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August, 2010
fun 1:18 AM

Lets compare, Shall we ?

Would you GO with Khaled DOLCE “pronounced as DOLSEEEEE, by him – not dolCHaii” or the lovely smurf of mine, my dear L4a, otherwise known as AZIZ

Khaled ?

YouTube Preview Image

Aziz ?

YouTube Preview Image

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58 comments on “Lets compare, Shall we ?

  1. Othman on said:

    AZIZ FTW!!!!!!

  2. Othman on said:

    this is not a comparison, this is a ripoff.

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  4. F-alfaris on said:

    GO aziz

  5. Shoug on said:

    are you kidden me KHALID DOLCE is just more creative and honest

  6. Bader on said:

    Aziz min umma!

  7. AbaDi on said:

    lool bleghala6 i voted 7ag 5aled :P

  8. Ansam on said:

    Aziz all the way ;-)

  9. Nawal on said:

    Dolce ;*
    at least he puts on a subject and talk about it and plus he sounds more alive and he works hard in his videos and ya much nicer ;d
    Khaaaaalid I LOOOVE YOUUUUUU

  10. dalal on said:

    both are good in their own way! id like to ashaji3hom both for their creativity :)

  11. as if you are comparing between LADY GAGA and CHIPS

  12. man seriously Dolce is alot better …. doritooz .. wtf chipseco a7san :P
    where is the creativity ;s
    btw .. its pronounced as دولس

  13. Dalal (Om 3azoz) on said:

    Aziz has more sense of humor! Aziz all the way!

  14. Summer on said:

    Aziz!! you rockkk!!!

  15. Badreya on said:

    how can you even compare !
    K.Dolce forever and always
    Adore him ;D

  16. Hanan on said:

    BIG FAN <3 <3

  17. Fahad on said:

    Dolce 7ada Kash5a and creative
    he got his own style which i prefer

  18. Dalal on said:

    Khalid o bas !!
    great personalty, yestahal kel 5eer
    mashala 3aleeh fanan ;*


  20. Fahad on said:

    Mashallah all the comments praising Khalid DOLLSE were posted between 1:40-1:45? Four comments in less than 5 minutes? Desperado.

    Anyways, Aziz wins hands down, without even thinking about it.

    Good luck, A.

  21. Fereej on said:

    aziz akeed :)

  22. Abd Al-Azeez on said:

    awal shay nice blog ;D
    thani shay i find Dolce video’s more fun to watch.
    la ywagef Dolce;)

  23. Dalal on said:

    Madri laish a7es the ppl who are voting 7ag ‘dolce’ is from one person!;p

  24. dandoon on said:

    mako muqarana, akeed AZIZ!

  25. thebarbecuechef on said:

    3aziz. At least he has his own style, not a sxephil wannabe.

  26. au natural on said:

    aziz for sure :)

  27. Kuwaiti on said:

    Ay khaled Ay 3aziz :/ ana agool lazem eyredon el tajneed

  28. atmanna they both committ to wat theyre doin 7atta lai ba3ad fatraa 6weela. 7ilo ykoon fi nas mu2athireeen bil mujtama3 ib hal 3umir….

  29. 7main on said:

    :/ shfeeehm ytklmoon chithi??
    they both need to “man” a little bit..

  30. Shal troofa hatha? Hailag!!!

  31. Abdullahhhh. on said:

    I Second ” THEBARBECUECHEF” ._. He’s Also (Khalid) Is Trying to impersonate shane dawson with the ask dolce thing. Creative my arse. Aziz Handssss down! Aziz ftw.

  32. ALZA3EEM on said:


  33. Ana 7bait Chandra :P

  34. Noorah on said:

    Aziz is pure talent!! Go Aziz o Allah ywafgik at college :******

    – 3ammitik Noorah xxx

  35. hit_W0man on said:

    aziz & chandra FTW

  36. I SERIOUSLY dont know WHY on EARTH Khaled is winning.
    But really, Aziz is just so much more creative plus artistic plus SIMPLE! Hes a NATURAL! Khaled on the other hand seems so fake and I could barely even watch his video.
    Aziz all the way man! We love you L4a!

  37. Aziiiiiiiiiiiiiz all the way,, good luck dude ;D

  38. W.Al-Mutairi on said:

    Their both funny and CREATIVE! I adore them! We lovvvveee u guys ;*!

  39. W.Al-Mutairi on said:

    and for the love of god plz stop saying that 5alid is a “fake” his not sweetie, his HONEST , i Love them both ;*! and to the people that r saying quote:” wai3 shenu hathyla troofa..or hatha eli egouli they need to man up a bit, i mean seriously?!! Entaw sh3alikum? kel wa7d 7urr eb 7ayata Kaifhum!!! :)

  40. Buya3ga on said:

    i voted for aziz bs 3shan il 7ub chandra:*

  41. Haaaaay entoo ele foog shenoo ehyaa 7arb … W.Al-MUTAIRI ee walah sadga <3 shda3wa hathele e3yal el Kuwait leesh el '3alat ya3ni GROW UP.
    o ele ygool hatha is coping madri meno wala 7abibity hatha style el walad o keefa … mo kel mara yetla3lna nshoof shabab kuwaiti 3ala el youtube fa 7emdo rabkom o 3an el legafa. i support them both. ma kan la da3i tsawoon tanafos benhom !

  42. Ghanema on said:

    3azooz has it naturally….that guy is hilarious 24/7 on twitter!! On the other hand, Dolce, well he just cant compete with such a talent!

    Funny how khalid’s supporters arent regular commentors like 3zeez’s fans! Can one person vote more than once?? A ‘yes’ would explain how dolce is winning!!

    Agree with fahad…this has desperado written all over it!
    Looks like someone needs some lessons on modesty

  43. giggles on said:


  44. Its annoying how DOLCE exxaggerates the “s”

    i.e. Tafsssseeeelll, ssssssa3a o nissssss, sssssinema!!! Madre etha fee more i stopped after kuwaitiyaaaaa!!

    The level of dala3 he takes with makes me feel more manly than him!!

    Oh and JJJJJakOOOb:s

  45. 7amaney on said:

    shakooo 5aled Dolce FTW
    allah ywafgek ya rab

  46. 3baid on said:

    التجنيد ضروري!!!

    يتكلمون احسن من ألف بنت….

    انجلش سكولز

    P0ach this is the best post ever!!
    I LOVE IT!!!
    I love the part about Lady GaGa, and tarsheed, and the hair flip!!!
    SO CUTE!!!

  48. azizzzz

  49. Mickey101 on said:

    ma la7a6′taw ena kil ele m9awten 7ag khalid nik’hum b-esm ? y3ni kila fahad .. 7mani .. 3bdel3azeez .. dalal ?
    aziz all the way

  50. aziiiiizz weg6a3:P

  51. waaaaaaayyyy 5efat 6ena aziz …

  52. ana agol 7e6 another option oo call it “BOTH SUCK”

  53. xeonali on said:

    in the end kuwait will lose 2 more fags to usa .. SCOOOOOOOORE! :D

    • AlSubah on said:

      Ahahaha!!! :thumbup:!!!!

      Hard-hitting comment there! but you really made me laugh :P

      The first guy needs to man up. And azooz needs a lil direction and experience.

      Allah yhadehom both w mwafag 3al software engineering

  54. eeeeeelbanat 9a9a9a99araw 77777adhooom mmmmaskharaaa oooootafheeeen off mabaghaaat te6la3 looooooooooooooooool

  55. mako shi`3il ilnas ili ya36oon negative remarks just for the sake of tajree7? jad..? i7tarmaw/7ibbaw nafskom. live and let live.

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