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August, 2010
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“The Grand Trip is a race event where car lovers and enthusiasts can gather and share their love for cars. It’s also the place where you can reach the limit of your road sport car. The main goal of this event is to create a spirit of competition amongst the participants in a safe and reasonable manner.”

Wana join’em ?
Location: Yas Marina Circuit – Abu Dhabi -
When: December 2010.
Thank you Mohammed Al-Awwad.

Register HERE Register HERE Register HERE Register HERE Register HERE

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Felt kinda excited so JAY came in mind, hah!

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August, 2010
Kuwait, News, People 4:19 AM

EXCLUSIVE: The Proteges “Big Meeting”

AHHHH what a wonderful occasion, everything coming well together for a beautiful cause.

I have seen the news clip yesterday and thought I have got to have this on the blog, I just have to, its a must. The whole house was up and running, buzzing on how great the idea was, how young and how beautifully they spoke infront of Baba Sabah. Beautiful, Just beautiful. I love how they defined themselves on twitter:

“24 strangers(ages 16-25)We are here to make a difference-a mark-a change. AlSariyah is the change. Be different. Be free. Be apart of it”

Proteges generation one, beat there mentors and brought ALSARIYA to KUWAIT. Read on:

August 25, 2010. The date of “The Big Meeting”

The day started out with the team members heading to Souq Sharq, their meeting point at 11:15am. A few minutes later, as their cars filled with enthusiasm, the members started heading towards AlSeef Palace. Around 11:30am, the cars slowly pulled up to Diwan AlAmeeri and one by one, each team member entered the building. AlSariyah’s team members were greeted at the door and were kindly lead towards the waiting room.

The excited members anxiously awaited their turn. Soon enough, the time of “The Big Meeting” has approached. One by one, the team members entered the meeting area, and one by one, they shook hands and greeted his highness, Sheikh Sabah AlAhmed AlSabah. As the last team member, Dana AlGhanim greated His Highness, she presented him with a gift that consisted of an enlarged and colored photograph of the Sheikh as a young man. The beating hearts calmed down as they absorbed the comfortable vibe. As soon as everyone took their place, Mohammed AlMunaikh stood up to briefly explain who are AlSariyah’s team members, and why are they here today.

Mohammed AlMunaikh then presented a short video on the iPad, as a brief introduction to AlSariyah…the video that sparked a tiny spark in each members heart..the moment that edged the birth of AlSariyah, the moment that will not only spark, but now, light a fire. Sharifa AlSuliety and Mariam AlOmani then got up and presented AlSariyah as an idea, as a vision, and soon as a making. After the 10 minute presentation, that started with Sharifa and ended with Mariam thanking His Highness for the please of the meeting and his time.

Sheikh Sabah AlAhmad AlSabah said, “I wish the whole of Kuwait would hear you now” His Highness continued his speech as his smile echoed warmth into each members heart.

The meeting concluded with high hopes being more than satisfied. Each member kindly shook His Highness’s warm hands goodbye. AlSariyah’s team members left with smiles that lasted the whole day.

“The meeting was a unique and excellent opportunity for us to meet our Amir Sheikh Sabah. We are so thankful that he has been able to dedicate part of his time for us, although he has a very busy schedule. This shows us how much we are blessed to have a strong voice. We were so charged with energy and enthusiastic to talk to him and to have him guide our path with his words.
The Amir boosted our energy, and gave our motive and extra push inorder for us to finish our project. We were smiling the whole day afterwards. He was so kind, and his comments encouraged us. The Amir was very modest as he heard every word and nodded to every point being made at the meeting. We were so lucky to have such a great opportunity.”

Project Coordinator, Eman AlRashied

“The support of His Royal Highness Sheikh Sabah AlAhmed AlJabir AlSabah towards our project was more than enough evidence to indicate his full belief in the youth. His Highness’s support has become our honor and motive to finish what we have started. We thank God that our project now has a wise leader that will motion AlSariyah under His Highness’s belief and kindness. And in the end, I would like to thank our father, Sabah AlAhmed, for his time and full support.”

Mohammed AlFailakawi

Lets share some behind the scene pics with you guys:

p0ach is so proud of each and everyone of you. The energy is amazing, you are the light of this country !

You guys owe me an interview, ALL OF YOU !


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Extreme Sports
August, 2010
News 1:43 AM

No More Drama: P2BK & 52 Degrees

I’v made a post previously about BuQutada & Bo Nabeel criticizing P2BK’s event video. By then I found it funny and dedicated it to my friend, specifically the Jonsoon and Jonsoon part.

My friends asked me to remove it, stop the bleed and over all hallucination in the country. I did. However its back here again with an official statement from me to yall.

Trust me, what I type here is not going anywhere, however, a clarification is due.

Let me just break this down for yall:

Read the rest of this entry »

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
August, 2010
Entertainment 8:58 AM

NEW VIDEO: Khalid Dolce

YouTube Preview Image

His name is Khalid Dolce and he approves this message.

“Your card has been reJJJected” – I love this line !! AWWW !!!

@fhaid @mad_fan @L4a @zeez85 @abdullahB @boodlz @3amor_Q @ilface @dooshiii @iammishal // My babies, there is a GOD!

@mad_fan @23 sec’s when he says YEEEESAAAAH! doesent it remind you of Mariah and Patti’s “got to be real” live performance ?? remember ? at the ending of the song, she goes ” Mariah Mariah Mariah *drums drums, beats beats//then YeeeessssssaaaaH*

Sits on knees and watches this with @mad_fan :

YouTube Preview Image

maa yensimi3 3adil, bas its at 3 mins 5 secs, – LUUUUV THIS PERFORMANCE !

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August, 2010
class 1:46 AM

Girl, you lied

Was in a big big big supermarket, overheard two girls putting final touches on their BOY TOY//come rescue me/plan.

Anyway, so baby girl did the whole ” hold me, im dizzy, not feeling well, not even a proper “ta3bana” she went “ti3boNa”, cant breath, fell on the ground”

3 pm.

Boy saw her, did nothing. Went back to where he came from.

By then, I had a toothbrush, a big broom “for shalaih” and shampoo. Only I knew what I wanted to do with’em.

She quickly, came back up, as if no-thing happened. Her friend ? no, we wont go there.

Funny part ?

When I went ahead to pay up, she was on the isle next to me, the boy showed up and said “ashoof ma feech shay al7een?”

Her reply ? “chub, i7muur” giggling.

Seriously though

Girl ? What were you thinkin – A man with a ring ? for real ?

Better yet, lets play you Luda’s How Low Can You Go ?


Regardless, I love your courage. Lets hook up.

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August, 2010
Entertainment 12:03 AM

Wonderful: Moments

This video = goosebumps.

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August, 2010
Personal 12:02 AM

Dear Michael Jackson Impersonator

I have not been kind to you in the past for whatever reason, but I must say you have improved.

I apologize for whatever it is I said that may have ticked you off, I really meant no harm but to joke around, ok ?

Anyway, we cool ? friends ? peace ? yes ?

Cuz im an MJ FAN Too, HAH!

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