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May, 2010
interview 12:05 AM

Abdullah Interviews Altaaf & Amal Al-Thunayan

You know whats rare ? In my book what’s rare is to have brains, beauty and bold moves communicating your inner existence to the world.

Thats how I see my guests Altaaf & Amal, two wonderful sisters led different paths professionally, swam in the ocean of art, fashion, business, entrepreneurship and emerged with a brand of their own with the highest most prestigious levels of service, they call it a service thats worth 24 Karats of Gold.

Altaaf and Amal run a hawt ‘n’ steamy business, the 2024K Nail Spa, the design itself is ground breaking which will leave you in AWW mode and the feedback I got from friends and relatives was just great. Their place is “Freshly Squeezed” NEW, located in the hottest mall in the country, Avenues, as a nail spa, it provides the latest most fashionable trends imaginable with a solid statement “what we provide, you cant find anywhere else”.

In my opinion, the two sisters compliment eachother perfectly. You’ll find Glam-glow//BANG BANG//Subtle and various waves of trends against a well organized, oh la la chic atmosphere a sample of what education, world exposure, team work and cultural understanding can bring you. LUSH is the word melting in my mind.

I was asked by the kind ladies to snap my own pictures of the place, but I thought the pictures they provided were just excellent, I mentioned this just to flash a light on how cooperative and super sweet they were. I appreciate it ladies.

Readers, please allow yourself into the details of the interview, explore their stories, academic status and succesful business adventure.

The floor is all yours. Talk to us.

Altaaf: We are two sisters from a very close family with an elder sister and two younger brothers.

Amal, the elder of the two of us, is a mother of three beautiful girls, has a Degree in Industrial Engineering from Kuwait University, will shortly be completing her MBA and is currently working as a Manager for Kuwait Small Projects Company.

Altaaf, myself, got a degree in Accounting from the College of Business Administration in Kuwait, did an internship with a London investment bank after completing my degree and I’m currently working as a Relationship Manager for an international Bank in Kuwait.

We both have similar likes and dislikes which makes our interests parallel.

Lets have a look at your Childhood flashes.

Amal: We have wonderful memories of our childhood and have always been very close as sisters and friends. Of the two of us, I have always been organized, logical and neat while Altaaf was very interested in art and fashion and made sure we were always aware of current affairs both in Kuwait and the world, therefore, we complete each other. During our childhood we shared our bedroom and spent many hours together creating a beautiful space to share dreams and aspirations.

What inspired you to tap into who you are now ?

We are both extremely proud and privileged to be Kuwaiti’s. There are many inspirational Kuwaiti women that are making their mark in the world and we look up to them in our daily lives to help us work through the challenges we face as new business owners.

Our vision for our Nail Spa was to be a place of relaxation and luxury where women could immerse themselves in our treatments. We were very lucky to have the creative input of our Engineer Ahmad Al-Baghli who helped us make our vision take shape. We have tried our best to ensure that we use Kuwaiti resources wherever possible as we are committed to promoting Kuwait as a force to be reckoned with in the world.

What differs you from the rest of the competition out there?

We believe that our products and services offered at 2024K are of the highest standard and will allow our customers to experience a level of luxury not found anywhere else. We are passionate about ensuring that we have the latest products available and keep ahead of trends in the nail spa industry. Both of us have overseen every aspect of the business, from the fittings in our premises, the menu of services available and even down to the smallest details on the staff uniforms.

We like to think of our customers as valued guests who should be treated with a 24 karat service.

Whats your support system like ?

Obviously we are each others’ greatest support. As in childhood, our characters and personalities complement each other and we have found that this helps in our business life. Our parents, sister and brothers, Amal’s husband Talal and our friends are also hugely supportive and we appreciate how fortunate we are to have such a strong support system.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now ?

We would like to expand our vision so that the name 2024K comes to represent more than just a nail spa, but rather a whole luxurious experience.

Throw something for p0ach readers !

Our advise would be to seek your dreams and never let anyone or anything let you down.

Contact info:
2024K Nail Spa is located in Avenues, phase 1, 1st floor.
(Coming soon)

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20 comments on “Abdullah Interviews Altaaf & Amal Al-Thunayan

  1. To p0ach: I loved the intro!!!

    To the 2 wonderful/kuwaiti/24 K. gold girls: excellent job and keep it up!! and i really loved the interior!! ala ywafegkom ;D

  2. The best place I’ve been to! Keep it up & allah ewafegkum ;)

  3. giggles on said:

    very creative, liked the idea. allah ewafegkom inshala :)

  4. M.M.M on said:

    20.24k is worth to visit,best interiors I’ve seen for nail spa’s o allaaah ewaafegkum altaf and amal.

  5. dalal on said:

    allah iwafig’hom inshalla, but Seriously? another nail spa? how creative?!?!?

  6. Bader on said:

    How is it creative? Kuwait has dozens of nail spas, becoming a habba *having a dejavu while writing this for some reason! Random I know haha* but seriously, something new please. It looks neat/professional though, best of luck.

  7. Perfect relaxing spot
    Abdulla ur intro describes the thoughts in my head. These 2 grls did an amazing job in creating a warm and friendly environment. I’ve been there 3-4 times so far and I can’t express how much joy this place brings me. The staff is very welcoming and efficient. To sum up my feelings I’d like to say it’s my comfort zone. Allah iwafigkum oo minha lil a3la inshala.

  8. fereej on said:

    شغلللل عدددل والديكوووور يذبح
    الله يوفقهم

  9. Emma on said:

    This nail spa is as spectacular in reality as it looks in the photos – very creative idea from the owners – good luck to them. I havent seen anything else like this in Kuwait so will be recommending it to everybody I know. :rate

  10. AlSubah on said:

    I am a man, and dont give a crap about nails. But it’s pretty safe to say that this is the best nail spa you will see for 20 years ahead in Kuwait.


  11. Since 20.24k has opened, I havn’t been going anywhere else to do my nails. I have to admit the service is relaxing, and the timings i choose to go are not really crowded. At first I was weirded about how its in avenues, but after ive discovered the closest parking i could get, i didnt mind it at all. and yes, it is possible to enter Avenues, go to the saloon, and not have anyone see you ! Really girls .. amazing job with such unique taste. Keep up the good work, oo allah iwafegkom !

  12. Skitts on said:

    3AJEEEEB! 7adiii i’m trying it!

  13. QWERTY on said:

    Never been there. I’ll pay a visit next time I do my nails :)
    I hate hate hate overpriced manis and pedis. I hope this one is not.
    Regardless, kudos to a mother of three and a single sister for having this CV. 3o2bal Harvard girls :)
    3afya 3aleikom.

  14. Ansam on said:

    You go girls :-D ALL THE BEST! Amazing work ;-) :ilovekaskus

  15. toota on said:

    best of luck wenshalah emwafegeen :*

  16. toota on said:

    i really want to try it out ;)

  17. Maha on said:

    Alla yewafwgoom enshala :)

  18. truth hurts on said:

    way to go girls!! love the place.. allah iwafigkom inshala :)

  19. toota on said:

    love u both girls, wish u the best , love the place waaayed mashalla amazing

  20. for all the haters out there, atleast they did something! emwafegeen inshallah

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