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May, 2010
Culture 12:05 AM

HEAT: أوراق الحب

I was at Al-Ghanim Electronics mega store looking for cam lenses to exchange the ones I have on my Canon DSLR. This is when two lovely ladies passed infront of me as if no one is there and uttered these magic words:

“Ana abee camera NEEEEEKON nafs muuulat Maysa Maysa Maysaaaaaaaaa” // I want a nikon cam just like the one Maisa (The actress) holds. In street slang that is.

Ok somebody explain this to me ? Oh and we wont comment on the language used yes ?

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May, 2010
Entertainment 12:04 AM


YouTube Preview Image

We would like to see if any Kuwaiti couples would like to join the show !

Description for the show:

At one time or another, we’ve all been there – right in the midst of an argument with our partner. We all know how domestic irritations can lead to a full-fledged standoff. But now we’ve got the show to help solve some oh-so-sticky marital situations.

The show is a very funny studio-based comedy where the host becomes the referee. Before you jump to the conclusion we’re talking about sports, this is a marriage referee. Someone who’ll listen to both sides and figure out who’s right and who’s wrong. Although the referee will ultimately be making the call, he won’t be on his own. He’ll be assisted by a panel of three celebrities.

Together, they’ll watch a clip recorded at the couple’s home, that will portrait the nature of the argument. Each celebrity will give his point of view to the referee and their own unique take on the couple’s argument. They’ll advise him as to what they think his decision should be.

Each episode will feature four couples, and in this show they will have the chance to settle once and for all a disagreement.
And when all is said and done marriage is still worthwhile. This show gives couples the chance to laugh at their old unsettled argument and make everyone feel better about their own marriage.

If you would like to join you can follow us:



Fill the form

Thanks Maha

More promos here:

Promo 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

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Extreme Sports
May, 2010
fun, Kuwait, People 12:03 AM

Spotlight: When A Kuwaiti Boy Rants pt.2 & 3

YouTube Preview Image

The one with the newspaper.

YouTube Preview Image


AZIZ Thanks for the shout out thats so sweet of you !

You can find AZIZ also known as L4A on twitter HERE.

Aziz – again, I demand copyrights on all your future videos.

Here is the previous POST.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
May, 2010
Tech 12:02 AM



I was so excited, i went ahead and bought it with a brand new Nintendo Wii just to play while I tweet with my new family over there.

Im not going to review the game, its disrespectful to do so. This is Mario so its an instant 10/10 hands down.

You can watch this trailer though just to double check

YouTube Preview Image
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May, 2010
class 12:01 AM


YouTube Preview Image

The scene where the little girl comes in and shakes her thaang is on repeat.

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May, 2010
interview 12:05 AM

Abdullah Interviews Altaaf & Amal Al-Thunayan

You know whats rare ? In my book what’s rare is to have brains, beauty and bold moves communicating your inner existence to the world.

Thats how I see my guests Altaaf & Amal, two wonderful sisters led different paths professionally, swam in the ocean of art, fashion, business, entrepreneurship and emerged with a brand of their own with the highest most prestigious levels of service, they call it a service thats worth 24 Karats of Gold.

Altaaf and Amal run a hawt ‘n’ steamy business, the 2024K Nail Spa, the design itself is ground breaking which will leave you in AWW mode and the feedback I got from friends and relatives was just great. Their place is “Freshly Squeezed” NEW, located in the hottest mall in the country, Avenues, as a nail spa, it provides the latest most fashionable trends imaginable with a solid statement “what we provide, you cant find anywhere else”.

In my opinion, the two sisters compliment eachother perfectly. You’ll find Glam-glow//BANG BANG//Subtle and various waves of trends against a well organized, oh la la chic atmosphere a sample of what education, world exposure, team work and cultural understanding can bring you. LUSH is the word melting in my mind.

I was asked by the kind ladies to snap my own pictures of the place, but I thought the pictures they provided were just excellent, I mentioned this just to flash a light on how cooperative and super sweet they were. I appreciate it ladies.

Readers, please allow yourself into the details of the interview, explore their stories, academic status and succesful business adventure.

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May, 2010
Sports 9:39 PM

HAWT: Champions League *UPDATED*

Tune in NOW on +4 Sports AlJazeera


Congrats to FC International Milano – On their BIG WIN tonight.

Hard luck for the rest, great spirit, great game !

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together