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July, 2010
interview 12:01 AM

Abdullah Interviews Abdulrahman Al-Zanki “7aMaNiii”

A few days ago I made a post about a 14 year old Kuwaiti kid who made an application for the iPhone. I mentioned how happy I was when I discovered him, his talents and things of that nature BUT my level of content got bigger and bigger the more I communicate with him over email.

Ofcourse I had to highlight him in my interviews section PRONTO. Aside from being a breath of fresh air and a galaxy of politeness, he’s not geeky or freaky, he’s funny, easy going, loves his BMX bike, has a new found interest in photography and he’s a joy to talk to.

Many of us wanted to create an APPLICATION for the iphone/ipad never done it because we had this lovely phrase on repeat “But I dont know how ? who do I contact ? then do what ?” im so ashamed to say Im one of those people. This KID gave me a reality slap and 10,000 MG of self confiedence back to my veins. Hope he does the same to you and brighten your vision with a “If 7aMaNiii did it, I can too” line.

He is the youngest guest to ever grace the front page of // 7aMaNiii YOU ARE A GIFT TO KUWAIT. Lemme just rephrase this sentence I have stuck inside the core of my brain cells:

He is an iPhone app developer. He is 14.

He is an iPhone app developer. He is 14.

He is an iPhone app developer. He is 14.

He is an iPhone app developer. He is 14.

He is an iPhone app developer. He is 14.

clear ? yes ? ok !

Now you know I wont spill out everything, imma let him talk to you guys, READ ON !

wait wait wait – isint he adorable ??

Before I squeeze you to death, cuz you are just too cute to be real, talk !
My name is Abdulrahman AlZanki. I’m 14 years old, 10th grade student. Lately, I started making iPhone games. I love playing with my BMX bike and rollerblade. I’m also interested in photography.

Childhood flashes ?
I have always loved messing up with my brothers computers. At the age of 11, I started to learn how to make websites.

What inspired you to tap into who you are now  ?
I’ve always loved playing video games and always wondered how are these games made.

How did you decide “I want to make an application?
I talked with a friend of mine about making iPhone games. Since he is an iPhone user, he told me to give it a shot. We thought it would only be between friends and family. We were wrong, it went global.

What were the difficulties you faced and how did you overcome them ?
The first difficulty was that I had to pay some money to get my games to the App Store. The second difficulty was “My iPod touch is broken. How am I gonna test my games”. Well, I only overcame this problem after I got my iPad. Before that, the only way to find about problems in my games was by people telling me about it after they download it.

Can you list how successful your apps were ? go ahead, show it off.
Doodle Destroy is my most successful app, it reached the top 50 in the US App Store. It also reached the top 5 in many other countries in Europe. Doodle Destroy is averaging about 20,000 downloads per day. My other game “DoodleBounce” was also successful -Top 5- in Canada. Check out this link.

How long it took you to learn how to make your apps?
It took me about 2 weeks to finish my first game, ofcourse I was just a beginner at the time. I’m still learning, now it’s been about four months since I began making iPhone games. BTW, I didn’t have any programing experience before that.

Support System, who’s yours ?
My family and my friends were really supportive. My brother helped me a lot with the technical stuff. My father is my biggest supporter.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now ?
For now, my goal is to reach the top 10 in the US app store. My ultimate goal is Stanford.

Throw something for p0ach readers.
Thank you so much p0ach. I’m really glad to be here. It’s really amazing how we can reach all over the world before we even know it. I encourage everyone to take advantage of the new technology that we have now by contributing our talent not just being so excited and get our hands on a brand new iPhone 4.

p0ach’s note:

I just want to prove once again to the naysayers that our kids are smart, witty and brightly inquisitive. Just like Abdulrahman, if you get the right exposure, supportive family and a will, everything happens your way.

Im so happy, extremely content and very proud.

“Let There Be Light”

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36 comments on “Abdullah Interviews Abdulrahman Al-Zanki “7aMaNiii”

  1. zeez on said:

    Mashallah 3alaih, Allah ywafgah :)

  2. mememe on said:

    mashallaaah 3ala,
    he is indeed a great example to all our kids:)

  3. Seema* on said:

    way to go dude!

  4. giggles on said:

    allah ewafga inshala.

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  6. Frankom on said:

    جم يبي علشان يسويلي
    iPhone App :P

    وجبة وجبتبن ثلاث


    عيني عليه باردة :bingung:

  7. swera on said:

    WoW mashallah 3aleh! It’s great to know that another Zanki is making his way up! Proud of this family :)

    My sister is addicted to this game :P

  8. بوعمار on said:

    ربي يحفظك يالغالي :)

  9. allah yewafqah o ya7fe’6ah inshallah

  10. PROUD walla

    alla y7f’6a , that’s amazing :)

  11. Omreem on said:

    Mashalah 3ndna ebda3at oo mawaheb balq8 alah y7af’9a oo y5aleh 7aq ahalah.

  12. Kuwait Science on said:

    He’s talking about the fee for signing up as a developer to download Xcode to develop apps. I hope he focuses all his attention to one specific app and make it the best he could instead of creating a variety of apps that are on the same level.

    It’s a great achievement for him and wish him all the best. Hope he continues to improve and turn out to be a great known developer by the time he gets to college and graduates.

    Great interview Abdullah, we need more youth like Al-Zanki.

  13. Yazeed16 on said:

    Mashallh that kid is inspiring.
    Hey really give me hope that I can program again, even though I stadied computer scince. Shame on me

    Thanks guys for this inspiring idea.

  14. naser khaled on said:

    good for u … ur apps are amazing just downloaded them …
    wish u all the best and keep it going :)

  15. dalal on said:

    Amazing! allah iwafgah inshallah :) this interview really put a smile on my face and made me proud :)

  16. Maze on said:

    God bless him !

  17. mashalla! I have Doodle Destroy, and it is a really smart game!
    I hope the best for him in the his future, inshalla :)

  18. Summer on said:

    Mashaallaah!! can’t wait til I download some of his apps!

  19. Bu Yousef on said:

    Mashallah. Allah y7aftha o ywafga.

    Nice interview. Kafu wallah ya Al Zanki… I will download the apps right now :)

  20. Ahmad Al-Awadi on said:

    Mashallah 3alaik Abdulrahman you make us all proud :) excellent work and I wish you the best !!

  21. خالد on said:

    ما شاء الله

    الله يبارك

    الله يوفقك
    إلى الأمام

  22. Neo7th on said:

    وفّقه الله

  23. Mohammed Khoory on said:

    Mashallah :)

    I hope more parents realize that talent that some children have regarding computers, and instead of allowing them to waste their time on the internet, they should encourage them to learn more about the wonderful subject of computer science and mathematics. The arab world needs more computer scientists :)

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  25. David Ashford on said:

    This is fantastic! Many congratulations to Abdulrahman – a real inspiration to many people.

    We established AppsArabia to help people who want to get involved in app development but don’t know how. I’d love to publish something on our website written by Abdulrahman and invite him to present at our first event.

    Abdulrahman, please get in touch with me!
    David (

  26. imran hussaini on said:

    way to go bro… Very inspiring!

  27. My dad loves this game! I was so surprised that I checked his iPad and found a special thanks to p0ach! This kid is awesome! Allah ewafgek inshallah!!!

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  29. all very well – but please let us Nokia fans in on the fun

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  32. almajid on said:

    our proud wallah
    allah yi wafagh inshallah lill ammam

  33. omg :*!!!!!! so proud of him mashalla allah ey7aftha!

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  35. سالم on said:

    بالتوفيق يا عبد الرحمن

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