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July, 2010
Locations 12:06 AM

Where was p0ach ?

Show me what you got.

The last post, you guys messed it up, big time, HAH!

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41 comments on “Where was p0ach ?

  1. Maryam on said:

    Venice ?

  2. AlSubah on said:


    Or somewhere in Italy..

    I went there once. That time wouldve been well spent if I was married and went alone with my wife. Other than that, its a sucky place for singles! Ez3aj w loya w 6ararwa y9ekon 3ala ma9r.

  3. Bo-Rakan on said:



  4. q8travelbud on said:

    looks like somewhere in spain, greece or cypruss? u pick :)

  5. Drama King on said:

    Venice Italy

  6. Aosta,Italy

  7. Fawwaazz on said:


  8. Abdullah on said:

    Im sorry you guys but all the answers are WRONG.

    Try harder ;P

  9. Nawnaw on said:

    Purto banous- Spain

  10. giggles on said:


  11. Switzerland?!:S

  12. Huda on said:

    Annecy, France!!!

  13. Portugal??!! :S

  14. Definitely Greece, I remember it looked similar to that.
    Athens maybe? But definitely not Mykonos!

  15. Abdullah on said:


    Try again ;D

  16. Srour Alotaibi on said:

    its somewhere in costa del sol maybe torremolinos , benalmadina or fuengirola….

  17. Spain!

  18. q8travelbud on said:

    looks like some words are italian and the place looks very mediteranean so am saying Sicily? or some coastal city in italy

  19. cannes?

    or somewhere in france?

  20. lemon-aid on said:

    Como, Laco, Lugano, Milano,???

  21. Pisa, Italy

  22. noura on said:


  23. Huda on said:


  24. giggles on said:


  25. I’d say slovakia

  26. I think who ever answered italy is right (Sardania, Orgosolo?)

    o it’s up to u to tell us where exactly ;p

  27. Nawnaw on said:

    Sooog wajif,,,,

  28. haan saar bai on said:


  29. Portugal

  30. anonymous on said:


  31. F-alfaris on said:

    my guess is Spain don’t know where exactly :P

  32. drama king on said:

    I can see spain flag in the balcony!! and there is some words are Italian ! so u said Italy no !! then I will say Spain !!
    but u want the country name or the city ,, 7adeeed 3asham n3arf :P

  33. Srour Alotaibi on said:

    I’m gonna change to Valeta ,Malta

  34. q8travelbud on said:

    we want to know where plz :)?

  35. Austria?

  36. Morocco?

  37. W.Al-Mutairi on said:

    St tropez?

  38. drama king on said:

    ibiza !!

  39. q8travelbud on said:

    Abdullah …. still waiting for the answer plzz

  40. bo-meshari on said:

    ibizaaaaaaaaaaa :)

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