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June, 2010
interview 11:48 AM

Abdullah Interviews Aziz Al-Mudhaf

I knew Aziz long time ago, he is a dear friend. Im trying to pull out words or scenarios that brought us together, all I could think of is Laughter, literally, the moment I remember him, I get lots of flashbacks on how/when/where I fell down off of a couch or a sofa laughing hysterically. Aziz, the lil kim intro ? We wont go there, HAH!

Honestly though, Aziz is an artist, an energy field mashed up from all different sources of creativity, made into human form. He is that and lots of other things put together, but most of all he is extremely polite, very down to earth and just full of joy.

On a serious note, I remember how I enjoyed talking to him about religion, spirituality, society, Kuwait, friends and all that is big and beautiful, he gave me lots of mature answers, very open and honest. RARE. Indirectly, he taught me to never judge. It took me a while to understand this concept. I then slowly began to inhale everything without rejections or red flags. Thank You AZIZ.

One day, He showed me some of his paintings that were just jaw dropping and I thought how can he not have shown me this earlier ? I thought that this is what people should show off to the masses out there who are hungry for real, raw stuff that came from within. I thought this is one of the most beautiful pieces done by a Kuwaiti at the tender age of 18 (back then), he is 20 years young now. The energy, colors, expression used were evident. Sublime work.

See that ? Thats what Im talking about for the longest period. The only reason why I have people like Aziz here is to show you that talent exists even though major elements like having a mentor, a full fledged support system, over all awareness of what your doing, all of these are major elements of success, AZIZ didnt have any of that, still, he swam against the tides and MADE IT !

Aziz today is an artist, design consultant, graphic designer and a stylist. I am so proud of you and I wish I was a better friend. You are sincerely dear to me.

Enough of what I think or the impression I might give, get down and read what he has to say to yall. Oh and the boy is HAWT so please ladies/nasties, behave !

Aziz, talk !
I’m Aziz Al Mudhaf, 20 years old, born and raised in Kuwait. I guess I come from a very typical Kuwaiti background and upbringing yet ended up being quite the opposite somehow. I’ve attended government schools throughout my life so pretty much all of the knowledge I have in my fields of interest was self taught. I believe that if you have enough willpower and genuine interest in a subject matter, you can tackle and approach it using your own methods of learning. I find that my life revolves around art in its various forms; I love to paint, I love self-expression through fashion, I love and appreciate design details in pretty much everything. I’m a very analytical person in nature and I guess it works to my advantage in a lot of ways. I always try to observe and learn the formula of things, how everything is constructed… I think it helps in strengthening my attention to detail. Other things I love include anything that involves humor (a good laugh is the best), traveling, music (can’t live without it), film, psychology and general experimentation.

I’m currently studying Graphic Design at AUK, hopefully graduating next year. I’ve also been working at 4 ( for almost a year. It’s been a great experience as I’ve been helping out with the store’s image, working closely with the team to grow and expand into a bigger space and develop our newly launched online store. I’ve also been working with my friend Aziz AlNasrallah as a design consultant, graphic designer and stylist for his fashion label ( These experiences have helped me channel my interest in art, design and fashion quite perfectly.

What was your childhood like ?
I used to love drawing certain cartoon characters when I was much younger. One of the characters that I loved to draw was Sonic the Hedgehog (maybe it was the mohawk?) I used to love collecting miniature sets of everything! – weird, I know. (Hot Wheels, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, etc.) I used to be obsessed with The Mask (the cartoon) and Dexter’s Laboratory. At around 12 the internet pretty much gave me the tools to learn everything I wanted to, and that’s the source I credit for my English.

What differs you from the rest of the competition out there?
Art is extremely subjective and differs from one person’s point of view to the other, so I can’t really speak for myself in this case. I like my paintings to speak for themselves and hope that the viewer is receptive to my images.

What were the difficulties you faced and how did you overcome them ?
A lot of people weren’t supportive and I’ve swam against the tides many, many times. I learned to gradually filter all the negativity out and thicken my skin to people’s reactions. I currently have a space issue though as I paint in my bedroom so pretty much everything is covered in splats!

Talk about your big trip to Dubai where you art was chosen to be part of a big/prestigious art gallery ?
I took part in a collective group exhibition in Opera Gallery (Dubai branch) last summer and it was a fantastic experience. It was the first time I’d ever shown in an actual art gallery and it’s one of the most well known galleries in the world. The reaction to my paintings was extremely flattering as they were all sold to private collectors before the exhibition even started! What made me even happier was the fact that they were from very different ages/nationalities/backgrounds and I was ecstatic to see that they’d all formed a connection with my work without asking me a single question.

Remember when I kept my mouth open for a good 30 secs or so when you first showed me your paintings ? Creatively, how did you come up with these creations?
I think it’s just a manifestation of my daily life and struggles, frustrations, anger, lust, love and my interest in escapism. A lot of them are self referential and sometimes symbolic through the usage of colors and some subliminal messages. I mostly channel humanistic emotions in my paintings which is why I don’t like describing the concept behind them, I prefer to hear someone else’s analysis and background of the story without me saying a single word.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now ?
Healthy and happy, I hope.

Throw something for p0ach readers.
I’ll part with one of my favorite quotes, I think I found it in your blog a long time ago.

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Seuss


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25 comments on “Abdullah Interviews Aziz Al-Mudhaf

  1. Dalal (Om 3azoz) on said:

    Wow!!! Mashallah!!! I just love! LOVE!!! Those paintings!!!! Good Job Aziz w inshallah all the best :)

  2. Farah on said:

    Aziz, I’m so proud of you! I love all of your paintings and I can’t wait to put one of them in the master bedroom!

  3. Boodlz on said:

    LOVED the interview and the intro!

    Im so proud of u Aziz and what u have accomplished, by following what u truly love and care about!
    Cant wait to see your very own art exhibition someday! :)

  4. Shahad Bishara on said:

    I’m proud to have u as a friend Aziz! u rock my socks.. and Tina’s too. Amazing work and amazing soul.

    love ya!

  5. Summer on said:

    I love him!! he’s really good!!

  6. 7inchii wi9al ilar’6 mn ur amazing art work mashallaa

    speechless! madre shagool bs WOW
    mwafag enshalla

  7. Free_Spirited_Faith on said:

    wow.. the minute i looked at the drawing of the blue man that seems to be screaming, i felt like it was an expression of emotions wanting to explode! as if he were in pain wanting to be set free.. i guess that would be my interpretation of the drawing.. i wonder whats the real story and message behind that Incredibly beautiful Painting

  8. Aziz is a great addition to our team.
    He brings a lot of creativity and inspiration to 4.
    I consider Aziz one of the best aspiring artists of his generation.
    Aziz we are so proud of you.

  9. Sparkles on said:

    i find it hard to put words together when the topic is a friend, I really don’t know what to say about Aziz, we all know he’s talented so that out of the way but he’s also a wonderful strong person and more of a brother to me..
    He’s way ahead of his time and i know for a fact that he’s going to be something even bigger in a few years or even less (as long as I’m tagging along) ;p

    love you to pieces..


  10. Aziz AlNasrallah on said:

    Amazing interview.
    A rare gem from the heart of the gulf. His eye for detail in everything he does in the arts sets him apart from his counterparts. His art is a direct translation of not only his raw feelings, but a sincere naked honesty that is the key to engage any human being emotionally. His art transcends geographical boundaries and reminds us why art, like numbers, is a universal language.
    Many great things await Aziz, and I can’t help but smile when I’m reminded that art is not dead in Kuwait yet.
    A valuable player in our label, Aziz never ceases to amaze us with his unconventional creativity.
    God bless Aziz.. and Keep going!

  11. Tareq Behbehani on said:

    The time I met Aziz and started talking, I knew this young gentleman has knowledge and characteristics that exceed his age. Extremely gentle as a Nobel British Master. His art is exquisite and reminds me of the old Master-pieces of Van Gogh and Gustav Klimt.
    Wish you all the best dearest.

    • LadyStyle on said:

      1- Van Gogh and Gustav Klimt are not Old Masters.

      2- Van Gogh – Postimpressionism, Klimt – Art Nouveau, Aziz Al Mudhaf – Fugurative Expressionism.

      Aziz has a talent and he has his own style, this is very good for an artist. I wish him the best.

      To say more I see in his works influence of Bacon and Pollock, I am curious to know what he would reply.

      • Aziz on said:

        Bacon and Pollock are clearly two of my favorites, thank you for that amazing compliment. :)

        • LadyStyle on said:

          Dear Aziz, you are welcome! ;) Thank you for partecipating in discussion.
          If you will organize exhibition in Kuwait, just let me know. I will come with great pleasure.

  12. Hessa on said:

    WOW Aziz! Ur work is super amazing good luck!

  13. magoool ila mashallah!!! wow!! s6aaaalt bele9war 3adel 3ady ne9 sa3a ga3d ada8e8;p I alway wanted to be an artist… bs i guess ma5alfny il7a’6
    mashallah a7awel a6ale3 3aib wa7ed bil9oora bs makko!! wely 7abaita b rasmatik ina kil 9ora laha me3na and it understandable … aham neq6a bilrasem (ib my point of view) is to be capable of being understood … o 7ada u are! allah iwafgek! wish u the best!

  14. always *

  15. Aziz on said:

    Thank you for the kind words everyone! You have no idea how much it means to me to have your support. :)

  16. Artista on said:

    Love the paintings- very dramatic!
    But why no signature? That’s odd!! What’s the point of drawing such fabulous paintings without an ending?

  17. different.fresh.inspiring

  18. i’m so proud of u

  19. 7achy on said:

    i LOVED the paintings!!
    really interesting illustration and use of colors WTG, and best of luck

  20. thouqer on said:

    mashallah u got some talent!
    remarkable paintings. allah ywafjek azizi

  21. Moody on said:

    They look even more awe-inspiring in real life. Aziz is one of the funniest and most genuine people I’ve ever met, and his art seems to tap straight into your soul, expressing things you weren’t even able to verbalize. The lack of absolute, definite, boxed in meaning makes his paintings universally coherent. He’s definitely one of my favorite current artists.

    Much luck & love!

  22. Maze on said:


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