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June, 2010
fun 1:25 AM

Thats how p0ach looks in Evian *Keeps UPDATING*

FKE, that damn bastard is having loads of fun in Evian, france and Milano while I stay here and work tweet and tan, darn it !

p0ach looks great in EVIAN, I wonder how cute i look on your browsers, wherever you are, all over the world ?

SEND ME your pics on EMAIL ( ), i wanna see, specially those that check it out in their offices, HAH!

*UPDATE* alright you guys, readers sent in their pics, check them out !

Essa – Aardiya

7amaniii Ahmadi

Showg Office

Dalal Work

Ansam - UK – or so she claims heheheh


ShuShu – Moving Stuff ;D

Abadeen – Shuaiba

Farah – Office

Fratoo – Work

Sarah – Office

Unsuperdyke – p0ach attends a seminar

Abadeen – Underwater, talk about creative !

Farah – Gulf Bank – Head Office

Yousef – Work – Somewhere mysterious.

Kuwaiti – From His Home – Sofa to be specific ;D

Salwa – WORK

U GUYS R AWESOME !! keep’em comin !!

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8 comments on “Thats how p0ach looks in Evian *Keeps UPDATING*

  1. Royal AbdulAziz on said:

    hope u have fun in evian .. ma3ti8ed fe a7ad al7een

  2. Ansam on said:

    “Or so she claims”!

  3. Seema* on said:

    This looks really fun!

  4. Rashed on said:

    P0ach your not with US your in our HEARTS


  5. Essa Behbehani on said:

    Makebi belardhiya :p

  6. Abdullah on said:

    Royal Aziz: im not there FKE is ;P

    ANSAM: I love you LOOOOL

    Dalal: LOOOOL

    Seema: yeah the love is amazing !

    Rashed: ba3ad 3omree inta ;*** I love you guys more !

    Essa: 7abebe inta, i fixed it eheheh

  7. QWERTY on said:

    Very powerful! =D

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