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March, 2010
interview 12:01 AM

Abdullah Interviews Yousef Al-Fadalah

Friday is here again and you know the mic’s interview is on. Ofcourse and as ever, I am beyond thrilled and happy by the high request/demand of interviews from readers. Whats’s making me more excited though is the affirmative YES’s im getting from everybody I approached. Thank you for your trust and believe in me and for accepting the insanity of words/expressions/gestures I present with full comprehension that I mean to entertain and put a smile on your faces. I could not be any happier. Honestly.

Since we bring you nothing but the HAWT & ZAXY in town, todays’s guest is no stranger to that category of people. Mr.Yousef Al-Fadalah, he is 26 years young, *cough* single *cough* oriented by his distinctive origins, half Kuwait, half Scottish, he, is a young entrepreneur, studies and runs his own online business that has sprays and splashes of youth written all over it, Jersey Box. The name is self explanatory, whats underneath it is an original idea with a competitive edge.

I’v always said that eyes betray us by revealing how we feel or what our intentions are, with Yousef you can tell that he’s a man with a kind heart, specifically for children, plus he is one of the sweetest people I’v communicated with, very easy going and down to earth, im sure you’ll figure that out when you read on and know him a tad better.

Yousef, SPEAK !
My name is Yousef Faisal AlFadala, 26 years old, im half kuwaitii half Scottish. Currently studying Marketing at Gust University. Co owner of Jersey
My interests are all water sports, football, and anything that is extreme, im a kind of an athletic person, i could never miss a day at the gym. So if you feel like going for a run, im here :D you could add this: Im trying to get the hand of fishing, but i suck ;p

How was your childhood, back there in scotland ?
When I was a child I spent all my summers in Scotland, playing football and golf, everyday in a football park next to my grandmothers house. With all my “Scottish” friends from morning till night, we had so much fun that we had to be dragged home at night just to eat our dinner, and could not wait for the next day to get out and do it all over again.

What motivated you to start up Jersey Box?
The idea came to us when my cousin/partner Rakan AlAjran was facing some trouble trying to order jerseys from abroad. We soon realized that he wasn’t alone. Most of our friends were facing the same problems either fake jerseys, sizes were always wrong and it took a long time for their orders to arrive. Your probably thinking that there are stores in Kuwait that sell soccer jerseys well your wrong, at that time the ones that were available were very limited to certain teams or were fake and over priced!

What differs you from the rest of the competition out there?
Our competitive edge is our prices, we provide great prices and amazing customer service. We give our clients the privilege of ordering from the comfort of their home with same day delivery.

Your support system, tell me about it.
Of course I couldn’t have done it without the support of my family, specially my mother and sister. My friends who put up with my moods when things weren’t going smoothly and last but not least my partners Rakan AlAjran and Shaya Sherif.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
In 5 years time god willing, i will have graduated from university ” cross fingers ;p ” and also with my Masters degree : touch wood ;p ” and working in Kuwait national petroleum company ” KNPC ” Once i get started at work, I want to establish my own center for children with cancer, and that is my dream :)

Throw something for p0ach readers
I know this might sound a bit cliché but im going to say it anyway. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS! Today Jersey Box may only be a web store but the sky is our limit.

Always believe in your self and don’t let anyone drag you down, and i mean anyone. The most important part is: Never mixup or could i say never let you personal life interfere with your business. My quoit is ” if he/she can do it, you can do it “


Jersey BOX


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34 comments on “Abdullah Interviews Yousef Al-Fadalah

  1. my, my.. he’s a cutie :) does he speak with a Scottish accent ?

  2. Swera on said:

    good to know he’s single, almost all guys are taken these days :P jk ;)

    “I want to establish my own center for children with cancer, and that is my dream” *thumps up”

  3. I am sure ive seen that cute face be4 ;$ honestly abdullah ! ngait the right guy to interview, ive looked into yousef eyes be4, and you can definitely see that he really has a kind heart, wish him good luck with all my heart ;)

  4. Fawaz Alfouzan on said:

    A great website,

    I always order my jurseys from !!


    Good Luck yousif

    and thanks abdullah 3al interview

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  6. HOTTTTIE!!!

    I think i’m in LOVE!!!

  7. Dalal (Om 3azoz) on said:

    Ok…I’m going to say something I couldn’t say to his face the other day! HOTTIE!!!
    Wish you all the best and success in all your ventures Yousef!

  8. Reem AlFadala on said:

    Abdullah, thank you for the great words and interview. He is truly an amazing man that has passion for everything he does. He is a sweetheart who you can always rely on to be there for you! :)

    Yousef great job! WE ARE SO PROUD!! :*

  9. Tamara on said:

    Yousef, what projects do you think Kuwait needs? I know you are interested in opening up a cancer center for children but what else do you see yourself doing in a couple of years?

    • Yousef on said:

      Kuwait needs a lot, but most importantly it needs environmental projects such as, cleaning up our sea, dessert, and moving all the high voltage cables and towers away from residential areas, which are all causing diseases around kuwait.

      I have a few projects that i`m working on, everything comes at the right time :)

  10. ِAbdulwahab Alhajji on said:

    my oh my do i love people like that?! can i hear an Amen :p (LOL i’m trying to imitate p0ach’s style LOL)

    i love the fact that he’s so determined and motivated mashallah , i wish him the best of luck in the future in all fields :D

    thanks a lot Abdullah for these great stuff you’re providing, i’m in love with your blog :D

  11. Alla ewafga inshalla

  12. naser alfouzan on said:

    excellent interview abdulla…
    and good luck yousif jersey box is great tried it myself and its top notch whish u all the best

  13. Abdullah on said:

    Thank you all for your kind words and for supporting Yousef.

    Your love and presence is highly appreciated. It leaves this place more brighter everyday.

    Thank you.

  14. Ala ywafgek o minha la3la. keep it up :)

    Again, thanks P0ach for these wonderful interviews;)

  15. S_alfares on said:

    a7laaaa interview;Pp allah ywafgek cousin…;)

  16. tartar on said:

    Why there was no picture of him wearing a kilt!?

  17. doona on said:

    a cancer center for children?

    i dont know if you know about bait 3abdallah…its a center for terminally ill children with cancer, where they kinda try to make their lives better by providing an amicable atmosphere for them to live in (as opposed to a hospital setting) while they are getting the medical attention they need :) 6ab3an its still in the making, bas i’ve been to their location a year ago and things are impressive so far :)

    oo there’s also KACCH, bas thats like an association for care of children in hospitals (in general ya3ny not just cancer patients)

    its really nice to see someone willing who’s interested and even willing to offer a helping hand :)

    if you’re interested in either, feel free to contact me :)

  18. thek5 on said:

    bayt abdulla is for terminally ill kids in general, y36eekom il 3afya and good luck with the future inshallah :)

  19. Wa6n_3Mri on said:

    I like Yousef’s online store, but Yousef why don’t you sell AS ROMA Jersey’s?

  20. sous _lb on said:

    Beautiful interview, nice to know about such young entrepreneurs in Kuwait! I loved the idea of your online shop:) I am forcing my kid to love AC Milan (though they haven’t been doing well), when will you have the jerseys? Will you be getting any Italy world Cup jerseys (for women)?

  21. Ahmed Al-Mansouri on said:

    Great interview, el3obed as always beautiful in your creativity and choices. And Yousef love the enthusiasm your an inspiration, yalaa lets go to sharm!!! ;p love you guys

  22. Love SuMmer!! on said:

    KNPC Hmmmm… lower your expectations thats my advice :) Mashallah 3alek allah ewafgek it gives me chills just to read about people who can success in commercial projects but still want to start new projects focusing on helping others & sharing their joy & happiness with the world.

  23. D. al-rushaid on said:

    i have read the interview, and it was really an excellent one..well,good job for u both. we do really need that kind of support and participation for thoese who are willing to benefit their contry and people. such as: yousif and others to be proud of.. yousif is an amazing man and sincere… truly, i’m so glad to have such a friend like yousif al-fadhalah… good luck for all and keep it up.. allaaah iwafgik inshalaah my friend :)

  24. Noona on said:

    Your so hot id eat u !

  25. Tahani on said:

    awww i love the scotish accent!!! if i were you id put it on, on purpose loool, and great work :)

  26. nouf on said:

    Good luck yousef walla na9i7tek 9ij bm7alha ;**
    3sa alla ywafgek ya rab ;*

  27. Big good luck Yousef with ur future plans , enta akthar shakh9 I felt proud of , u have a great personality and most important keep it up ;) btw Ana Kent m3ak eb GUST o lek sum3a wayed 6ayba feha mashallah :)

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