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April, 2010
web 12:00 AM


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April, 2010
Sports 7:33 PM

Qadsiya VS Kuwait

Qadsiya 1 – Kuwait 0

Kickin azz so far !


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Extreme Sports
April, 2010
Personal 1:08 AM

I Miss Him

I’d give you my life, willingly.

I Love you !

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
April, 2010
interview 2:36 AM

Abdullah Interviews Mishari Al-Mufarreh

Friday is here and a part of my wishes came true, you see I wanted to have some of THE PROTEGES mentors interviewed, I already got Shamlan Al-Bahar, today, we have Mishari and the rest, I hope are coming through for yall.

Usually I introduce my guests, my way. I found this wonderful writeup about Mishari and thought that its perfect, just perfect for an intro:

Mishari is a certified trainer and a consultant in various personal development areas such as NLP techniques, TimeLine Therapy® and Hypnotherapy by the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming(ABNLP), Time Line Therapy Association(TLTA) and the American Board of Hypnotherapy(ABH).

Mishari delivers trainings and consultations to his clients internationally and have received outstanding feedbacks and results. He also provides Business oriented trainings that includes up to date research and applications in the areas of communication skills. Since 2005, Mishari has been delivering trainings of various subjects in the field such as Using NLP in Presentation skills, negotiation skills, Power of Communication SkillsTM, Linguistic Skills, How to understand He also provides his students with certifications from each Board in the United States after completing his specialized courses that meet the board’s requirements.

Mishari has been involved in personal, individual and couples therapy. To totally minimize your problems and enhance your ability to control negative emotions, Mishari recommends you join one of his specialized courses which are internationally recognized to not just help yourself become better but also start helping others as well!
Mishari has been involved in corporate trainings and his courses have been recognized on a regional level.

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April, 2010
Personal 11:16 AM

Heat In Red: Part 2

Well well well, your smile says it all & you know where to find me.

:matabelo: * Progress *  :matabelo:

Those stilettos arent made for work, their made to be stabbed right at heart. Going all white today I see ?

Fixed my ghetra 3 times & stuttered like crazy.

I went KOKO in the brain after that in the office, I did something close to that

Part 1, incase you dont know what im talking about.

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April, 2010
Food 1:05 AM

Review: Triangle

The kind people over at Triangle restaurant were sweet enough to send me and friends a sample of their lovely menu.

This is a Kuwaiti creation. The concept, the recipes and owners are all from the land of the never ending sun and zexy heat, Kuwait.

You know how I do my thing, I love to categorize so its easier for me to handle stuff.


Loved it. I love how the name of the restaurant, Triangle, is shown all over their products. The boxes were so cute I wanted to hug them. How can I say this ? they give you the “Aww I wish so and so were here to see this, its too cute”


Starters like cheese sticks and potato cheese were DE-licious.

One of my friends said, “Lets make this clear, almost nobody misses prepping the right cheese stick recipe” He loved his yummy cheese sticks, I thought they were tasty too with a hint of sweetness to’em.

Potato cheese was lean, mushy, soft and mouth friendly, they melt.

Caesar Salad, was tasty, it was all green, very simple to a minimal, the sauce was the magic maker.


Home made. Thats the first word that comes to mind. Thats what I loved about these tiny pieces, my friends agreed too. I told them, the way these babies are laid, the boxes, the whole thing gives that tingling feeling of getting people together, low down lights, talk, eat, drink, socialize, no need for plates even. Thats how I see it.


The custom made triangle bread doesn’t hurt either. Love is in the details.

Trust that I dislike attaching hands to pictures, the sole reason for this pic is to show you how small/namla/ligma the slider is. HAH!

Oh, boys and girls, look at my favorite baby mama known as “Mini Heavy” AAAAAAH !

For those going for a low carb approach, just toss the bun and feast on the rest.


I know, I know what your about to say, but hey, I smothered that fine strawberry topping on the cheese cake myself, well yes, im a dinosaur so i dont do neat stuff, excuse my basic instincts.

Ofcourse, in my delusional world, any sweet/dessert that has the color red to it attracts me, so I fell for the cheese cake while my friends loved their brownies. To all his own.

Menu & Prices:

If you click on the official website or facebook link attached below you’ll be have a glimpse at their menu in its entity, that includes a fine gallery, customer testimonials and pricing.

Their prices are just right.

Oh and check out Kuwait Black Market’s review too.


Tel: 2547-1313 or 55-5040-86
Official Website

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April, 2010
Music 1:05 PM

Music Lovers: Praise Last.FM

This is not a new application in anyway shape or form, I just got a hang of it and thought its one of the coolest things out there.

Basically LAST.FM is a tiny application that integrates with your itunes library and/or you can manually set names of your favorite artists to give it a better understanding on what you like, your preference, your musical genres, etc.

You set your profile info and sync it with itunes and BAM your ready to go.

So what happens when you do that ?

- First thing you’ll notice is that a very tiny window popping up that displays lots of info about the artist your listening to just like the pic above.

- Its a network ! Yes, you can ask your friends to join and listen to what each and everyone is listening to right now. You can also set your own station, you be the DJ and your friends dance or mellow down to your tunes ! YAYY !

- After a sync is done with iTunes, you’ll find many artists that are extremely close to your taste, basically you’ll venture into new categories in a *ahem* SNAP!

- If you want to listen to a song you dont have on your library, just type the name and title and VOILLA You’re listening to it.

- Track your favorite artists if they’r on tour or subscribe to musical channels with LIVE DJ’s or genres that go with your musical preference.

- Loads of features are shattered all around the APP, give it a try and add me up, lets see what you guys are up to.

My username ? *GUESS GUESS*

Just incase you need lots of info, check their Wiki page.

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