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July, 2010
Personal 11:12 AM

Heading Back Home With HED KANDI

My well deserved/highly appreciated vacation is semi-over, ofcourse, loads of things to cover from here and there but I just need some time to catch my breath.

That being said, HED KANDI’s musical compilations were my best friends throughout the whole journey.

Lots of feel good vibes, great music, wonderful bass and un-cut/interwind tracks, PERFECTION.

You can grab a listen to it over HERE.

Many people dont know it, like me, but dance/house music may be their favorite genre. I found that out back in 04/05 – better late than never.

p.s: BIG THANK YOU TO THE HED KANDI team for the warm warm hospitality and over the top experience, you guys rock ! *Subscribed my credit card to ALL your future releases* yes, im SOLD/Yours/Committed, HAH!

Everything was, how should I put it ?, yup, just like you say it – SOULFUL.

Miranda – Mike – Angela & Craig, you made everything worthwhile. THANK YOU !

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July, 2010
Tech 5:45 PM

NEW: APPLE’s Magic Trackpad

Got my dirrty hands on’em 2 days ago, wont review it now, will do it later.

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Extreme Sports
July, 2010
Locations 12:06 AM

Where was p0ach ?

Show me what you got.

The last post, you guys messed it up, big time, HAH!

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
July, 2010
Food 12:05 AM


Got a word out from the owner and designer on this new HAWT/CHIC spot.

However, I think what Mashmoom typed was just perfect.

Click HERE Click HERE Click HERE Click HERE Click HERE

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July, 2010
class 12:04 AM

Classic: لحم كلب

YouTube Preview Image

Cruel irony to current affairs in Kuwait.

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July, 2010
Personal 12:03 AM

Abdullah Likes: TOM FORD’s “Charles”

One of the UK’s Top sellers, grabbed it in a heart beat.

However, the one I got has a violet/redish color in the middle, instead of plain gold.

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July, 2010
People 12:02 AM

Beauties Of The World: Amerie

Country: U.S.A

Born: 1980

Occupation: Singer, songwriter, producer and actress.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together