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April, 2010
Kuwait 11:13 AM

Aisha Brings the Heat

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I love how Aisha speaks, how the sheikh responds.

Ya’ll need some street credibility from time to time, watch this, lawwwd save us !

Golden line here is:

ها ها ها حامض علی بوزك

See that ? thats pure entertainment and I take my hat off to the Wonderful Aisha for keeping it real, real raw and grimy.

Watched it 5 times till now, CLASSIC !

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14 comments on “Aisha Brings the Heat

  1. that interview was a complete waste of time!!

    watching her is a torture!!

    such a maneuvering women, if she could lie about her name she wont hesitate!

    Thump down for Aishaa .. way to go!! keep it low :)

  2. Sarah on said:

    Whats interesting is HOW you present your point matters more than what the actual point is.

  3. Ahmad Alfahad on said:

    I generally thought women are more classy and behave much better than men as public figures. I’m not talking about the content of this argument, I am speechless after seeing this side of her character.

    I am very thankful that we were only plagued with the “amazing” performance of Rola and Aseel. I might have considered leaving the country if she was added to the mix.

    Thank you Aisha for setting the book straight. I no longer view women a classier and a well behaved being compared to men.

  4. Skitts on said:

    hahahahaha yeah I watched that on TV. I think he got what he deserved! She gave him a piece of her mind alright! I just cant wait for the debate they’re gonna have.

  5. silent reader on said:

    il7iwaar waaayed classy… hope they teach our kids and next generation in general, some adab & respect

  6. S-H-A-L-A-2
    ya3ni scope.. thats their slogan

  7. 9ara7a e’3le6aw 3aliha !!! radat fe3elha malomha entaw eshfekom gayel la3ba bel pix !! mn 7alatek tertaz weyak !! tara those ppl have dirty minds ppl you dont know what goes in there twisted minds . o 9ara7a ohwa shako be7jabha !! kilwa7ed kefa wella yabon yesawoon kuwait qandahar ! o 9a7 mino yartha a7ad ye’3ale6 3aleh malomha walla . hatha shakla te9awar o ta7asaf o shakla ma gedar yegol shay laman kan in kuwait ra7 ehna derta o gam yenabe7 .

  8. AlSubah on said:

    What sara and sarah said.

    What the hell p0ach? You claim that you only post postive news, And right here kel eli ashufa nekad eb nekad. What sara said was true, Watching her was a torture, this women needs therapy.

    I dont care what the case is and whos right and wrong. But I know that both of them need to grow up and stop acting like animals and more like human beings.

    Stay classy p0ach, stay classy!

  9. Abdullah on said:

    Guys, I apologize if you found this post offensive. I honestly found it entertaining.

    Simply because there was really no reason for them to get into that lower ground verbal communication, the thing they argue about is funny.

    But oh well, im human after all.

    Excuse my ill judgement.

  10. MarQadoosh on said:

    3abdullah.. i found it entertaining too malik shughul fehum.. la ill judgement wala galha allah ;*

  11. 5alid on said:

    8atheetha il mteena

  12. Boodlz on said:

    I agree with Dalal, she was only standing up to her own rights and point of views!
    He has no right to say that all woman must wear 7jaab or niqaab, and her point about niqaab is 100% true, in Islam it doesnt say that women must cover there faces…

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