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April, 2010
class 12:00 AM

Class: Wedding Crashers

Since this season is full of lovely weddings, I might attend 8 events and still counting, so here is a glimpse of what I would like to see here in kuwait from time to time, enjoy the nastiness:

Exhibit A:
YouTube Preview Image

Exhibit B:
YouTube Preview Image

And why not ? a lovely ghost in Exhibit C:
YouTube Preview Image

Oh and my comment on all of this ?

*SNAP* like there’s no tomorrow !

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5 comments on “Class: Wedding Crashers

  1. FUZZYBEAR on said:

    you’d think with everyone and their driver having blackberries, the latter having hand-me downs of course, we wouldn’t see shitty clips that look like they’re from the 90′s.

    tho I liked exhibit A, it’s a prime example of what not being around woman growing up can do to you.

  2. FUZZYBEAR on said:

    oh wow why does my avatar look like a pile of hairy feces ;o

  3. Dalal (Om 3azoz) on said:

    LOL!!! I agree with FuzzyBear about exhibit A…and I can’t help noticing the jean jacket with the dishdasha more than the guy dancing ;p
    exhibit B reminded me of “Tais hayej”
    Now why don’t we have these in our weddings???
    For exhibit C…double *Snap*!!

  4. tigerlily on said:

    LOLOL! That was hilarious! Mu 9iiiij their dance moves NAAAAR ahahahaha

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