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May, 2010
Food 12:03 AM

MCdonald’s Coca Cola

Fifa world cup edition – Looks amazing.

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May, 2010
fashion 12:02 AM

Fashion: GAGA Your Style

Saw this at the avenues.

(Insert Comment Here)

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Extreme Sports
May, 2010
class 12:01 AM

Class: Lonely peeps

Whenever you have the urge to sing “I Get So Lonely” – Switch your mind set and add this baby to your BB list, ya heard ?

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
May, 2010
Motivation 8:00 AM

Sea Shells Sunday Morning Post

The sun made lots of friendship bonds with lots of locals this weekend. Im one of them, my friends too.

We were sun kissed, smooched and hugged for sure. I hope you had the same experience or even better.

That being said, I just realized that the real heat just started, i need to run like crazy, loose, maintain and do lots of pushups, the zexy season is here boys and girls.

While I was walking by the beach, I saw lots of lovely seashells that inspired me to make this post. I think Sea shells are architecturally mesmerizing, made me go beyond thoughts and explanations on how great GOD is, I think GOD’s beauty is reflected here on earth, just a fraction.

Now, since your all marinated on your seats with those lousy sleepy eyes, wake up, smile, grab some tea or coffee and embrace the beauty of the season, use it for your own advantage.

Oh and since the SEA will be your friend just remember:


On that note, Im still in love with it, but im never to trust it again.

Pun intended.

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May, 2010
accessories, Tech 12:05 AM

My best friend’s best friend

I just got this over the weekend and its just beyond amazing.

Tiny, compact, slim, charges, holds and lets the iPad semi float.

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May, 2010
Awareness 12:04 AM

Bayt Abdullah Fund Raising Campaign

My friends Ansam, Frankom, ZDistrict and 360 dewan covered this story so I wont bug you with it no more.

I thought these pins I bought look adorable.

Dont you think ?

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May, 2010
Kuwait 12:03 AM

Coming Soon: The Village

Was passing a friends’s house at Um-AlHasany and I stumbled upon this new construction spot.

My friend says this will be a future hot spot with cafe’s and restaurants.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together