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April, 2010
Culture 5:48 PM

Impress Me


If somebody threw this line at your mug, what would you do/say ?

“Make your own scenario – Lets examine your creative minds”

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April, 2010
Personal 9:00 AM

OK ?

see, i said its a small request, why all the fuss ?

a brother cant ask you no favors ? LAWWD HELP US !

ok fine fine call me Boach, coach hoach, call me BAMYA if you want or whatever !

Here’s the original post.


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Extreme Sports
April, 2010
Tech 12:05 AM

HAWT & Exclusive: VIVA’s Wifi & the iPAD

My dirty hands are tied around these two new hawt items that ONLY p0ach knows about.

VIVA has a new offer for all you Wifi iPad owners.

Stay tuned, as always, we’ll bring you exclusive heat very very soon.

VIVA told me to keep my lips sealed. Not, HAH!

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together
April, 2010
Kuwait 12:04 AM

Kuwait: Old Jibla

Know about old jibla or refresh your memories – OLD JIBLA

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April, 2010
Entertainment 12:03 AM


YouTube Preview Image

Go grab tickets PRONTO !

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April, 2010
Food 12:02 AM

COCO: Mini Kitkat

Aint nothing special about it, just mini classic KOKO

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April, 2010
People 8:53 AM

Guess Who – Answered !

I asked you who’s the woman i took a pic with, Fahad nailed it:

“Since no one would get it, - It’s Divinity Roxx, the backbone of Beyoncé’s Sugamamas (her tour band). She’s with her in most of her live performances whether on TV or tour.”

she also appearerd on beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” video.

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Eckhart Tolle TV: Creating a New Earth Together