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July, 2010
Music 1:00 AM

MUSIC: Love, Zex & Magic

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For some reason this track is back up in my fresh and zesty list.

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July, 2010
phenomenon 4:06 AM

Phenomenon: Profanity

I love conversations. I love long long discussions, cool, easy breathable debates that sometimes enlightens both sides, sometimes it leads to no where.

Not all conversations make sense at the moment, many make sense after a long period. With me, some conversations made sense years after its occurrence.

I love to have a wrong/false idea about something/someone then get corrected by those who know what they’r talking about. THAT I love.

Im blessed to be a student of literature. Read many pieces from here and there. Studied the manners of arabic poetry/literature, in which they taught us how arab women were known to send very important letters to kings and queens with a line or two only. Full of respect and wisdom.

As a young kid, I never understood the value of this course till I met who I met recently. There were no one-liners, in a way, shape or form, there were mountains of words mixed with curses/profanities, hand gestures, body language and eye-laser-indications that brought me down.

I will discuss with you a sample of Kuwaiti men and women I met abroad recently who are completely new to my database. Strangers, new comers that blazed lots of personal issues out of no where and definitely for no reason.

Lemme just get to the root of what I want.

Before I do, please lets highlight the NO JUDGEMENT flag, yes ?

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Extreme Sports
July, 2010
fun 12:58 AM


YouTube Preview Image

Guess who’s back, its the 70,000+ Viewers youtube local star, AZIZ !

What can I say ? WATCH THIS OR DIE !

Chandra is a STAR – I LOVE YOU CHANDRA + KELIS part is on REPEAT

This is Aziz’s 6th Video, check out the rest of his collection HERE

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
July, 2010
Tech 12:50 AM

HAWT: Quick iPhone 4 Review

The awesome/wonderful/Down2Earth, Nasser from Blog37 made a quick review on the iPhone 4 which I think is worth checking for different reasons:

The reviewer is Kuwaiti, so you guys can relate.

Short & Quick Review

Organized into 4 segments.

Demoed with a microsim chip from Zain.

Pics are gorgeous.

Oh and thats why its hawt so you know what to do now.

Check it out HERE Check it out HERE Check it out HERE Check it out HERE Check it out HERE

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July, 2010
Wisdom 12:35 AM

Be Wise, Read: Anonymous

“They can’t hurt you unless you let them”

Dedicated to Khaled Al-Fadalah

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July, 2010
Music 12:01 AM

NEW Music: Holding You Down

YouTube Preview Image

Could not relate to this song any stronger/harder.

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July, 2010
Motivation 12:32 AM

Marron Glace Sunday Morning Post

I am on earthly heaven here. Marron glace delights shove my face everytime I think of going back to K town.

The smell, sugary taste, melt melt melt, aaaaaaah – then the sugar high kicks in, I laugh like a maniac, just like the lovely drunks I see infront of me right about now “disappointed with the latest soccer scores

Yes, nothing like Marron glace to take the pain/stress/over thinking brain away, not some, but all,  all all away, deLIGHTful indeed.

Wish you guys a very pleasant week, full of energy, love and compassion.

I think you can have some of this over at GODIVA. Go/Run/Send/Hurl away and grab some.

Smile, you are alive today.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together