالب كنتاكي توه



  2. Abdullah on said:

    Hahaha, 3asllah i3afeeeik ;D

    Please if you go, let me know, abe asma3 rayik ;D

  3. ½ CREAM MILK on said:

    wow .. such a great review .. !! tawni mestsa7eer .. bs ye3t again lamma sheft el akel !!

  4. giggles on said:

    3alayk bil 3afia great review thanks, 3ayal 9ij il kalam eli sema3ta 3an il dress code even though i am very simple when it comes to dressing up but i would like to go there someday and hopefully i don’t stand out :malu2

  5. Khaled12 on said:

    Wow – only you can successfully weave in Beyonce references into a review of a restaurant.
    Great review, great place. :)

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  7. q8travelbud on said:

    some very nice shots here …. yeah and the food is good!

  8. I have just read ur review and… u made me love the place even more :) I have been there and was happy about this food experience! Thx to u and the amazing shots!
    PS: I am even more happy to read this while i can still eat :$
    Thx to post this review after f6oor:)

  9. loved the review, most explicit review and you covered everything from a-z. Ya36eek el3afya :D

  10. AMAAAAZing 3abdalllaaaaa !!!! low gareeta wagt el fe6oor chan kilshay tamaaaam ;p bas>>>
    I’LL COME OUT OF THE MENU – SLAP YOU IN THE FACE 10 TIMES then shred you to pieces…”
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL !!!!! walla couldn’t stop laughing ga3da atkhayal wayheek;p;p sheghel 3adil ;***

    • Abdullah on said:

      Nawwar Nawwar el blog ;D

      Yeah 7adee el slap them, I mean it ib the best way possible, the burger was THAT good, ilee I slap you if you didnt order it, for real !


  11. LAAAAAA2 ! enshalla i will go for SUUUUREE ba3ad hal review el MOBHIR ;)

  12. Fashionista on said:

    Woow! Good Job… definitely im goin inshala this weekend to try it!!

  13. F-alfaris on said:

    you must try the swanky burger + the dynamite shrimp LOOOVEEDD IT

  14. i love this place & adore this food :\ y3t

  15. 3ajeeb, 9a7?

    i went there a couple of weeks ago, and the only downside was that, even though i showed up there at 7.30 (when the place opens at 7), i got a table at 9.45. its just too much to wait for food! i could swear i was self-digesting ;p

    bas other than that, the view *wink wink* was…erm…tres eye-friendly ;p

    the food was ridiculously yummily delicious *hearts*…seriously it made me very proud ena this wasnt a franchise and that it was a local resturant with local talents

    and finally, their interiors and atmosphere were just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!!! very creative and hip and zexy 3la goltk ;p one day inshallah i’ll hire their designer for my future house =D

  16. DreamerGal on said:


    Such a beautiful and well thought- out review!! The food looks so tempting!!

    Alif 3afya xD

  17. Hot Review!!
    I didn’t understand the part about dress code? Is it formal? Smart casual? They will not people get in if they are not formally dressed? Or you just mean that people (girls) are dressing for the restaurant such as Slider Station?

    • Abdullah on said:

      Q80, LOL no no, no dress codes, its the way everybody was zexed up, thats it. Wear whatever you want, just try and have fun !

  18. 3aleek bil3afia , i agree with you 100 percent infinity on the wild fire!!! this burger is really WIIILD , i feel bad if a week passes without me having some wild fire :(

  19. Doodaa "wazwoozy" on said:

    WooooooooW :matabelo WooooooooW
    I LOVE IT *KOOOKEEEESAAAA* o *woqooooooooooooooof 3al raaaas*

  20. gotta love the atmosphere but still like the arraya branch !
    I like the details in this post .. Thank you P0ach .

  21. hehehe loved your review!
    I loved it! It is definitely one of my favorite places in Kuwait :)

  22. Hi P0ach,

    Long time:) Mubarek 3aleek il shaher.. you got to tell me what camera and setting your using.. you always take mind blowing pics!

    • Abdullah on said:

      Hey there Dana ! 7ayallah min janna ;P

      Thank you so much, thats so sweet of you to say.

      Actually it was very very hard taking snaps of the whole place, it was crazy, but i did the best I could.

      The camera i used is a Canon DSLR D550/w regular lenses, nothing special.

  23. Ahmed.S on said:

    Shlooon ya3ni naf6ir?! walla yal 3ubid 3athabtna!!!, bas mashalla great food, I tried most of what u posted mashalla wayid latheeeth>
    bas u have to try the cola shay wagyu ma3a mushroom sij shay 3ajeeeb,

    allah i9aberna lien Nafder!

    • Abdullah on said:

      A7medaniiiiii !! aseeer lik el fo6oor banwa3a ;P

      Yes, I agree, we tried that, lakin it was so popular asllan wil naas yaneen o ga3deen 3ala this particular dish fa gilna we wont mention it ihnee.

      Thanks for dropping by ;*

  24. NooNziiii on said:

    AMAZING!!!! Review Eyawwe3 allaah esam7ek ya p0ach !!!!

    • Abdullah on said:

      Hey Noonziii, thanks for dropping by ;D

      Aww so glad you liked it, yalla go and tell us how it goes ;D

      • NOONZIIII on said:

        actually i’ve been there 4 times!:P
        but i haven’t tried ur order! bas sadegni i will! “very SOOON” :p

        PS: i’m going to stare at these pictures le el f6oor :P

  25. Hadeel on said:

    Akhaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih!!!! Ma y9eer chithee… I’m here in Kuwait till tomorrow bass :( Can’t try it this time. Inshallah in my next visit which is SOON :D

    3alaik bil3aafya dear 3asah 9a77a oo hana :D

  26. wow!!! one of the best food reviews….my blog feels small :) this review is simply awesome!!! mouthwatering!! im definately going their

  27. Abduallah .. You have to interview Basel Al Salem !!


  28. interesting review ..i haven’t been to 360 before lol but i will go this weekend and try this place! thanks for sharing 7bb

  29. abdulaziz on said:

    some dishes look soOoOoO good :D
    it seems to be the “it” place for gourmet food experiance :)
    luv luv luv it

  30. like the Dress Code & Wild Fire Burger part ,,,, hehehehe FUNNY !!

    Good one, ya36eek el 3afya :)

  31. SADOUN on said:

    allh ehadeeeek 3ala hel post mal atefa6ar ehnaaak :)
    post 3ajeeb :)

  32. I loved that u mentioned ilMAMA :D
    everything else is amazing !!!

    lookin 4ward to go there SOON
    ye36eeek il3afya 3abdalah !

    • Abdullah on said:

      MEME, super glad you liked it and YESSS mama is amazing, a7ibha !

      Thank you for your kind words, oo tell me how it goes ma3aach, ok ?

  33. DreamerGal on said:

    I’m not in Kuwait though, lol :p

  34. DreamerGal on said:

    May5alif; it was good eye candy at least:p

  35. I read ur post today and decided to go and check this place out , the Atmosphere was really nice but the food was not , I tried the wild fire burger it’s too greasy and heavy , I don’t know maybe its not a place to breakfast at, I wouldn’t go again :(

    • Abdullah on said:

      Hey there Rania,

      thanks for dropping by ;D // Well my dear, I dont know about it being greasy or heavy, however, wish you would have tried the grilled options and/or the tokyo salad.

      Some people cant eat the usual stuff when it comes to futoor time. You need something more mellow maybe ?

  36. NafNooF on said:

    i couldnt help it! really had 2 go over ur review again :D loved it ;) Allah ya36eek el 3afya w 3aleekom bl 3afya! bs u should try their stuffed mushrooms, w try next time as 4 ur drink the Burnt Wood ,, its AWESOM ;)

    • Abdullah on said:

      Thank you so much, im super glad you found it interesting. yes we did try that drink, my friends loved it. Stuffed mushrooms ?? Khalas on the list for next time ;D

  37. ماشاءالله يعطيك العافيه

    شي متعوب عليه وعورتلي قلبي بصور الاكل :)

    • Abdullah on said:

      Hey ims85, thank you for dropping by and for the kind words.

      Inshalla when you taste it, you’ll have a better view and experience overall.

  38. enta sha7′seya mavwara akher 7aga…ehdaa shwaya beggad!!

  39. The Don on said:

    Tara ent maynooon, hatha aqwa review garaita 3ala ay blog

    ta9wwerik naaaar oo kalamik 7elo mashallah

    keep up the great work, int genius yal 3ubid

  40. 3azeez on said:

    There are so many cool places to visit, but no one to visit with! Any escorting service available?! ;/

  41. a7medtriplea on said:

    great review poach !

  42. i just LOVE IT !! ;D
    yabbeelllaa open flame kitchen weya irabe3 ;p
    thankyou ALOT :D..

  43. W.Al-Mutairi on said:

    3abdallah! I’v been to B+F 4 times, and i LOVE IT! Espically their west coast burger! mmmm;;*! I loved the drinks that they served min awal ma de5alna, hatha eli chena a non alcoholic chamapgne, emmm il rest wayd 7elw, it’s clean, the service is GREAT! I loved the waiters their sooo Niicce! Eeeh u should interview the owner! Nabii n3arf more about him :D

  44. akla mo sij:* love it

  45. Glitzy on said:

    wow man thats an awesome review post! i love the photos.. cant wait to go and try out their food.

  46. Abdullah on said:

    NOON, glad you still find it appealing, inshalla you’ll have it soon for so7oor, tell me how it goes 3aad ;D

  47. i just want to know who did the interior design at that place ! :0
    <3 love it

  48. Im so in love with the post/pictures/photographer/comments ;p im the 99th.. Yalla 3awzeen el miya ;p

  49. The Manhattan Team on said:

    AWESOME review P0ach! The best we’ve seen thus far! Everything looks incredibly delish! :-P

  50. thanks abdullah 3ala this post , i loved it , w it is very useful w u covered everything . U R THE BEST ;)

  51. RABJAM on said:

    there was no mention for how much it costs..we need to know.

    • Abdullah on said:

      The prices are pretty regular, if you are familiar with slider station you’ll know exactly how much these dishes cost, cool ?

  52. The queen on said:

    LOL! I just randomly stumbled upon your blog and I just adore your sense of humor XD

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